Join us for July declarations!

Each Day you will post 1 picture of yourself doing the pose of the day and a declaration for the day. So join us for yoga poses and declarations for the month of July!! Tag #julydeclarations so we can reblog you amazing pictures!!! It’s Yoga for all Levels!!!

July Declaration Schedule:

  1. Lotus/Fire Log/Easy posture
  2. Bound Angle
  3. Downward Facing Dog
  4. Thunderbolt Pose
  5. Upward Facing Bow
  6. Bridge Pose
  7. Head to knee Pose
  8. Mountain Pose
  9. Tree Pose
  10. Warrior I/ Warrior II
  11. Warrior III
  12. Forward Bend
  13. Triangle pose/ Side Angle pose
  14. Half Moon pose
  15. Revolved Triangle
  16. Lord of the Fishes pose/Half Lord of the Fishes pose
  17. Wild Thing
  18. Revolved Head to Knee pose
  19. Open Twist
  20. Lord of the Dance pose
  21. Threading Needle pose
  22. Shoulderstand
  23. Plough pose
  24. Headstand/ Variation
  25. Plank
  26. Crow pose/Crow variation
  27. Tri-fold headstand/ variation
  28. Handstand/Chairstand
  29. Corpse pose
  30. Child’s pose
  31. Your Favorite Pose!!!



Day 2 of #julydeclarations: bound angle pose! Try to get your knees as close to the ground as you can but dont hurt yourself. If youre a little stiff go ahead and put a folded blanket under your knees.

I declare today to be a day of happiness. All kinds of bad things have been happening lately but i won’t let it get to me. I will be happy today!

Day 28 handstands!!! So it’s completely ok to do this with your feet on a chair or wall just make sure it engages your core, arms, and back that will help build muscle for handstands.

I declare today a of fearlessness. Because I don’t let my fears stop me from doing what I want to do. It was such a prevalent theme today, at work, in my yoga practice. If you let fear hold you back from something that could be good for you, you will never know what awesome things could happen!


Day 17,18, 19, 20. Sorry I’m so late Lord of the dance, open twists, revolved head to knee, and wild thing!!! The past few days have been horrible a real mess. I wasn’t able to focus on this challenge; I had to spend some alone time on my mat, time to reflect. The past couple days were days of optimism, perseverance, level-headedness, and today reflection. No matter how bad things get you must live in the moment. Everything can’t always be happy all the time. It is the bad moments that allow us to learn and to change for the better. Realize that hiding never solves anything. Don’t hide your heart, don’t hide your kindness, or compassion; live in the moment even if the moment isn’t ideal. When adversity shows its ugly head will you be ready?