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Nijiiro Days Gets Side-story in July

The April issue of Shueisha’s Bessatsu Margaret magazine revealed on March 13 that Minami Mizuno will launch a side-story manga for her manga Nijiiro Days in the magazine’s August issue on July 13. The new manga will be on an irregular serialization schedule. The main Rainbow Days manga published its final chapter on March 13.

Mizuno also published a one-shot manga titled “Koi o Shiranai Boku-tachi wa” (We Who Know Nothing Of Love), which will tie into a new series that Mizuno will launch in the July issue of Bessatsu Margaret on June 13. This one-shot centers on middle school student Naohiko and his soft-hearted friend Eiji. The story begins when Izumi, a girl Eiji knew from elementary school, transfers to their middle school. The full series will follow Naohiko and the others when they are in high school. (Note: Character name romanizations not official.)


Identity/Power Swap |  A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Credence is a young aristocrat, and Graves becomes his personal valet.

- Don’t you like to play love games, Mr. Graves? Careful, pick the wrong era and I will be the one in charge.

Instead of taking PG&E to court in full view of the public, Brockovich’s firm convinced the residents of Hinkley to settle through private arbitration, where everything would be secret and the lawyers were basically accountable to nobody. After settling on the $333 million, the money wasn’t given to the townspeople to pay for their medical bills until six months later. That’s how long Erin’s firm held onto the cash, giving the lawyers just enough time to have their way with each and every $100 bill.

When Hinkley’s residents contacted Erin about their concerns (“concerns” is a term that here means “money for our cancer bills”), they found that their one-time advocate was now unreachable. Once they finally received the money, they noticed that it was far less than they expected. That’s because the law firm, wanting more than the agreed-upon 40 percent of the settlement ($133 million), took an extra $10 million for “expenses.”

Then, in an act that would make Satan himself issue a public apology, Brockovich’s firm screwed the kids with cancer by taking a third of their settlements, even though it’s an extraordinarily unusual and universally frowned upon practice to take more than 25 percent. Hinkley’s residents also noticed that there was no rationale behind how much money each resident received, but the rules of private arbitration prevented them from finding out the formula used to determine the settlements.

In the meantime, Brockovich has used the movie’s portrayal of herself to launch successful careers as an environmental activist and motivational speaker, although we’re assuming she leaves the whole “ripping off cancer patients” thing out.

6 ‘Based on a True Story’ Movies with Unpleasant Epilogues

The writers knew Nina was leaving TVD early season 6, if they really wanted to build Stelena to be endgame they could’ve done it when Elena got Alaric to compel her memories away and Damon was trapped in the prison world (while simultaneously building Bamon. 😒). So that interview where they said that Stelena could’ve been endgame but wasn’t because Nina left sounds like bullshit to me and I don’t believe it for a minute. Don’t blame the actress for your bad writing and planning.