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“What Happened to Aiyana Jones?” By Adora Horton currently hanging in the Arts Garden in Circle Centre Mall, Downtown, Indianapolis, IN. This exhibit will be up through July 27th.

This piece is about the female victims of police brutality in the Black community. It is to call attention to their lives and our lives. The women and children that are dying are not just news stories. They had people who loved them, they had dreams, they had hopes.

The pieces I will be showing in these exhibitions will be memorials to them. And to raise awareness.

I want to people to ask and Google and look up these names and remember what happened. And ask why? And change the world.

-Adora Horton

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Another gorgeous septum upgrade thanks to to fine folks at our Adorn East location! (Soon to be relocated to SE Hawthorne & 39th by July 2015!) This piece is called the “Janna” by @BVLA and features Mint and Arctic Blue Swarovski Crystals set in a pavé solid white gold ring. Stunning!

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I’m a little late on posting this but better late than never I suppose


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It is confirmed: I won’t get a paycheck in August. I don’t get paid leave, and I can’t work when the workplace is closed. It means I have to get together about 750€ through commission work during my vacation in July. Only about 100 pieces of art. No problems, right? I can do it. Icandoit. I’m not having a huge anxiety-attack or anything because of this. I’m totally fine. Never better.

(Going to be doing another sci-fi thing for July; doing a few pieces set before it begins.)

Somewhere deep below the surface of Mars there are machines digging for minerals and exotic elements, harvesting another planet to aid our own. And on earth there are no robots in cheap fabricated uniforms moving through a party of fake smiles and uneasy laughs. Only humans, servers being used in a literal sense, working in silence to offer food and drink, to take it away after in the same imposed quiet. There is an old joke that humans still do jobs like this because the machines unionized and refused to.

I don’t know how many places still have unions. Certainly no corporation I know of does. Instructions are given off to the side to us, men and women directing us like conductors moving song notes. Most servers don’t have reliable access to the weave, so we are given orders as though we were pets.

A hiss of breath to my left makes me turn half a step. A man is turning away, rapid-fire spasms in his movements. Not someone wanting any of the new synthetic foods AgriGrow is trying to see the DuPaul family. Someone who knew me from before. I move away. I’ve put a lot of work into trying to avoid people I used to know.

I keep a mental list of things I don’t need. It includes pity. And fear.

I deliver a tray to another group of people, keep my smile bland as they talk freely. They know I’ve been stabbed with broca’s blade, as all server-class people are to one extent or another. They know my wound must be near-total if I am serving this party, that I cannot communicate with other people at all. What none of them know is that I bought enhancements for my brain years ago: in time, it will heal even from this wound. So I listen, and I serve food and drink.

And I remember.

SDCC 2015: Kidrobot and Junko Mizuno's Violet Soda Lady and SDCC Exclusive Revealed

SDCC 2015: Kidrobot and Junko Mizuno’s Violet Soda Lady and SDCC Exclusive Revealed #sdcc #toys

Kidrobot and Junko Mizuno have revealed the long awaited Violet Soda Lady 8” Dunny with a special San Diego Comic Con Exclusive colorway, Berry Chocolate Lady. Berry Chocolate Lady will be available at Kidrobot’s San Diego Comic Con booth in limited quantities. Violet Soda Lady will release in stores and online this July. Both pieces will retail for $100. Junko Mizuno will be on site at…

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Thoughts on "Tangled": July 2011

I’ve been going through my long pile of notes stored on my mobile device today and I found this piece from July 2011. I thought it would be fun to share my thoughts and the Classic Disney movies Tangled reminded me of long before Frozen hit the big screen.


“ Thoughts on Disney’s Tangled

Was the lantern scene inspired by a specific town, like Ping-Shi, Tawain?

One of the best things about this movie is its usage, not only of special effects and heart-pounding action, but the nuances of emotion in each character. Perhaps the strongest characters in the movie only have four appearances and never say a word. And yet, through their laughter, their tears, and the meaningful looks and touches between them, they are portrayed as kind and caring monarchs and worthy parents for the star. By continuing the lantern tradition for eighteen years, it shows how the king and queen value their subjects, for they ignored their own pain the festival awakened each year for their lost daughter. And the willingness with which they accept Eugene into their family, again with just a simple gesture, they are shown as the perfect family, not just for Rapunzel, but for Eugene as well.

The other part I love about this movie is all the references to previous movies. The scene with Max and Eugene skiing down a rooftop is just like Quasimodo’ and Esmeralda’s nighttime escape from the cathedral in "Hunchback of Notre Dame.” Rapunzel and Quasi also share similar character traits, from being locked up by a cold-hearted master not wanting to share them with the world (for various reasons of course), yearning for freedom without begrudging their forced lifestyles. They also both have huge eyes and talk to themselves and things that normally shouldn’t be able to talk back.
Maximus reminds me of Buck, the action-oriented horse from “Home on the Range” and also Dreamworks’ “Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron” many times throughout the movie. Pascal reminds me of Flit from “Pocahontas” in his protectiveness of Rapunzel and devotion, plus his willingness to respect others. They also share a long tongue. Pascal also is similar to Pip from “Enchanted” in his intelligence and funny ways of getting his message across.
There are plenty of other similarities to “Pocahontas” with the forbidden love and the beauty of the land and the long hair. And “Enchanted” has a blonde heroine with a dark, reluctant hero, and similar possessive matriarchs/villainesses. Gothel could be compared to any number of villains, though she stands out as being one of the most clever and motherly of the bunch. She comes across as a complex person: vain, yet willing to get her hands dirty; cold, yet seemingly genuine in her jaded affection; inflexible, yet adapting to situations with ease and also accepting Rapunzel’s hobbies.
Of course, the healing scene is very reminiscent of “Beauty and the Beast” with the glowing transformation, conveniently right when the audience begins to lose hope. There are also plenty of similarities to “Aladdin” with both of the main characters and some nice moments with the village children. Flynn and Aladdin are kind-hearted thieves with an eye for pretty ladies, with both a stigma, a villain, and physical obstacles to overcome. They are good at thinking on their feet and performing difficult maneuvers. And, more so than many princes and other Disney heroes, they are vulnerable and approachable.
There are also similarities to “Chronicles of Narnia” and “Little Mermaid” with the castle and sea themes, and the use of both setting, natural elements, and animals to drive the main characters close together.
Plus, the scene with baby Rapunzel and her parents at the beginning? Check out “Tarzan.” Very similar both with the parents and Tarzan and Rapunzel. Tarzan and Rapunzel have faint memories of their parents that help them put the pieces together once they grasp a small part of their past. Oh, and Flynn shares a few maneuvers with Tarzan: sliding down the water trough like Tarzan slides down tree limbs, and vine swinging. Rapunzel shares these moves as well.
All in all, a movie based on a classic fairytale, with a distinctive Disney flavor and a few twists along the way. Action, adventure, love, family, new friends, cleave animals, beautiful music, realistic special effects, humor, and special moments that will bring a smile, even after watching it half a dozen times. “


Saturday June 27th: New subbed episode airs

Monday June 29th: New English chapter released

Tuesday June 30th: New dub episodes of the Sabaody arc premiere on Funimation.com for subscribers

Wednesday July 1st/Thursday July 2nd: New chapter leak

Saturday July 4th: New subbed episode airs, 90% chance we’ll be kicking off Law’s flashback!!!

The Second Part of the Jack White Hub’s Birthday Celebrations

The second part of the celebrations is a video for Jack that will go viral on July 9. As per the previous submissions, the deadline is July 1 (we now have extended this part to July 5). Grab a piece of paper, and simply write a sign for the man who is coming of age, (a big 40!) in any language, as long as it translates into “Happy Birthday!”. We’ve even been asked if you can make a cake for Jack for the video, and the answer is yes! If you want you don’t have to appear in the photo, it can be a fancy sign if you’re an artist or it can be simple (like mine!). Send it to The Jack White Hub / thefinallazaretto@gmail.com with your first name and country (US residents to include their state).