drawing every character for book!home and I feel like weeping into my cereal because I’m plagued with anxiety for wether or not it will be successful as a novel or series or film or if it will gather dust on the shelves of barnes and noble and nobody will ever open it or know it exists *weeps into cereal*

“the first time sherlock made john tea”

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i started watching tvd late and i knew that DE were gonna happen, and i LOVED SE like omg, and i heard all the hype about D and i was excited to see when DE were gonna get together and i honestly thought if SE is this good then DE is gonna be amazing. hahah nup the least chemistry i've ever seen. honestly don't know what all the hype about DE is. BUT SE tho, oml their chemistry gives me chills and makes me scream on the inside. what dobsley moments you think had the most chemistry ?

I honestly think that people just like the idea of DE. They like the bad-boy-who-turns-good-for-the-woman-he-loves plot line particularly when the bad boy looks like Ian. The actual practice of their relationship is nothing to scream about.

Choosing moments with the “most” dobsley chemistry out of six seasons is impossible, haha. I’ll just lay out the ones that stand out to me and I’ll try not to use ones I use all the time.

I think this moment in 1x10 is one of the best chemistry moments for Dobsley:

It’s a really simple moment, it’s right before the grand epic “Stefan, I love you” + love scene but it’s when Stefan is saying that he can’t be with her and look how sad they are, they’re not bawling or throwing things, they’re simply looking at each other with devastated eyes, which is what Dobsley can do, they can just look at each other and you feel everything.

The 1x06 sex scene is also one of the best chemistry moments for Dobsley:

I mean, I don’t really need to explain why or how.

The 5x06 scene between Silas and Amara is definitely one of the best too:

I already spoke about this with another anon but you see how much these two people love each other, it’s actually a very passionate scene and it’s subtle because it’s just in the expressions, there’s no wailing and I like the contrast between them, Nina is very expressive while Paul is very still so it feels like Amara is lamenting losing Silas again but she has to to be “free” while Silas is just appreciating that Amara is in his arms at all.

The 2x05 blood-sharing scene:

Because again, it goes back to the way they can just stare at each other. Elena looks in complete awe of the man in front of her and Stefan looks like he’s ready to go upstairs and both expressions work well for the moment because they’re both indicative of how much these two people love each other.

The 3x20 corsage scene is also underrated:

Because Nina and Paul play it so well, there’s an initial awkwardness between the two of them but then he pins the corsage on her dress and when Elena looks at him, there’s this sort of “this feels familiar” look to her face but also “this feels new…” and Paul, the way he flicks his eye upward and that grin is both like, “this is nice” and “yeah I know”, like I remember watching this scene and inwardly freaking out because it’s so simple but a lot is being said in these stares.

I’ve been focusing on stares a lot but there are a lot of movements that really show Dobsley chemistry that I think people take for granted, the way two people move around each other because these are a few moments that show how great their chemistry is:

Because Nina sort of just naturally folds herself into Paul’s arms and Paul instinctively puts his hand on her head to rest it on his chest, it feels natural, non-mechanical.

Here, the way Katherine sort of circles Stefan:

There’s tension there, it’s one of the first few times we see Katherine and Stefan interact in the present and you get everything you need to know about their dynamic in the way Nina circles Paul and Paul’s expression and it’s inexplicably hot, like you see Stefan’s frustration but he’s also sort of smiling, there’s a smugness to this entire scene on both parts (until it goes left) that Paul and Nina don’t exhibit with Stefan and Elena and it’s natural. They move very naturally around each other:

which again is taken for granted until you see how awkward people can be when they have to navigate each other so just moments we don’t really think about show how great their chemistry is because we don’t think about them :)