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I just woke up and remembered that Stefan Salvatore and Bonnie Bennett spent 8 seasons in pain and sacrificing themselves for other people only to end up dead and all alone in the world respectively, and started sobbing again. This show did them both so dirty.

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Jonah Hill on his first time filming with Morgan Freeman

This gets me:

You know in the end Stefan picked Elena. He picked her happiness over his own life. He thought she deserved to be happy even if it wasn’t with him, even if it cost him his life. That’s what their story is about. They are soulmates, even if they weren’t endgame, in a way they were.

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Goodbye TVD! you will always have a special place in my heart!
I'm disgusted

I honestly do not understand how Julie and the writers can be so okay with Bonnie’s character going seasons after seasons dealing with loss, torment, and hopelessness. What else does she have to endore for them to finally let her character be? When Elena comes back alive and she dies??
They had her grandma die, her mother and father killed, had her and Jeremy take turns dying to save one another, you had her be stuck in the prison world with Kai who hurt her, you had trapped alone in the prison world by herself where she almost KILLED HERSELF, You have her life linked to her “best friend” that if she wakes up at any point Bonnie DIES, you had Damon aka her best friend leave her and made her feel alone, and all the other things Bonnie endured in the 8 seasons of this show. Yet you have the one guy, the only guy that she really loved who was willing to TURN for her, to have a life with her they really did kill him off.
I don’t see how one can be okay with this?? How are they writing these storylines? They must be in their offices like “hmmmm how can we ruin Bonnie’s character this time? 🙃🙃🙃”
It’s disgusting and Bonnie deserves so much more! She deserves Happiness! She deserves Love!