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For the most part, I try not to look at stuff through shipper goggles but GOD DAMN that new season 7 trailer is giving me major Jon/Sansa vibes. Anyone else??

Sansa’s “the lone wolf dies but the pack survives” playing over clips of Jon — I CAN’T. Also JON IN HIS NEW DOUBLE WOLF BREASTPLATE 

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  • Vic: Do you want to hear some psychological claptrap?
  • Robert: Yeah. It always cheers me up when you try and act clever.
  • Vic: So, you do need cheering up then? It's all right to miss him. I miss Adam. But that's not it. It's this. I think you're trying to tidy up round here when really you should be tidying up here. (tips her head)
  • Robert: You're making light of something that's too painful to...
  • Vic: Then talk to me.
  • Robert: I can't.
  • Vic: Why?
  • Robert: Because I'm the only one to blame. Aaron cutting himself, destroying himself. I've done that. He'd come so far. Then he went to Ireland to get away from me. I have to live with that. I don't deserve it.
  • Vic: You don't deserve this either. Now, I know he said not to call but if he's sat there wondering why you haven't even tried?
  • Robert: And what if I call him and you're wrong and I make things worse? I can't do that to him. I just have to let him deal with this his way.
Set them free

Request: Part two to “If you love someone” (part one here) my day five hamwriters writeathon fic from Lin’s POV

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x reader, Daveed Diggs x reader

Warnings: angst, breakups, unrequited love (or is it)

Word count: 1,996

A/N: I started to write this because I felt bad about the angst in part one but… it didn’t turn out quite as I expected. You can blame @fragmentofmymind because part 7 of Work Comes Home made me want to write all the angst

Almost six months after you and Daveed started dating Lin decided he would leave Hamilton in July. He had had a tempting offer from Disney for Moana and he could feel the time was coming for him to move on. Lin knew he would miss the show- the theatre, the story, and the cast who had become his family- but he knew he couldn’t be Alexander Hamilton forever.

Lin was rewatching The Little Mermaid, sprawled on the couch with his laptop and a mug of his favourite coffee, when his phone rang. The sound of your singing let him know who the caller was. He picked up. “Hey Y/N,” he said as he reached for the remote to pause the movie.

“Can I come over?” you asked and, even over the phone, Lin could hear that you were holding back sobs. The rawness of your voice and the careful control you were just barely holding made you sound vulnerable, though Lin knew you were one of the strongest people he knew.

“Sure,” he said gently, “do you need anything?”

You sniffed. “Can you open the door?”

Lin got up, forgetting about his laptop. He winced as it hit the floor with a worrying thump but it seemed to be alright, so he set it back on the couch and hurried to get the door. You rang the doorbell as he fumbled for his keys- why had he left them at the bottom of his satchel again? 

When he did open the door it was to find you standing nervously on the doormat, eyes red and clothes in disarray, clutching a tissue. “Hi,” you managed to say before you started to cry again. 

Lin pulled you into his arms and inside, closing the door with his foot. You buried your face in his shoulder, muffling your sobs. Lin rubbed your back gently and held you, unsure if he should try and move you to the couch or just let you cry.

After a little while your tears seemed to subside and you straightened, wiping your eyes with your sleeve. “S-sorry,” you said, stepping back, “I didn’t mean to-”

“It’s fine,” Lin insisted, heading through into the living room, “what’s happened?”

You settled on the couch, still sniffling a little. You took a deep breath and Lin inched a little closer, just in case. “Daveed’s decided to leave Hamilton,” you started, voice thick with emotion, “in July.”

Lin made a sympathetic noise. He knew Daveed would leave sometime- he still had clippng. to worry about and he couldn’t be Lafayette and Jefferson forever. Right after me, he thought, but didn’t say that. 

“He wants to go back to Oakland for a little while and-” you paused and Lin could see you blinking back the tears again, “and he doesn’t think long distance will work.”

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mc-murphy-80  asked:

What do you think of Susan returning? Love triangle? No wedding Olicity? They are very sad today. Not true positives for us

Who is “they”? LOL It almost sounds like you meant Olicity. I don’t think they’re sad today. I think they’re shopping for new linens at Bed Bath and Beyond today. But I don’t think that’s what you mean. I think maybe you meant fandom. Yes, I imagine some fans are upset. But most everyone I mingle with over on the Twitters is just ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ about the whole thing, as they should be.

Here’s what I’d like to know: why does the news that they’re not done with Susan (the phrase “Susan is returning” wasn’t used… just that they’re not entirely done with her yet) automatically mean bad things for Olicity fans? Bad things for people who felt she was mishandled on the show, perhaps. Bad things for people who are beyond tired of watching the show try to justify her existence, sure. But as an Olicity fan… bad things? 

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Pretty sure Susan and Oliver broke up in 5x19. Pretty sure Oliver and Felicity got back together in 5x22. Pretty sure what David said about that Olicity wedding didn’t magically change between yesterday and today. So you’ll have to forgive me for not understanding where this connection is being made. 

Does Oliver love Susan more than he loves Felicity? (Please don’t make me use the comparison pictures, but I will if I have to) Was Susan a consolation prize when Oliver thought he couldn’t have Felicity? Pretty sure yes. Can Oliver have Felicity now? Pretty sure yes. Why is there reason to worry here? 

There isn’t. Now, for everyone else who’s annoyed about Snoozan cuz they found her dull and terrible and all the other reasons I listed up above the gif… I think what Stephen meant in his FB Q&A vid is that we’re gonna see what the show set up with Snoozan play out in season 6. She knows about his Bratva membership. She knows he’s the Green Arrow. Those things were “””conveniently forgotten””” when they broke up (so abruptly… “my apologies… 😂 I still laugh when I think about it). So for those who were annoyed with how they were handled, perhaps this could be redemption on the show’s part. Maybe they’ll handle the resolution of all that in a way that makes us go “okay so she wasn’t a complete waste of time”. I mean, I have my fingers crossed. Then again, I tend to err on the side of giving the show a chance to do it’s thing before blasting it to the rafters but that’s just me. 

Personally I think this means Oliver will be outed as the Green Arrow at some point this season and I’m ready. 

But worried about Olicity? No, nope, negatory, nuh uh, never, don’t make me laugh. I wasn’t worried last year when they were broken up and dating other people. Why would I start worrying now? In our moment of triumph? (Wow, just gave myself Moff Tarkin feels… #StarWarsNerd)

I mean, if you wanna worry about her breaking up Olicity, be my guest. If you wanna complain about how the show handled her character in season 5 (well trod ground if you ask me but… you do you), go right ahead. If you wanna throw some things at the wall, well… I won’t tell. I’ve heard it’s cathartic. 

But it’s not even JULY yet (I still have a few days) and October is so very, very far away and you’ll have to pardon me for not wanting to throw my hands up in the air and run around panicking every time a bit of news drops about season 6. I’m on hiatus, I’m conserving my energy and I’m still adding wedding dresses to my Olicity wedding Pinterest board (meaning: I have better things to do). 


July 29, 2011

It started off as a normal afternoon at the Ruins.We packed up and drove out for an afternoon of G-rated fun. 

Zander skulked off and was gone for a while. I didn’t think much of it, but all of a sudden, Tillie leaped off our blanket and took off running.

“STOP RIGHT THERE!" Tillie’s voice was deafening, even from far away.

"What do you mean?!”

“Put that down, Zander!” Tillie shouted, “NOW!”

“Why should I?!”

“You know exactly why!” Tillie shrilled, “did you think I forgot? Get the hell away from that fire, or so help me!”

“C'mon Til,” Zander said, “it’s fine!”

“That’s what pyromaniacs say! Give me the damn fuel!”

“No!” Zander gleefully proceeded to pour the fuel on the fire before Tillie could get to him. 

The fireball that was formed could probably have been seen from space. It was probably a fucking miracle that no one was hurt. Or at the very least, singed some hair off.


“No way, that was awesome!" 

I didn’t find out until later that Zander may or may not be a recovering pyromaniac. I’m surprised Til didn’t straight-up murder him.

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Sheith Week Day 4: Popsicles/Fireworks

This is my contribution to #sheithpositivityweek day 4! The prompt is popsicles/fireworks.

Other fics: Day 1   Day 2   Day 3   Day 4   Day 5   Day 6   Day 7

EDIT: This is the fixed version! It should hopefully sound a little more smooth.
(I have realized I have a thing for Shiro carrying Keith bridal-style and I love it.)

Note: This AU takes place ten years after the paladins return to Earth.

  • every year, in shiro’s hometown, there’s a fourth of july parade.
  • he used to go to it every time, as a kid. it was loud and bright and colorful, and there would always be fireworks at the end.
  • these past ten years, it’s been a little bit different. ever since the paladins won the intergalactic war, as it has come to be called, there has been a parade every september to celebrate the day that the evil was finally defeated.
  • everyone is calling it “paladins’ day”, and every country on earth recognizes it.
  • after the paladins came home, it was chaos. they were in demand across the globe. heck, they were in demand across the galaxy.
  • the first eight or nine years, they had traveled from planet to planet while the people held festivals in their name. but making the rounds every year got tiring, and after nine years of touring the universe, the paladins decided to stay home for the year.
  • people were disappointed, but they seemed to understand - being a paladin was tiring, even after the fighting was over.
  • the paladins had been dispersed for years now. lance was living in cuba. pidge and matt were back with their family. the last they heard of hunk was that he had flown back to the balmera to visit shay, as he sometimes did. but keith, having no home to return to, went to live with shiro.
  • for the first time, shiro didn’t have to be in the parade.
  • but that didn’t stop him from wanting to watch it.
  • when he first shared the idea with keith, he was adamantly opposed to it, mainly on the grounds that people would clearly recognize them as the paladins and want to congratulate them. keith wanted no part of being the center of attention after nine years of parades and festivals.
  • but shiro has an idea.
  • disguises, keith.”
  • the way shiro grins with excitement makes keith snort with laughter.
  • “shiro, that is the worst idea you’ve ever had.”
  • but keith can’t say no to shiro. it’s been one of his weaknesses for years.
  • okay, so disguises is a bit of an exaggeration. what really happens is that shiro wears a sweatshirt with the hood up to cover his prosthetic arm and the unmistakable scar over the bridge of his nose.
  • keith, who has long since trimmed his distinctive mullet, wears the glasses he only puts on once in a while and a sweatshirt for good measure.
  • once shiro was satisfied that no one would recognize the two unless they were looking closely, they head out. since the parade isn’t far from where shiro lives, they just grab some lawn chairs and decide to walk it.
  • the parade goes down the main street in the town, and most people go out and sit along the parade route. it starts at 6 p.m., just as the sun is about to start setting. the evening is breezy, and keith knows it will turn into a chilly night.
  • as a precaution, they sit a little bit behind the other people, somewhere close enough to see the action but far enough away that they wouldn’t be discovered.
  • as the parade is just starting, shiro mentions, out of the blue, that he brought popsicles.
  • “shiro, it’s only sixty degrees out. why would you bring popsicles?”
  • he begins to gesture wildly, as if he couldn’t understand why keith was so confused. “because, it’s a tradition! every time we went to the fourth of july parade, back when i was young, we had popsicles!”
  • keith, startled by shiro’s outburst of excitement, puts his hands up in a placating gesture, nods, and accepts the red popsicle shiro offers him.
  • for a while, the pair sits and enjoys popsicles, watching the progression of floats and balloons and bands march by. the lights and the noise and the color aren’t quite as vibrant and lively as the first and second years of the celebrations, but they are still a sight to see. the setting sun creates an atmosphere of fun and activity and music, and though keith doesn’t really like children, he has to admit that watching them run up and down the street is endearing, in a way.
  • it’s late in september, and as the sun sinks down the horizon the night begins to get colder. but keith, stubborn as he is, still eats an entire popsicle, temperature be damned.
  • he begins to regret his decision when he starts to shiver. at first, he learns that if he curls his feet underneath him and hugs his knees to his chest, he can deal with the cold. but when that stops working, he does what he always does when he gets cold.
  • keith gets out of his chair and pulls it closer to shiro’s, close enough that he can lean over the two arms and rest his head on shiro’s shoulder.
  • shiro leans in to keith, noticing that he’s shivering slightly, and puts his arm around his torso.
  • together, they watch as children play with tiny balloon versions of voltron, marching bands playing enthusiastically in the background. dance groups do flips down the street. some of the younger children still dress up, swinging plastic swords and shouting “form voltron!”
  • shiro caught keith’s attention again when he pointed at a swarm of balloons that escaped someone’s hands: black, red, green, blue, yellow. the black and red balloons, tangled slightly at the strings, flew into the sky together.
  • “look, keith,” shiro murmured, ”it’s us.”
  • keith’s eyes followed his finger and he laughed softly into the setting sun.
  • the fireworks couldn’t start until it was dark out, of course, so once the last floats in the parade had passed by them it would about 40 minutes before the fireworks began to blast off.
  • since the fireworks were being shot from the local football field, everybody made their way down to that end of the town to get the best spots to see the fireworks.
  • the loud noises could be a bit triggering to shiro if he sat too close to them, as he discovered the hard way during his first year back on earth. now that he was older, they weren’t as bad, but he still preferred to keep a bit of distance between himself and the explosions.
  • so they sit away from the field, careful again to distance themselves from the rest of the people. they find a bit of a hill to sit on, under a sturdy oak tree to keep them in the shadows.
  • shiro, always the prepared one, brought a blanket for the two of them to sit on, or under. keith, without a care for the rest of the world, relaxes with his back against shiro’s chest and throws the blanket over them both.
  • when the sky is finally dark and the stars sparkle clearly, shiro knows it’s time. when the first fireworks go off, people cheer.
  • most of them are in the paladins’ colors: green, red, blue, and yellow (occasionally they’ll add a purple for allura or an orange for coran). occasionally, a cool one will pop up that makes a shape, like the “v” that adorned their paladin armor. shiro will point those out to keith, even though keith can see them perfectly fine.
  • when keith turns to look into shiro’s eyes, shiro looks like he’s eight years old again. before the garrison, before kerberos, before voltron.
  • before keith.
  • it is one of shiro’s rare vulnerable moments, when he has let all of his walls down and keith can see who he really is.
  • one of the things he’s learned about shiro after dating him for years is that he has built up so many layers that it’s hard to find the real shiro underneath them. on the outside, he’s a leader. he’s strong, decisive, thoughtful, and patient. but underneath the leader he presents to most people are layers of fear, regret, anxiety, doubt, and pain.
  • he thinks through every step before he makes it. most people think that’s just because he’s a logical person, but keith knows better. keith knows that it’s because one wrong move can bring everything crashing down around you, and that shiro has learned that from experience.
  • but ever since he’s started dating shiro, he’s gotten to see what’s beneath the layers: someone who is fun-loving, and gentle, and kind. someone who loves to laugh. someone who enjoys simple pleasures like going to the beach, and seeing the sunset, and dancing in the summer rain, and watching fireworks.
  • sure, it has taken work by both of them to battle their way through the layers. it’s led to more than one fight in the past. it’s led to tears, and yelling, and 2 a.m. arguments. but when keith looks into shiro’s eyes tonight, he knows that every tear was worth it.
  • this is the man keith fell in love with ten years ago.
  • keith, not wanting to ruin the moment they’ve made for themselves, presses his face into shiro’s sweatshirt and smiles softly.
  • certain that the shadows would hide them from prying eyes, shiro kisses him on the forehead. keith mumbles something soft and incoherent, and shiro pulls him closer.
  • shiro can tell by the end of the fireworks that keith has drifted off into sleep, so he tries not to wake him as he gingerly sits up. he rolls up the blanket and fits it back into the bag he brought. however, the action makes his boyfriend stir and look at shiro with sleep still in his eyes.
  • “the fireworks are over, love. you ready to go home?” shiro asks.
  • keith yawns in response and lets shiro help him to his feet.
  • the walk home, at first, is crowded with people who are doing the same as they - walking home. but once they get off of the main streets, it’s not nearly as bad.
  • about three-quarters of the way there, keith starts to fall behind, the sleep catching up to him faster than he can walk. shiro stops, readjusting the things he’s carrying.
  • “come here,” he says to keith. the smaller man obeys, too tired to protest.
  • shiro picks him up in both arms, only realizing just how tired keith is when his eyes start to flutter closed. keith lets his head fall against shiro’s chest, whispering a barely-audible “thanks”.
  • keith is out within thirty seconds, but shiro doesn’t mind. he carries keith the rest of the way home, gentle as he would always be with his boyfriend, allowing the moon to light the way as stray fireworks pop in the distance.
  • shiro struggles a bit to unlock the front door, considering his lack of free hands, but eventually keys it open. with a sleeping keith kogane still in his arms, he sets everything down on the living room couch, deciding to deal with it tomorrow.
  • he brings keith to bed, briefly wondering whether to wake him up to change or just leave him be. shiro opts for the second choice, figuring that keith would be too far gone to really care about his clothes anyways. shiro crashes and burns, exhausted, next to him.
  • he finds it a little ironic that he enjoyed watching the parade more than being in it.
  • or, maybe he just enjoyed being with keith.
  • he’s pretty sure it’s the second one, but he doesn’t get much time to think about it before he’s fast asleep, dreaming about fireworks and popsicles and black and red balloons.
Pieces of my Heart - Part 24

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This chapter has several time jumps….

“No!” Jughead yelled, his hands on his hips, his eyes spitting fire.  “We are not postponing our wedding again!”

“Juggie, just let me…..” Betty started and he cut her off with a shake of his head and glare.

“We already postponed it in May and I didn’t want to, we aren’t doing it again.”

“For God’s sake Jughead, your dad had a stroke in May!  Of course we weren’t going to get married until he was better!”

“He could have come!”

“He was in the hospital,” Betty said with a roll of her eyes.  “And his recovery took a while, but he is doing wonderful now, back to his old self.”

“So what the fuck then?  Our wedding is in September, it’s July, why do you want to postpone it?  It’s already too dam far away.” he huffed.

“My dress won’t fit,” she said, her mouth twitching with a smile.

“So get a different one!” he snapped.

“Jughead,” Betty gasped in horror.  “Veronica’s designer friend hand stitched that dress for me! It’s one of a kind!”

“Well, why the hell won’t it fit?  You’ve been the same size, literally for years,” Jughead said loudly.  Betty wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d stomped his foot.  She tried really hard not to laugh.

“I’m going to be too fat,” she said simply, her smile growing bigger, her hands on her stomach.

“What? You planning on switching your salads for donuts?” he asked, completely confused.  She sighed at his slowness.

“No, Juggie, apparently I just can’t be trusted to take my birth control properly.”

Jughead stared at her, his confusion slowly fading as he took in her dazzling smile and her hands gently cradling her stomach.  The confusion was replaced by shock.

“Betty?” he said hoarsely, giving his head a shake.  He walked slowly to her, placing his hand over hers, staring in awe down into her shining eyes.

“Are you…?” he couldn’t finish the sentence over the lump in his throat.  She nodded, her eyes shining with tears, her smile almost blinding him.

“How?” he whispered, his hand moving under her shirt to lay gently against her.

“I honestly have no idea,” Betty sighed, resting her forehead against his chest.  “I guess with your father being ill, I once again forgot to pay attention and missed a bunch of days.  I should have used an alarm or something,” she said laughing.  Jugheads arms suddenly went around her and hugged her tight.  She laughed, delighted and threw her arms around his neck.  Jughead suddenly released her and stepped back.

“I’m sorry, I was squeezing too tight,” he said worried.

“No, it’s fine,” Betty laughed.  He took her hand and gently let her to the couch.

“Here, sit.  Do you need some pillows? I can get you some pillows.”

“Juggie, I’m fine, you don’t….” He settled her down on the couch.

“You’re never leaving this apartment,” he said hurriedly.  “Or getting in a car.”


“I’m serious Betty!” Jughead said, his voice and eyes filled with panic.  “You aren’t getting in a car until we have this baby.”  Betty put her hands on his face and gave it a gentle squeeze.

“Juggie,” she said softly and he looked at her, deflating a little in worry.  “It’s going to be ok, nothing is going to happen.”  Jughead let out a ragged breath.

“I’m terrified,” he muttered.

“I can see that,” Betty said, laughing softly.  Jughead searched her face, hugged her again and then let go.

“You’re sure? How do you know?” he asked, touching her stomach.

“Well, I realized I was late and immediately went to check my birth control and once again realized I screwed up, so I took a test,” Betty said smiling.  “I was shocked at first and so I took a couple more, and then just to be sure, I went to see the doctor this morning.  He confirmed it.”

“And everything is ok?”

“He says everything looks great, and it’s still very early, about 6 weeks, but he examined me and says everything looks good,” Betty said happily.  

“Wow,” he breathed, still in awe.  “I didn’t think we’d even be talking about this for a while yet.  Are we ready?”

“Well, whether we are or not, it’s happening,” she said laughing.  “It was bound to happen with all the sex you demand from me,” she said teasingly.  He raised an eyebrow at her.  

“I demand sex?” he asked, laughing out loud.  “Two days ago, I believe your exact words were ‘If you don’t take me to bed and make love to me right now, I’m going to live with Veronica!’.”

“It was the full moon, it brought something out in me,” she said, her hands suddenly undoing the buttons of his shirt.  

“It was lunch time,” he said, lifting her up so her legs went around his waist.  She shoved his shirt off his shoulders and licked his skin as he walked with her to the bedroom.

“I’m sure there was a full moon somewhere,” she gasped as her back came in contact with the bed sheets.  Jugheads hands and mouth were everywhere, gently, slowly, until she was yelling at him to hurry up.  She suddenly realized how careful he was being, afraid to hurt her and the baby.

“Dammit, Juggie, you won’t hurt it, I want you now!”  He snapped out of it and gave her what she wanted, hard and fast and they came together with shouts and groans of ecstasy.


“I swear V, I love Jughead more than anything but he is driving me fucking crazy!!!”  Betty said grumpily as she devoured another pickle dipped in icecream.  Veronica looked like she was going to throw up as she watched her friend.

“How can you eat that?” she asked, looking a little green.

“I don’t know,” Betty sighed.  “It’s literally all I want to eat lately.  Pregnancy is weird.”

“I just don’t understand how you can crave a pickle dipped in ice cream,” V muttered, shaking her head.  “So, why is Jughead driving you crazy?”

“Well, we seriously haven’t had sex since the day I told him I was pregnant,” Betty said with a groan.  “My morning sickness started two days later, and let me tell you, they lied!  It’s all fucking day long, not just the morning.  I didn’t want him anywhere near me with all my vomiting.  It blessedly only lasted 4 weeks.  And he was a nutcase during those 4 weeks.  It didn’t matter how many times I told him that it was normal, he wanted to call the doctor every time I got sick.  Now it’s all done for the most part and all I can think about is sex and he won’t touch me cause he thinks if we have sex the baby will fall out!” Betty finished in a frustrated yell.  Veronica bit back her laugh and cleared her throat.

“Its not funny!” Betty yelled again.  

“Calm down B, have you tried explaining?”

“I’ve tried everything Ron, the only thing left to try is tap dance naked across his cock and he probably still won’t fuck me.”  Veronica laughed out loud at that.  Betty sat glaring at her, munching angrily on her pickle.

“Maybe he doesn’t find me attractive now that I’m pregnant,” Betty said, her eyes suddenly filling with tears.  Moving from anger to sadness in the blink of an eye.

“God Betty, that’s the last thing you should be thinking.  You’re fucking glowing these days.  Your hair is stunning, your skin freaking glistens.”

“It’s sweat Ron, I’m not glowing!  My hormones are in such overdrive, I’m sweating from horniness,” Betty said, angry and crying at the same time.

“Good God, I’m never letting Archie get me pregnant,” Ron said, horrified at the spectacle in front of her.

“Betty, he is just worried and you are stunning, especially with your baby bump starting to show.  You need to seduce him.”

“I tried that yesterday, it didn’t end well,” Betty said with a sigh.  Veronica raised an eyebrow.


“I decided to do a little strip tease and I could tell him was getting excited, and then my dam foot got caught in the hem of my skirt and I fell over.  He of course panicked and spent the rest of the stinking evening making sure the baby wasn’t going to come……”  Betty trailed off and glared again at Veronica who was laughing so hard, she had tears running down her face.

“I fucking need a new best friend,” Betty grumbled and grabbed another pickle.

Jughead flipped through the pictures of the sunset he had taken a few days earlier and jumped almost a foot when a wrapped package landed with a loud crack on the table next to his laptop.  He looked up and saw Veronica standing in front of him.

“Hey V,” he said with a raised eyebrow.  “What brings you to the studio?”

“Just had a little talk with Betty,” she said with a shrug.

“Is she ok?” he asked in a rush.

“She’s fine Jughead.  Acting slightly deranged, and eating the most horrifying shit, but otherwise, she’s perfect.”

“Pickles and ice cream?” he asked with a smile.  She paled and Jughead laughed.

“So why are you here?” he asked again.  

“That’s for you,” she said, nodded to the package.  He frowned and picked it up.

“I suggest you look at it, before your fiancé fucking loses it more than she already is,” V said.

“Losing it how?” he frowned.

“Well, for one, she thinks you don’t find her attractive anymore cause she’s pregnant.”  His shocked look made her smile and she turned and walked out of the studio.  Jughead unwrapped the gift and stared down at it and a slow grin spread across his face.

When Betty got home from work the following day, she found Jughead standing in the living room in black slacks and a white button down shirt.  She was so surprised at his dress attire, she almost dropped her files.  She put her things on the island and looked at him in confusion.  He smiled and walked over to her.  

“Take a shower, put on something you feel your prettiest in.  I’m taking you out to dinner,” he said with a smile.  

“You are?” she asked in surprise.  “What’s the occasion?”

“I want to show off my incredibly sexy pregnant fiancé,” he said gruffly, running his thumb over her bottom lip.  Betty’s heart started to pound and her stomach coiled in heat.  She could only nod and hurried to the bedroom.  She showered quickly and dried her hair, put on a bit of makeup and chose a simple, knee length white sundress that showed of her small but obvious baby bump.

Jughead took her to the fanciest restaurant in town and the food was sensational.  The smiles they got from all around them made his heart smile.  He couldn’t believe how lucky he was.  The notorious trouble maker from Riverdale, was engaged to and expecting a baby with the most beautiful girl in town.  They made a stunning pair.  She was stunning.  His heart wrenched a little that he had unknowingly managed to make her feel unattractive when in truth she had never been more beautiful to him.  He wanted her with a desperation that was agonizing.  He had allowed his fear to dictate his actions and he was going to remedy that tonight.

He took great care to make her feel as lovely as she was, with comments and touches and looks and the heat he saw in her eyes made his body harden and ache.  He willed his blood to cool before they had to get up because he was sure if he stood right now, everyone would know just what he was thinking about.

By the time they made it home, Jughead was having a hard time controlling his breathing.  She held his hand in the car, running her fingers up and down his, between them, scraping lightly with her nails.  He opened the door to their apartment and she walked over to the island and dropped her purse and stepped out of her shoes.  He watched her and she walked towards the hall and stopped, looking over her shoulder at him.

“Can you unzip me?” she asked in a husky whisper.  He walked up to her and his fingers trembled as he slowly lowered the zipper, brushing the skin along the way.  When he had it open she stepped away from him and walked slowly down the hall, the dress falling slowly to her waist.  She wasn’t wearing a bra.  It started to slide down her hips and she paused at the bedroom door, looking back at him and letting it fall to the floor.  She stepped out of it and his knees almost buckled as she disappeared through the door, leaving the dress laying there.  Betty was completely nude.

Betty stood by the bed, waiting.  She felt him come up behind her, his hands touching her back, sliding over her hips.  His mouth dropped to her shoulder, his tongue running over the skin.  His hands came around her, moving up to gently cup her breasts that were getting more firm and sensitive as her pregnancy progressed.   She gasped when he gently tweaked her nipples as he sucked the side of her neck.

“Juggie,” she breathed, her hands clutching his.  He turned her slowly and her hands went to the buttons on his shirt.  She was trembling and fumbled; her need so heavy she felt the wetness pool between her legs as she stood there.  Jughead lifted her chin and took her mouth in an erotic, tongue curling, wet kiss and her knees did buckle.  He followed her down on the bed and braced over her as his mouth slanted over hers, again and again.

Betty moaned and arched her body against him, her nails scratching his back.  His mouth slipped down to her chest and his tongue gently swirled around her sensitive nipples, being careful not to pull too hard on them.  She was gasping by the time he was done with both and then he moved further down to the swollen bump of her belly.  He placed soft kisses all over it and his whispered ‘I love you’ against her skin made her eyes well with tears.  Her hand slid into his hair as he whispered it again and all she could think was ‘Dear God, I love this man’.

She whimpered as his mouth moved lower, his hands gently parting her thighs until she lay open to him, her arousal glistening and waiting for him.  His fingers parted her as he blew his breath over her and she groaned loudly when he slid a finger into her heat.  His tongue stroked over her and she almost came off the bed.  It had been so long she came almost immediately.  He laughed softly and kept at it, until she came again and yet again.  She pushed on his shoulder when she couldn’t take it anymore and he sat up, staring down at her, an arrogant grin on his face.  He slowly pulled off the shirt she never managed to get off and tossed it on the floor.

She sat up and undid his pants while he kissed the breath out of her.  When she got them undone he lowered her down again and never breaking their kiss they fumbled and pulled and finally got his pants down his legs and off.  He settled over her and smoothed her hair back.  

“Let me know if I hurt you,” he whispered hoarsely.  

“You won’t hurt me Juggie,” she whimpered, lifting to him.  He eased into her and she wrapped around him, pulling him down for another kiss.  Jughead moved slowly until her legs tightened and she bucked against him in desperation and he buried his face in her hair and moved faster, her slick heat pulling him deep.  His hand moved down between them to bring her to completion faster when he realized he wouldn’t last long.  He almost made it and groaned when he felt his release rip through him seconds before she clamped hard around him.

It almost killed him but he managed to not collapse on top of her and braced on trembling arms, his breathing heavy and choppy against her ear.  Betty eased her grip and he slowly moved to the side, pulling her tightly against him.

They lay in silence for a while, their breathing slowly returning to normal.  He pressed a kiss to her temple and gave a content sigh.  She mimicked his sigh and cuddled up close.

“Juggie?” she whispered after a while.


“What made you do this?” she wondered.

“Veronica,” he said with a laugh.  Betty leaned up and looked at him in surprise.

“She told you to take me to dinner and make love to me?” she asked, bewildered.

“No, she gave me a book.”

“Which book?”

“Sex and Pregnancy.”  Betty burst into laughter and he smiled.

“Remind me to thank her,” she said happily.  Jughead moved her onto her back and leaned on his elbow, gazing down at her.

“I’m so sorry Betts,” he said softly, brushing her hair off her forehead.  “I never meant to make you feel undesirable.  Please believe me.  In fact, the further along you got, the more I wanted to throw you on the bed and bang you,” he admitted ruefully.

“Bang me?” she asked laughing.

“Seriously, I’ve never wanted to shoot a load more, than in the last month.”

“Shoot a load, Jughead?  You did not just say that,” she said disgruntled.

“Yes Betty, bang, shoot a load, fuck the ever living…..” her hand clapped over his mouth.  He took her hand away.  “You’ve never looked sexier to me, I swear to God and I didn’t touch you because I was terrified I was going to hurt you.  Ok, I may have foolishly thought the baby might fall out….” She started laughing.  “But the other reason was I was so freaking hot for you and your new curves, I didn’t trust myself to be gentle.”  She smiled seductively and ran her hand over his abdomen and his muscles contracted beneath her touch.

“I won’t break Jughead, and the baby is very well protected.  You don’t need to be that gentle, we will be fine,” she whispered, running her tongue over his skin.  

“I’m still going to try to…..”

“Shut up and bang me,” she whispered as she bit his shoulder.  He grinned and did as she asked.


Betty sat back and threw her shoe in annoyance.  Jughead watched it hit the wall and raised an eyebrow.

“Problem?” he asked, swallowing his laugh.

“How am I supposed to put on shoes when I can’t even see my fucking feet?” she yelled.  “And why the fuck is it so hot?”

“Its February,” he said, hiding his smile.

“It’s hot!” she snapped.  “And don’t laugh at me!”  Jughead went to pick up her shoe and sat on his haunches in front of her, smiling gently.  She sighed let him put on her shoe.

“I’m sorry Juggie, I just want this baby out already.  I feel like a dam whale.”

“A very beautiful whale,” he said, pulling her close for a kiss.  She sat back and rested a hand over her large belly.  He saw the fluttering movement and laid a hand against the kicks coming from inside her.

“I’ll never get tired of feeling that,” he said, still in awe that something inside her was kicking at his hand.

“You sure you don’t want to ask the doc what we’re having?” she asked smiling.  

“No, I want to be surprised,” he said kissing her belly.  

“Help me up,” she said, holding out her hands.  Jughead helped her to her feet and placed a gentle kiss on her lips.  The doorbell rang and she sighed.  “Can you get that?  By the time I get over there, it’ll be Christmas again.”  

Jughead laughed and went to open the door.  She saw him stiffen and then he slowly stepped back and let her mother walk in the door.

Safely *Shawn Mendes Imagine*

Requested by giiaannnaaa; sorry for the wait 

Shoutout to @greatening for helping me out with this :)

When you woke up this morning you noticed the other side of your bed hadn’t been slept in which was weird because your husband; Shawn was home last night.


You got out of bed and went into the living room to find Shawn passed out on the couch with your iPad and a bunch of ripped up papers on the floor. He had been working on something last night, Shawn was so dedicated to his music that he wouldn’t even come to bed last night, it was great but he needed sleep.


You cleaned up his mess quietly before finally waking him up “Shawn, baby wake up” he groaned and pushed your hand away like a teenager being woken up for school

“Or at least go to bed before Juliette gets up” Juliette was your five year old who always got overly excited whenever she saw her dad since he was usually gone when she woke up and she usually didn’t get to see him till later on in the day

“What time is it?” “9:30” “What?!” He jumped up “What’s the matter?” You asked him “I gotta go” “Relax, clearly you’re tired why don’t you just stay home today?” You suggested “I can’t” “Shawn, one day won’t kill you; you deserve it” “I gotta finish this song” “I understand that but you’re stressing yourself out just relax for a few hours spend time with Julie and maybe tonight we can spend time together” “Y/N!” he blushed, he was always shy about that stuff it was so cute.


“Don’t you want another baby?” “Can we not talk about this” you laughed “Only if you stay home” “fine I’ll stay home” “Good” you kissed him. It was about time you got him you were able to spend time with him all day; you didn’t even get him on weekends anymore.


An hour later


Shawn had went back to sleep so it was just you awake or so you thought but then you heard footsteps on the stairs then turned around to see your daughter standing in the doorway.


You smiled at her “Good Morning my beautiful baby” she walked over to you so you could pick her up “Morning mommy” you sat her on the counter in front of you “Guess what Jules” “WE got a dog?” you laughed “No, but guess who is still home?” “Daddy?” she said and her eyes lit up “Yup, he’s in our room why don’t you go wake him up?” “Okay!” you put her back down “Juliette don’t run!” you yelled after her.

Since she couldn’t get onto your bed herself she stood on the side of it near her dad. She began tapping his shoulder “Daddy”


“Daddy?” She said again and this time you laughed because you were in the doorway now.

“Juliette he won’t hear you if you whisper” you walked over to her and picked her up and placed her on your bed “Do it now” “Daddy! Mommy I can’t do it you do it” she said frustrated.

“Shawn get up” you shook him and he slapped your hand away “Y/N stop” then Juliette spoke again “Daddy” he finally opened his eyes “Come here you” he pulled her on top of him “Daddy you sleep too much” “I’m sorry Jules daddy’s getting old he needs his beauty sleep” she giggled “Is mommy suppose to kiss you so you wake up like sleeping beauty?” “No I’m not a princess; you are”

“Okay guys come on come downstairs before you waste the day" you told them before leaving the room.


Hours later


After asking Juliette how she wanted to spend her time with her father today and she had ever so loudly asked for the park, so that’s where you were at the moment.


“Okay Julie what’s the number one rule we talked about?” you asked her one last time “Stay where you can see me?” you smiled “Good girl” she turned to her dad “Come on daddy” Shawn picked her up "Okay come on Princess Juliette where to first?” “Anywhere" 


You laughed at the two of them; they were so cute you just loved your family so much. You remember how scared you were when you found out you were having a baby but you wouldn’t change any of it you loved Juliette the moment you felt her move inside of you. Shawn had been equally scared and excited and fell in love with your little girl the second you both heard her cried for the first time.


After you followed them to the swings which luckily were empty; you did your usual and took a million pictures and videos of them and managed to get a selfie with Juliette and Shawn. 


@Y/IG/N: @shawnmendes finally took a day off and spent time with me & Jules lol 😘 


"Y/N come here” you looked up and saw Shawn pointing to the empty swing next to the one he was in, you shrugged and went and sat in it. 


“Aren’t you glad you stayed home?” You teased “Yeah yeah you were right” “So about that second baby…” “Seriously?” You nodded “I want a boy, you know the all American family” just as he was about to respond Juliette interrupted “Mommy can we go over there?” You looked in the direction she was pointing “You go baby daddy and I will meet you there, but don’t go anywhere else you understand?” She nodded “Yes mommy” she ran away and you watched her the whole way.


“Should we really leave her alone?” “There’s no one else here but us and we can see her perfectly” you told him; Shawn was so protective of his daughter it was so cute “okay, but back to what you were saying Y/N I don’t think we should have another one” “You don’t want another one?” You said slightly disappointed “No I mean I do I meant that right now I don’t want you to have to go through everything yourself I wanna be there for you like last time" 


God he was so perfect "I’ll be fine; it’s not like you’ll never be around or anything-” “Y/N” he cut you off “What?” “Where’s Juliette?!” He panicked and you looked in the direction where she was suppose to be shit “Okay she couldn’t have gone far no one is around” “How could you be so calm our daughter is missing” “It won’t help us find her any faster if we sit here and panic” you told him but he ignored you and ran off so you went the opposite way in search for your daughter.


“Juliette?” You called out and you could hear Shawn doing the same not too far away.


“Juliette? Oh my god Juliette what are you doing over here?” You find her hiding behind a tree “I got bored” before you could say anything to here Shawn had found you guys


“Julie!” he picked her up “Didn’t we just say not to go anywhere else?” he asked her and she nodded “Yes” “So why did you?” “I dunno”


“Juliette Rose you cannot do that, how many times does Mommy and Daddy tell you that?” You asked her “A lot” “Never ever do it again” “Okay, I’m sorry” “It’s okay” “Are you mad?” “It doesn’t matter okay, the only thing we care about is that you’re safe baby” “You scared me, thought we lost you, I don’t know what I would do if I lost you, I love you” Shawn told her and kissed her cheek, you couldn’t say you disagreed with anything he said if you has lost your baby you don’t know what you would do or if you would ever forgive yourself.


“Are you gonna punish me?” she asked you, you sighed “No, we won’t like daddy said your safe that’s all that matters”


Once you and Shawn had made sure Juliette knew that nothing like this was every gonna happen again and if it did well there would be consequences, you went home and that night to keep an eye on her she slept safely in between you and her father.


If Shawn taking days off would be this crazy he could work every day for all you cared but regardless you still enjoyed the time spend as a family.

perquisitesofinfamy  asked:

Bill/fleur: 03, j, ❤️

From this list: the prompts were jail cell, weather and thimble. Also, I LOVED writing this so thank you so much for the lovely prompt. These two are my absolute favourite :)


“Miss, all I know is that there’s several thousand pounds worth of damage in that pub, and someone’s got to pay for it.”

“I am aware of the situation, but surely you ’ave found the men ’oo attacked me?” Fleur asked, putting as much Veela charm as she could into her voice and playing up the poor-little-helpless-girl angle. The policeman blinked a few times, but otherwise seemed unmoved. 

“I’ve got three witnesses who say you used some kind of lightsaber to knock out all the windows, and no record of any supposed ‘hooded cloaked figures’,” he said. Fleur found herself totally incapable of translating ‘lightsaber’, and wondered if it was a British thing or a muggle thing. She also wasn’t surprised that the Death Eaters had vanished, though she hoped the muggle they’d been torturing had managed to get away safely too. “I would also encourage you to think a little more carefully about the sort of stories you’re making up here. It’s July, and the hottest day of the year we’ve had so far. Anyone idiot enough to be running around in this weather in a black cloak’s gonna collapse from heatstroke before they’ve run a hundred yards. Now, it’s Friday night, so of course I’ve got a load of drunk-drivers to sort out. So why don’t I leave you here a while to think up something a little more plausible? Maybe even the truth?”

“Are you arresting me?!” Fleur asked, outraged.

He had the audacity to laugh. “I already have, sweetheart. That’d be why you’re in jail.”

“You cannot!” she cried. “I am…I am French!” She had been going to say, “I am a witch”, but at the last moment realised where she was. “I am French” sounded only slightly less ridiculous.

“I’ll call the Embassy for you,” the policeman said, and left.

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So Daron Nefcy has recently announced THE SEASON 2 PREMIERE OF STAR VS THE FORCES OF EVIL! Yes, it will start in July, which seems like its really far away, but you know what? I am AAAA-OKKKK WITH THAT. STARTING SEASON 2 LATE SUMMER IS ACTUALLY WHAT I HAD BEEN HOPING FOR. YOU KNOW WHY?! 

Disney’s random hiatus’ during when the show is running means that:






July 18th, 2014

AUTHOR: jojoandpicnic97

July 18th, 2014

“Oh, wow, England, look,” America cried as he pointed at the gates far away from where they were standing, “It’s Disneyland!” He was bomber-jacket-less as it was a particularly hot July day and England tried to look anywhere but at America’s defined muscles.

            To do exactly that, England rolled his eyes. “Yes, yes, I see.” Honestly, England had no clue as to why this was so important. Sure, Walt Disney had made some fine propaganda for the war and is a terrific movie-maker, but, honestly, how well did he make this theme park? If you asked England, he would say that Disney was pushing his luck for trying to make a theme park – surely that man would go bankrupt again someday! “Remind me again, America, why you didn’t come here yesterday for the grand opening?”

            America looked back from where he was (a few paces in front of his Brit companion) and said, “Because I forgot. Like, I totally had an invitation and everything but I forgot. Besides, you weren’t here to experience the magic with me and I caught a glimpse of the live feed that this place was having yesterday and it looked like such a mess! Hahahaha!” He continued to laugh that obnoxious laugh that England would begrudgingly admit to liking.

            However, the Brit wasn’t thinking about how much he loved that laugh at the moment. No, he was thinking about how the vein in his forehead was going to pop soon. “If it looked like a mess, why are we still going?”

            The American laughed more. “’Cause it’s hero-like to give things second chances!” He fell back in place with his green-eyed special-relationship-friend and slung his arm over England’s shoulder. “’Sides, flutter bum, you’ve had that stick up your ass for a decade now. You gotta have fun sometime and this is gonna be a big tickle!” He steered the Brit over to the ticket booth and stepped into line. They were silent as they purchased their ticket books, minus America exclaiming that the C-ticket rides must be a blast compared to A-ticket rides.

            After paying the admission fee, the two friends walked into the park and past the front tunnels. Immediately, they were bombarded with colors and sounds and smells. The sight of Mickey Mouse surrounded by children greeted his eyes, there were laughs invading England’s ears from all around, and the smells of fried chicken and ice cream flooded his nose.

            And then Arthur saw him. He stood there proudly, watching people run around with an insane amount of jubilance in his brown eyes. As his sparkling eyes made another sweep across Main Street U.S.A, he spotted them. “Mr. Jones,” he called as he made his way over.

            Alfred smiled brilliantly. “Oh, there you are,” he said. “I was looking for you. Sorry I couldn’t make it yesterday. But, hey, I brought my friend along.” He gestured to England at his side.

            “Arthur Kirkland,” Arthur introduced, holding his hand out.

            The other man took it; his eyes were alight with a whimsical air. “Walter Disney; call me ‘Walt.’” He smiled warmly and dropped his hand back to his side as England did the same.

“Today, Mr. Kirkland, this grand day of July the eighteenth in the year one thousand nine hundred and fifty-five, I wish you have an absolutely magical day in my kingdom where dreams come true.” The Brit suppressed the urge to roll his eyes at the cheesiness of the obvious self-promotion.

            America hooked his arm around his companion’s shoulder once more and waved Walt Disney off with a, “Will do, Walt!”

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Im actually starting to belive louis fucked up.. As i read alot larry doesnt have such a steady relationship as we think even tho they tattoo themselves all over wiht matching tattoos. (Young love being dumb) they had alot of break ups over the years and it hink they actually had "a break" again beginning in feb 2015 when louis was suddenly going out alot with zayn. Then he met B there. Fucked up. And maybe thats the explaination harry acted so weird in may/june/juli. Acc to sources i know H .1

2. Stayed alot in seperated hotels in that time to away from the rest. I mean why wAs eleanor in LA when louis “visited” the monkey. I actually checked that and she really was. You do that for a pr stunt. Just to make clear i dont want this to be real i reallly dont. Bc if it is. My sun louis is “in fact” an asshole. But my mind keeps having this little voice telling me they would never go THIS far.. This is to far.. Theres even a limit to insanity..





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I’ve heard this story. It’s making the rounds.

have you ever seen couples who are recovering from cheating? and cheating like this? with a baby conceived in the middle?




The CARYL Essence In Love Quotes And Pictures

“I recognized you instantly. All of our lives flashed through my mind in a split second. I felt a pull so strongly towards you that I almost couldn’t stop it.” 
- J. Sterling 

“True friends are not mirrors where we can always see ourselves reflected in a positive light.” 
- Shannon L. Alder 

“If grass can grow through cement, love can find you at every time in your life.” 
- Cher 

“The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost.” – G.K. Chesterton

“Love is all about guts. If you have it, you fight with the world. If you don’t, you fight with yourself.” 
 - Heenashree Khandelwal 

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They were just voices first,
But they said get closer.
I listened.

I felt your warmth and I remember shivering from the shock.

They changed us too quickly,
And I felt your grip loosening.
I desperately held on.

I kept myself up but lost you
On the way.
Maybe that is why you feel so far away.


We kissed.
Your warmth shook me once again,
Even your cold hands are beautiful to me.

We are still standing. Together.

—  nra (baby look how far we’ve come)