Sam: Got your lighter? Dean: Whoa, I haven’t seen this in years. Sam: Fire ‘em up. Dean: I remember this! It’s Fourth of July, 1996. Sam: Dad would never let us do anything like this. Thanks, Dean. This is great. Sam: Fire in the hole!     

Happy 4th of July - 5x16 “Dark Side Of The Moon” 

Mad Love, Darling.

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pairing: psycho!wonwoo x psychologist!fem reader
words: 4078
warnings: violence, smut
a/n: thanks for request wedomaatter! the ‘’scenario’’ is nearly a fic with the length (oops!) but here ya go! when i read it i thought of joker x harley?? so im sorry if its not what you since i didnt really know how to write push and pull… and somehow smut ended up in it uhm.. yea

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The Mysterious Death of Blair Adams

Blair Adams was a 31 year old Canadian resident who was found dead in the parking lot of a Knoxville, Tennessee hotel in July 1996. The police later found out that just before his death he acted very strangely, claiming that people were trying to kill him. 

On the 5th of July he took out all of his money in his savings account, along with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and gold. He went to the Canadian-American border to try and leave but was denied because of all the cash he had with him (a single man with a load of cash fits the profile of a drug trafficker).

The next day, he went to work and quit his job. He then bought a round trip to Germany and then went to a friend’s place to ask for help because he thought someone was trying to kill him. Unfortunately, his friend was unable to help. Then the next day he turned in his tickets, got a rental car, and was able to cross the border and go to Seattle.

He then bought a one-way ticket to Washington, DC and shortly after arriving there he went to Knoxville. He arrived at a gas station at 5:30 pm and told the attendant that his car would not start. The attendant then told Blair that he had the wrong keys. Blair then hitchhiked to a hotel where he began to act even more strangely. According to the manager, Blair walked in and out of the hotel lobby a total of 5 times before he rented a room, but afterwards went out and was never seen alive ever again. 

Twelve hours later, his body, which was naked from the waist down, was found in the hotel parking lot. His body was surrounded with nearly $4,000 worth of Canadian, American, and German currency. The cause of death was later discovered as a blow to the stomach. He was murdered just as he had feared. 

To this day this mysterious case remains unsolved.

Jean René Lacoste (French pronunciation: ​[ʒɑ̃ ʁəne laˈkɔst]; 2 July 1904 – 12 October 1996) was a French tennis player and businessman. He was nicknamed “the Crocodile” by the press after they learned of a wager Lacoste made with the French Davis Cup captain, who promised Lacoste a crocodile-skin handbag if Lacoste won;[1] he is also known worldwide as the creator of the Lacoste tennis shirt, which he introduced in 1929.

The most poetic introduction to computer science I’ve seen

Computational processes are abstract beings that inhabit computers. As they evolve, processes manipulate other abstract things called data. The evolution of a process is directed by a pattern of rules called a program. People create programs to direct processes. In effect, we conjure the spirits of the computer with our spells. 

A computational process is indeed much like a sorcerer’s idea of a spirit. It cannot be seen or touched. It is not composed of matter at all. However, it is very real. It can perform intellectual work. It can answer questions. It can affect the world by disbursing money at a bank or by controlling a robot arm in a factory. The programs we use to conjure processes are like a sorcerer’s spells. They are carefully composed from symbolic expressions in arcane and esoteric programming languages that prescribe the tasks we want our processes to perform.

- From Chapter 1 of The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, by Harold Abelson and Gerald Jay Sussman with Julie Sussman (MIT Press 1996, 2nd edition).

[Refer to Clarke’s Third Law: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.]

Analysis of the Julia Set crop circle

As most of us can discern, the formation of July 7 1996 that appeared across the road from Stonehenge in Wiltshire UK clearly represents the Fibonacci sequence, or the sacred spiral. It also accurately represents the fractal known as Julia Set, hence the name. Fibonacci is a very important mathematical phenomena which shows itself in many forms of nature (spiral galaxies, spiral seashells, plants, etc). The formation appeared within the time window of 45 minutes in broad daylight next to a very busy highway and Stonehenge, which has 24 hour surveillance. No one was seen making this formation. Read more about that here.

Fibonacci has also been attributed to have spiritual/metaphysical concepts embedded within it, and thus, shows itself in many forms of nature around us. It is believed that Fibonacci represents the sacred spiraling, never-ending nature of the entire Universe and our internal spirit. Spirals have commonly been viewed as sacred symbols in many ancient societies.

It is also commonly believed that the Universe formed from one point - the singularity - and spiraled outward and continued to expand bringing forth all of creation. My analysis of the formation led me to the conclusion that the center circle represents the singularity or source from which all creation originates and the spiral representing creation itself. The circle itself also represents the all-encompassing wholeness of the Universe, meaning that all things are interconnected. The concept represents both spiritual and scientific principals.

The sequels of the single Julia Set (Triple, 1996 & Double Triple, 2001) seem to represent the same concept, but on a grander scale. It makes sense, to me, that the circle makers are trying to convey the communication of both the spiritual and scientific concepts of the Universe in order for us to understand the interconnected nature of ourselves and reality. What a beautiful message it truly is.