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July 1st Anniversary by Pain-Art

Today is July 1st, I have made a special  as tribute to this date for 4 years now, and this time I want to do a little different, I’m not gonna focus on the sad and the loss of Piers, in fact I won’t post anything that I consider sad today, there’s been enough for that.

That was the idea behind this commission, I wanted a parallel to the tragic ending of RE6 and give it a happy turn around, that’s why they’re in the ocean, the place where Chris loses Piers, but here they’re together and happy. The scars and lack of his right arm are because I didn’t want to just ignore Piers’ sacrifice, it wasn’t about deleting the ending, but fixing it, I wanted him to come back from it instead, and it strengthened their relationship.

And that’s exactly what this fandom has done, we have fixed the ending, countless of times, literally hundreds of stories, pictures, comics depicting how Piers survives and him and Chris are reunited, and their life after it together, that means so much, I have never seen a fandom so passionate as this in RE. So while Capcom hasn’t brought him back, and quite possibly has forgotten about him, we haven’t, this fandom, the Nivanfield fandom has kept him alive, and we will keep on doing it.

So I dedicate this piece to all of you, whether you’re an artist, a writer, or just a supportive spectator. Happy 1st of July! And may Piers and Nivanfield continue to live on <3

 Italian Man Kills and Cannibalizes Mother

On July 24, 2013, residents of an apartment block in Salerno, Italy, rang the police complaining of a bad gas leak. For about three days, they said, they could smell a horrible odor coming from the apartment of Maria Pia Guariglia (73). Since the old lady hadn’t been seen for some time, or her son Lino, the local policia decided to break into their apartment to find the source of the gas leak. What they found was considerably more horrifying.

When the officers forced open the door of the tiny apartment they were nearly overwhelmed by the stench of decomposition. Pots and pans littered the living room and kitchen floors, and a cursory glance inside each one revealed a chopped up human body part. Blood was splashed in congealing pools on the kitchen counter, and two saucepans on the hot gas stove held simmering human intestines - the source of the awful smell. In the bathtub, officers discovered the horribly mutilated remains of Mrs Guariglia; the elderly woman had had both her legs removed, her face peeled off, and her lower organs scooped out.

In a bedroom police found Lino Renzi (45) sleeping peacefully, nude, on his bed. He calmly confessed to beating his mother to death with a hammer after a fight, and dismembering her body with a handsaw. When asked about her missing liver, spleen, kidneys, and flesh from her face, Renzi indicated towards the bubbling saucepans and said he had spent the previous four days dining on her flesh.

Renzi was a deeply troubled man.who had spent much of his adult life in and out of psychiatric units. When asked why he killed her, Renzi claimed his mother had tried to poison his food. He was arrested and charged with murder, but ended up recieving an indefinate term of hospitalization due to his mental health issues and evidence he killed his mother while in the grips of psychosis.

Ode to New Residents

One of my babies was born crazy fast. I hadn’t even signed consents or anything, we barely got in the delivery room.

In all the commotion I hadn’t noticed the brand new resident in the room until after the birth. Blonde and gangly, baby face, California accent. Wouldn’t be surprised if he had swim trunks in a sandy gym bag in his locker.

“DUDE, that was amazing!” he said to me, his eyes wide, his hands flailing in surfer dude antics. “That was the first one I’ve seen and..she just came FLYING out! Do you want some ice chips?”

I smiled, trying not to laugh in his adorable face. "Why yes Doctor, I would LOVE some ice chips. Thank you.”

And that brand new MD walked himself and his eight years of intense schooling and shiny new white coat down the hall and got me some ice chips. Refilled my cup when I finished them.

I saw so many random doctors and residents when my three babies were born, forgot most of them. I never forgot him. I bet he’s a great doctor now. He might not have been very sophisticated yet but he genuinely cared.

Welcome, new residents. You always have something to offer, no matter how clueless you feel.

2017 boston marathon recap


Here is what I remember of April 17…the weekend began with friends and hosts Kevin and Mariani taking me out for seafood pasta on Saturday night, then a perfectly cooked sirloin steak dinner out on Sunday night to get set for Monday morning’s marathon.  Slept okay Sunday night, too much going on in the brain to completely relax.

Kevin dropped me off at the Red Line Alewife station early Monday morning, 6 am, to head down to the Commons for the buses to take us to the start at Hopkinton.  Seemed everyone on the train was either running or cheering for the marathon.

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July 2nd, 2017 - Marques Residence, Manhattan, New York

  • Missed him so much and he finally came home this morning, feeling much better seeing his face. This past week has been hell for me going through the motions, blacking out and nearly dying the other day from lack of oxygen but I’m a bit okay now, going to see my doctor for a check-up tomorrow morning. Btw hubs bought this amazing set (headwrap & pants) for me, they are designed by @diversedking and absolutely comfy…
July 24, 1998 - S.T.A.R.S. Investigates a Bizarre Series of Murders Outside Raccoon City

On the outskirts of the Midwestern town of Raccoon City, a bizarre series of murders took place on July 24, 1998. Raccoon City Police Department’s Special Tactics And Rescue Service sent their Bravo Team to investigate, but contact with them was quickly lost. STARS then sent in their Alpha Team to find out what happened to Bravo Team, who quickly located Bravo’s crashed helicopter and landed at the site. They were attacked by giant, wild dogs, losing one team member (Joseph Frost); their helicopter pilot, Brad Vickers, panicked and ran off. The remaining four members, Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield, Albert Wesker, and Barry Burton, pressed on.

Over the course of the night, Alpha Team located the members of Bravo Team, but they were all either dead or dying; some were turned into zombies. The team ended up at a nearby “abandoned” mansion, the Spencer Estate. As they explored the house, they found documents showing that the building was being used by a clandestine science team doing illegal experiments for the Umbrella Corporation. This renegade science had led to the creation of monstrous inhuman creatures and a highly contagious mutagenic biological agent called the T-virus.

As if that weren’t enough, Bravo Team leader Enrico Marini revealed to them that a member of Alpha Team was a traitor, just before he was shot and killed by an unseen assassin.

(Resident Evil, 1996/2002)


Elza Walker in Resident Evil 1.5 (バイオハザード 1.5) - The first footage of the game was shown at the V Jump Festival ‘96 in July

{Part 8} I Can Save You // Jay Park

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Pairing: Jay x Reader

Genre: Fluff // Drama

Summary: After some long awaited good news, you receive a call from a very prepared Jay, standing outside your window.

This chapter contains slight mentions of whorephobia.

{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3} {Part 4} {Part 5} {Part 6}{Part 7} {Part 8} {Part 9}

You went to bed that night with a mixture of turmoil and relief settled in your stomach; worrying about the rational and irrational thoughts that clouded your mind and made thinking about anything almost near impossible. You knew that you had made the right decision for everyone involved, but you were naturally a very doubtful person – you always had been.

And then, there was Jay. Jay Park; who had walked into your life and completely turned it upside down - for better and occasionally worse, but no one on planet earth was perfect after all. What was it about him that made you feel so comfortable? It was like you had known him your entire life – neither of you really needing to say much to the other to understand the feeling in the air around you. Did he have that affect on everyone he met? Or was it just you?

You tossed and turned, before you eventually fell asleep.

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