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Tim Drake Birthday Headcanons

- Tim totally forgot about his birthday (as usual) until Ives texted him during work
- None of his family said anything so he assumed they all forgot about it and treated it like any other day
- It was mentioned a bit on patrol but that was about it
- He was fine about nobody caring, though,considering how his parents forgot nearly every year on account of their busy schedules. He was almost used to it by now
- But the second he got home from patrol he walked into the Batcave to find everyone jumping out and screaming ‘surprise’ at him, causing him to stumble backwards, trip on his cape, and fall over
- Everyone was there like Bruce, Selina, Alfred, Dick, Barbara, Jason, Cass, Steph, Damian, Kon, Bart, Gar, and Cassie
- Alfred had made a huge cake for everybody
- Tim got a lot of prank gifts like a step ladder from Jason, a Red Robin restaurant t-shirt from Bart, and a year supply of coffee grounds from Cassie
- Most of his gifts were really thoughtful though like the new laptop from Dick and Babs, the gadgets from Bruce, the kitten from Selina, the Starbucks gift card from the demon spawn and the CDs from Cass
- Steph thoroughly embarrassed him with the hoodie that said “Property of Stephanie Brown” in big letters on the back
- His favorite was Kon’s present, which was a skateboard that he fitted with rockets and a bunch of cool designs on the back
- There were several arguments regarding his age, as half could have sworn he had turned 17 last year (and maybe the year before that)
- After the party Bruce and each of his siblings forced him to go to sleep, saying that he should at least get to rest on his birthday, though he protested profusely
- All in all, he loved the whole thing because this time nobody


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Finn Week - Theme Two: Alternate Universe

It’s been decided. The second annual Finn Appreciation Week is approaching (in about two-ish months).

@swfinnweek is hosting the second Finn Appreciation Week attempt, July 17 to July 23, 2017, to celebrate Finn (portrayed by actor John Boyega), a central character introduced in the Star Wars sequel trilogy produced by the Walt Disney corp.

What is Finn Week?

“Finn [Appreciation] Week is a seven day event focused on the appreciation of the Star Wars character, Finn (formerly FN-2187), introduced in the 2015 film, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Finn Week is meant to inspire fanworks, and other fan related content in a show of appreciation to the character with the use of seven prompts centralized under a specific theme.

What the participants create are ultimately up to their interpretation or literal understandings of the theme’s prompts.

What are the Prompts for the second Finn Week?

  • Monday, July 17 - Day 1: Historical AU
  • Tuesday, July 18 - Day 2: Job AU
  • Wednesday, July 19 - Day 3: Next Door Neighbor AU
  • Thursday, July 20 - Day 4: Treasure Hunter AU
  • Friday, July 21 - Day 5: Refusal of the Call AU
  • Saturday, July 22 - Day 6: Supernatural AU (no not that)
  • Sunday, July 23 - Day 7: Writer’s Choice

What Tags To Use and Track:

Other Stuff:

Submissions for Finn Week are accepted by the blog as well. If you’ve questions that aren’t covered in our Frequently Asked Questions, please leave them in the inbox and we’ll address them.

To Reiterate: The chosen “week” is about Finn, not the other two parts of the trio, not Kylo Ren, Hux or Phasma, the OT crew. Finn.

To Reiterate: You can make gifs and edits, write fanfic, draw fanart, fanvids, meta, or whatever else your heart desires. There are seven days of fun topics at the mercy of your interpretation. We hope you will participate.

DESCENDANTS 2 Fandom Countdown!

Hey guys!! D2 comes out this summer— So @malicebertha and I set up a month-long appreciation counting down to it’s premiere! EVERYONE can participate on whatever days they want, and everything’s allowed— fic, art, edits, cosplay, playlists, any fan-created content to celebrate the franchise!

  • june 21 - mal
  • june 22 - uma
  • june 23 - evie
  • june 24 - carlos
  • june 25 - jay
  • june 26 - ben
  • june 27 - jane
  • june 28 - lonnie
  • june 29 - audrey
  • june 30 - gil
  • july 1 - harry
  • july 2 - doug
  • july 3 - chad
  • july 4 - other (book characters, wicked world characters)
  • july 5 - mal/evie
  • july 6 - jay/carlos
  • july 7 - ben/mal
  • july 8 - jay/mal/evie/carlos
  • july 9 - harry/mal
  • july 10 - uma/harry/gil
  • july 11 - chad/doug
  • july 12 - audrey/chad
  • july 13 - jane/carlos
  • july 14 - ben/carlos
  • july 15 - doug/evie
  • july 16 - audrey/jay
  • july 17 - jay/evie
  • july 18 - chad/ben/audrey
  • july 19 - mal/uma
  • july 20 - other ships not motioned here

Get the fandom back on it’s feet and celebrate!! Spread the word, we’re excited to be counting down the days!

Tag your creations #D2FANDOMCOUNTDOWN so everyone can see!!