Moodboards: John and Paul

“Just because the two teens [john and paul] didn’t display or articulate strong feelings at their first meeting doesn’t mean they didn’t have them. I know many writers don’t see the day that way. Most, in fact, downplay the day’s events. One mccartney biography goes so far as to say, “there were no bolts of lightning that day.” yet, given how important rock music was to both teenagers, I can’t picture them not being stirred at the sight of the other performing. Sparks had to fly in their rock and roll hearts. The simple fact is that for many years following, they chose each other above all others.” (x)

[Image: Harry drawing a cake in the dirt with the words ‘Happy Birthday’ written on it.]

So guess what, guys. It’s accio-shitpost’s second birthday today!

That’s right, 730 days ago, on the 6th of July 2015, we were sitting around, trading bad puns and thinking how great it would be if we made a blog out of them. 100k followers, 8k posts, and a whole lot of awful puns later, here we are. Honestly, we never thought we’d make it this far, and we cannot thank you guys enough for following, and for being amazing these last two years.

To celebrate, this blog is going into reruns for the week! We’ll be bringing back some of our favourite posts from the Old Days that you might have missed, the earlier posts from the archives in a little segment that we like to call ‘Accio Nostalgia Trip’. See some of the best, weirdest, and funniest posts of yesteryear, reblogged for your convenience!

Enjoy! And here’s to two more years of shitposting!

14 years ago today (on July 6th, 2003) an article was written about Beyoncé in The New York Times saying that she’d never succeed as a solo artist. In the article they wrote that Beyoncé was nothing without Kelly and Michelle, how Ashanti was better because she was singing about being head over heels instead of an “independent woman,” and how much more “graceful” Ashanti was. They also wrote that “If Beyoncé has a mirror-image rival, it’s Ashanti”.

If they only knew how wrong they were…


On July 5th CJENMMUSIC released BTS Come Back Home MV. In the occasion, they also changed their Youtube header. The only problem is that Jin was not included which made ARMYs go to social media asking for Kim Seokjin. The channel will quickly remove the photo after the hashtag trends worldwide. On the 6th of July, they uploaded the header again but this time with Jin in the front.