jumbo (elephant)

upper hall in my old house….misc. stuff with part of my collection of paper boxes from the pre 1870 period (( in glass case )) a few classical engravings, and something that was truly good….the elephant pull toy from about 1880..the original Jumbo. Carved for Percy and Benton MacKaye who were notables in the 1890-1930 period. Percy was a playwright and member of the Cornish Art Colony. Benton was one of the founders of the US Forest Service and one of the visionaries who came up with the Appalachian Trail idea. and next to Jumbo are a pair of bronze devil candlesticks from the 1890s. There were 4 of these originally, with Robert Mapplethorpe getting the other pair.


In my history of graphic design class we created art nouveau posters! For this project we had to make advertisements while incorporating this style.
I chose to make an ad for Carl Akeley’s exhibits. Carl Akeley is well known taxidermist and conservationist. You can see his work today at the Chicago Field Museum!  In my poster I illustrated Carl Akeley’s fighting elephants. He and his wife Delia were sent on an expedition to Africa to retrieve some specimens for the Field Museum. On the expedition Delia was responsible for taking down the bigger bull elephant while Carl had been trampled and shot down his (smaller bull elephant) in self defense.Although these weren’t the first elephants that Carl had stuffed.

P.T. Barnum’s jumbo died in a freak train accident and Carl was called to the scene to stuff the elephant. Jumbo was THE FIRST ELEPHANT to ever be stuffed.

And here at the bottom of the poster I illustrated Carl Akeley’s “Four Seasons”. During the time, white tailed deer were considered endangered. Carl wanted to be able to educate the public on these animals even if they were to go extinct. But obviously today the deer are far from endangered.

So Carl collected a total of 16 deer during each of the four seasons. For each season he made sure to collect a buck, a doe and fawns. (I didn’t have enough room to illustrate all of the deer in each section.) He did a phenomenal job at capturing every little detail of how the deer might have looked when moving to the veins and position of the ears.

As for the foliage Delia and Carl MADE every single leaf, tree and shrub in sight of each diorama. They made the foliage by making wax and metal molds, and then painted everything. The snow was created using powdered sugar (with a pinch of arsenic to keep the bugs from eating the sugar.)


May 24th 1883: Brooklyn Bridge opens

On this day in 1883, the iconic Brooklyn Bridge in New York City opened. The bridge connects Manhattan and Brooklyn and when opened was the longest suspension bridge in the world. Thousands attended the opening ceremony, including President Chester A. Arthur and New York Mayor Franklin Edson, who crossed the bridge to celebratory cannon fire. A few days after opening, a rumour spread that the bridge was unstable and would collapse. However, the rumours were ended on May 17th 1884 when famous circus master P.T Barnum showed its stability by having his famous attraction - Jumbo the elephant - lead a parade of elephants over the Brooklyn Bridge.

The signs as vague descriptions of Thrilling Adventure Hour episodes
  • Aries: Nosferatu fight, one of the vampires is literally called Johnny Vampire
  • Taurus: AU where Frank never existed
  • Gemini: The crossover episode. Not the Night Vale one or the Wits one, the other one.
  • Cancer: Like two male characters give birth at the same time and the whole ep is just gross
  • Leo: Frank goes to the dentist
  • Virgo: Tinker Taylor kidnaps the least appreciated sidekicks and asks them to join him
  • Libra: All of the Tales from the Black Lagoon episodes
  • Scorpio: That one Jumbo the Elephant episode (you know which one)
  • Sagittarius: The one with Highwayman Dan and Nice Man Dan and Sparks is like "If me and your dad had met under different circumstances... I would totally tell on you"
  • Capricorn: The really old one with the first marshal of Mars telling the story of how his deputy died
  • Aquarius: The one thats basically Edison vs Tesla but its not and Sparks and Croach are somewhat out of character but its hilarious
  • Pisces: The Phillip Fathom one with the Fishwife