july tenth

I can’t believe I just discovered Glorious 39. This movie is pure gold crossover.

Newt Scamander meets the Tenth Doctor:

Daredevil is here as well:

With a mustache.

Not to mention:

Minister Rufus Scrimgeour

And last but not least:

Christopher Lee (sorry, couldn’t chose only one role).

There is also Julie Christie (Madame Rosmerta).

I feel so blessed…

Rusty Nail’s Recipes

Dear Drinkers. It is July the Tenth. Which means something, here at The Pony Keg.

You see; once upon a time, it was 2011.

We hadn’t yet recovered from the Housing Market Crash, I’d recently been accepted back into college to finish my degree, and for MONTHS, I’d had friends ( @askcharliefoxtrot ) telling me about a cartoon I needed to watch, about magic, and friendship, and colorful cartoon horses.

I’d resisted. I’d derided. And then I watched it, and, well, I was boned.

July the Tenth, Two Thousand and Eleven. Inspired by blogs such as the brilliant, but sadly gone Ask Pinkamena Diane Pie, and @asklilmissrarity , I took to Tumblr, and I created Rusty Nail. I created The Pony Keg. I created the Everfree Distillery. I created the Four Left Hooves Brewery.

And I created, what I’d later learn, was the third OC Pony to ever be Ask-Blogged on Tumblr. Only a scant three months after the first Tumblrpon blog ever, Ask Apple Bloom. (Thanks go to @fishermod​ for the data)

Dear Drinkers. Ladies and Gentlemen. Genders of all Spectrums.

Welcome to The Pony Keg’s Five Year Anniversary.

I cannot even begin to count, or name, or thank all of the brilliant people who have left their mark on me, and my blog, over the years. @askcharliefoxtrot​ deserves deep thanks. @askmerriauthor​ , for drawing their dumb horse dating my dumb horse, and, inadvertently, leading me to start the recipes, rather than screw up their storyline. Thank you for that; its been one of the best things to happen to this blog. @asksweetcream​ , You relentless flirt. You were one of the ones to really help shape Rusty’s personality from a booze-horse, into what he is today. @askpenwright​ , and @jumped-out-pinkieanswers​ , for helping me realize that my blog didn’t have to be RP, or art. That my blog could be whatever, and however I wanted to interact with the community. @egophiliac​ and @ask-wiggles​ for being continual, relentless inspirations to do better, to be better, and to never be satisfied with what it is that I am doing; to strive, as a creator, to be better.

And @technomod​ . My significant other for nearly three years now (We’re comin’ up on October.~) Met me because of this blog. You have. You have done so very much, to keep me, to help me, to guide me. From the very bottom of my heart, thank you.

And so, Dear Drinkers, I present to you The Pony Keg’s Five Year Anniversary Honoring! Today’s honoree has had a rough go of it. Hungry. Lonely. Flea Bitten. Lost at Sea. Nearly drowned. And now, stranded somewhere that French is, in fact, the Lingua Franca. It’s a good thing that artistic talent is coin wherever you travel, and our poor little misfit has that in droves. The other thing they have in abundance is a far, far rarer coin, and one that will pay their way to whatever end the eventually reach.


Ladies and Gentlemen…

It’s Crayon, the Homeless Artist! @ask-crayon-the-homeless-artist​ .

They have had it ROUGH. Life has been shitting on them from just about each and every direction it can, and, well, even if they’re too young for it yet, I figured they deserved something good, to match their relentless and boundless drive to survive.

Buckle in for this one, folks; occasionally, I get to make a recipe that makes me happy, even if it’s not going to be practical. And Crayon, dang, you get a good one.

A Crayon (The Homeless Artist)

  1. Beefeater Gin
  2. Lime Juice (A LOT of Lime Juice.)
  3. Bottled tonic water
  4. A Lemon
  5. A glass
  6. A Knife (You’ll want a sharp, thin one, like a paring knife, or a scaling knife)
  7. A spoon
  8. Food Coloring in each of the ROYGBIV colors.
  9. One Verbena Blossom

Special Equipment:

An ice cube tray. A Hammer. A Medical Grade Liquid Nitrogen Aerosol Sprayer. Liquid Nitrogen.

Making a Crayon (The Homeless Artist).

  1. Put Gin and Tonic Water into glass in a 2 parts Gin to 3 parts Tonic Water mixture
  2. Cut end off Lemon.
  3. Hollow out Lemon.
  4. Fill Ice Cube tray with Lime Juice..
  5. Put two to four drops of food coloring into each of the cube-sockets. Mix into Lime Juice. Create ROYGBIV Lime Juice. One color per socket.
  6. Freeze Lime Juice.
  7. Remove colored Lime Cubes.
  8. Smash with hammer, creating shards of ice.
  9. Place end of Nitrogen Sprayer at bottom of glass, and pull sprayer back upwards, spraying into drink. If done correctly, you have just made a Gin And Tonic Slush.
  10. Spoon Slush into Lemon.
  11. Top Slush with Rainbow Lime Ice.
  12. Decorate with Verbena Blossom (Do Not Eat)
  13. Use Spoon.
  14. Drink/Eat!

You’ve just finished making a Crayon The Homeless Artist!

This creates a very traditional Gin and Tonic, using the two most common garnishes for the drink in exceptionally novel ways; one as an ice-decoration, one as the container from which you consume the concoction. It’s an unusual twist on what should be an expected experience. Much like our honoree. Also, the sheer quantity of citrus in this should probably help poor Crayon stave off Rickets.

You may want to meander over to http://drambuieandscotch.tumblr.com/ . You might find a newly created Mod-Blog I was peer-pressured into creating after five years without one. Do not expect deep truths. Expect snark and cat-videos.

Keep sending in suggestions as to who you’d like to see made into a drink, and Stay Thirsty, Dear Drinkers!

Here’s to another Five Wonderful Years!


Behind the scenes of The Waters of Mars (Part Five)

Excerpts from the podcast commentary with David Tennant, Russell T Davies, and Julie Gardner

RTD:  Now we did worry about this, we toned these monsters down
JG: Yeah we did
DT:  Oh yes, well…  It was only Maggie that got toned down 
RTD:  Yes, because I think the full version and the cataract contact lenses in their eyes, and I made an executive decision.  I thought it was too scary.  I thought they were exactly like zombies. The difference between that and a zombie was nill.  You know, there are 6 year olds watching, and I just went, “Nope”.
DT:  You did.  You made an executive decision.
RTD:  I came to set, do you remember? When you were…
DT:  …and I said, “Oh, c’mon. Let’s scare them.”
RTD:  You were at the glacier.  And came down.
DT: Yeah, yeah, yeah… and had a look at them.
RTD:  Yes, ‘cause we got Sharon, Sharon Duncan Brewster [who played Maggie] there to do it with contact lenses which looked amazing, absolutely amazing.
JG: They really did
RTD: Part of the thing is, she’s such a good actor.  You give an actor a prosthetic and a scary scene, and they go for it.  She’s absolutely wonderful, so it was terrifying - off the scale!
DT: But it’s only Sharon who doesn’t wear the contact lenses, so do you think it makes enough of a difference?
RTD: Yes, because you don’t spend as much time with the others.  This is a monster who chases after you.  She’s behind that glass.  To be honest, I would have taken out them all
DT:  But we’d already shot stuff…
RTD: We’d already shot this, and it’s fine.  You know, now it’s all put together…
DT: But weren’t you a bit annoyed.  There were a couple of us, me included, who were kind of saying, “Oh, come on!”
RTD: You were.  You were in the car park, and Sharon especially wanted the full rig.
DT: Yeah.
RTD: Bless her, quite right too.  They were standing there, soaking wet, still with all their tubes
DT: But were you annoyed that you had to be the grown ups?
JG: No, not really.  Also, it was quite complicated because…
RTD:  You know what?  I felt righteous!
DT: Did you?
RTD: [Big laugh]  I did.  I just stood there and thought, “I’m right.”
DT:  That may well be the case, but we all made you feel like you were being stuffy grown ups, didn’t we?  
RTD: [still laughing - hard to understand - I think he says “I did - I felt like I was the headmaster”]
DT: Of course it is your job to be the stuffy grown up at the end of the day
JG: I thought it was more interesting.  It was a bit of a jigsaw puzzle, because for ages, I thought it was the blackness in the mouth that was the problem
RTD: We couldn’t work out what was so terrifying
JG: We couldn’t work out whether that was too weird, because how freaky to think that your inside has disappeared or has blackened
DT: Right, right
JG: So I was focused on that, and actually it was only when we did the test and saw them without the contact lenses that you thought actually that’s the problem.
RTD: Yeah, cause you wanted to get rid of the blackness, and I thought, “Oh no!”  I think that’s why they’re distinctive. I think it’s scary.
DT: They are properly scary.
JG:  They are.
DT:  …and you’re right, the actors all used it for all it was worth.
RTD/JG: They love it.

RTD: Later on when they’re all in the corridor with their arms raised and water is pouring down, that’s why they’ve all got their eyes closed - because some of them would have contact lenses and some wouldn’t.
DT: Ooooh!  I thought that was just because they were facing up to this enormous torrent of water
RTD: Well, there is that [much laughter]

(Any transcription errors are mine)
…with super-special thanks to everyone who shares their set photos

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July 10th: the birthday of the dark horse.

July 10th-ers spend their time learning from the successes/failures of others, and plan their life based on what they observe. Although people may see them as quiet or passive, they aren’t. They are always calculated and watching, making a move when they are sure it is going to go as planned.