After nearly a year of planning, designing, developing, and writing, Monsterkind is one week away from being released!

The comic will update every Tuesday and Friday of each week.

I hope you guys are excited! I’m ecstatic to finally start releasing my story into the world. Thank you for all of the love and support you all have given me so far. I don’t know where I’d be without all the kind words of encouragement I have received over the last year.

One week to go!


July 6th, 1957, the amazing Paul McCartney met the astonishing John Lennon! Since then they have created a legacy like no other. They were (are) the best couple in the entire world. I ship it so hard! Every picture describes the perfect relationship they had. The way John looks at Paul is something truly amazing and beyond us all. Happy 57th anniversary you guys!  McLennon forever!!! :D


Today is the 57th anniversary of the day John Lennon was introduced to Paul McCartney by a mutual friend called Ivan Vaughan. This meeting (which led to the founding of The Beatles) revolutionized the world of music. I’m so thankful to these men as well as George Harrison and Ringo Starr because their music has honestly helped shape the person I am.

So apparently July 6th is the day that John Lennon and Paul McCartney met for the first time as well as the day Ryan Ross and Jon Walker left Panic! at the Disco.

Personally I think that Ryan planned the split for this exact day. I read an article that he began discussing the break with Spencer in like, late June. Why did he wait a week or two to make the split? The Beatles.

Just an opinion but it’s possible.