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The Big Gay Sketch Show - Season 3

I like being a lady among men… I’m not sick of lesbian jokes, I think they’re all true, and I love them. I love that if I wanted to walk around and not shave my legs and have a bad attitude, wear a belt buckle the size of a burrito, I could. I could, and that would be okay because people expect that of me, and I like that people expect that of me. - Kate McKinnon

weird thought but if sdv had an actual month system, their years would probably start in march (for the beginning of spring) and end in feb…

anonymous asked:

Do you think Stefan was too self righteous in season 1 towards Damon? We learn later that he'd done some heinous things, he's not that different from Damon after all. Except Damon doesn't pretend he's good.

That was my face for like thirty seconds reading this ask because I am so tired, like so tired of this line of reasoning.

You antis are willfully ignorant of who Stefan is. Like willfully.

Stefan does not pretend to be good, Stefan does not pretend that he doesn’t have a past:

that he doesn’t have his demons:

the whole reason why he wasn’t drinking blood was so those demons wouldn’t resurface.

Stefan is committed to being the best version of himself

he is committed to being the better man

he is committed to atoning for his past indiscretions

which basically means not going around killing people because he feels like it, helping people when he has the chance, and just being a decent man. That’s literally what Stefan does. And he just wanted Damon to do the same thing.

How in the hell was he too self-righteous toward Damon in season 1? Stefan spends so much of his time just trying to get Damon to stop killing people and trying so hard to appeal to his humanity, trying so hard to just get Damon to stop being so fucking homicidally petty:

and Damon just throws it back in Stefan’s face every chance he gets:

even the simplest things like working so hard to break Stefan’s sobriety:

when the last time he broke Stefan’s sobriety, what happened? Oh right this:

Like Damon does the absolute most in season 1 for no other reason than the fact that he can and Stefan who actually had no choice in what his proclivities as a vampire would be:

had made the choice to be more than those proclivities and to not go around murdering people and he told Damon to restrain himself and to look at the townspeople as actual people:

So like I don’t understand the argument you and anons like you have about Stefan being self-righteous, is he not supposed to try and protect the people in MF because he killed people in the past? Is he supposed to be like hey buddy, all you, I’ll even set up a buffet for you by blood type. Like whet??

NWSL Preseason I Chicago Red Stars Updated Roster

Goalkeepers (2): Michele Dalton, Alyssa Naeher

Defenders (6): Arin Gilliland, Sarah Gorden, Samantha Johnson, Julie Ertz*, Katie Naughton, Casey Short

Midfielders (11): Jackie Altschuld (NRI), Danielle Colaprico, Taylor Comeau, Vanessa DiBernardo, Sofia Huerta, Lauren Kaskie**, Mary Luba, Alyssa Mautz, Morgan Proffitt**, Courtney Raetzman, Brittany Ratcliffe (NRI)

Forwards (7): Jannelle Flaws (NRI), Summer Green, Jen Hoy, Simone Kolander (NRI), Stephanie McCaffrey, Christen Press, Cara Walls

Not included on the roster: Emily Richardson (D), Ashley Gogolin (M), Kourtney Kutscher (M), Ashleigh Ellenwood (F)

*Out-of-Market Contracted Player | **2017 NWSL College Draft Pick | (NRI) Non-Roster Invite


My beloved babies @melmanpur and @doctorrainbows tagged me in this little game, so here you go: my two lockscreen that match my pink harry-inspired case, my latest selfie from this morning, and the last song I’ve listened to (it definitely matches my outfit lol) 💕🌷💖
I’m gonna tag @iamlittleblackdress @nottooldforthisship @jimmytfallon @isuckatlove @justapayneaway @chocolatechippotts and whoever wants to do this 🙈

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Man is it weird for me to be hyped about you seemingly liking that whole Lana Del Rey vibe and Otayuri together too ? Like I based a whole fic on 'Love' and I really like your art and then I read that you put some Lana songs in the playlists for your brilliant AU's and for some reason that made me so excited that I apparently had to tell you 🙈😅 okay I'm done, have a nice day

look lana del rey has been ghost writing songs about otayuri all these years and we literally had no idea

like, thats just how it is

lana del otayuri, its canon

me: *watched spider-man homecoming 2 trailer*
me: *sigh*
me: *checked calendar*
me: *sigh*
me: why isnt July yet im so bored