july daily

  • Phone: *beep beep boop*
  • England: *picks up* Hello?
  • France: Bonjour, Angleterre! Do you have any plans for today?
  • England: What.
  • France: Spending any time with anyone today~?
  • England: Why are you calling.
  • France: Because it's the Fourth of July.
  • France: And I'd rather not get a drunk call from you in...
  • France: ...
  • France: Five hours from now.
  • England: If you're insinuating that I always drink myself silly every year because of America's godforsaken birthday you'll be sorely disappointed--
  • France: I have wine.
  • England:
  • England:
  • England: I can be there at five.
Mysterious Whatsits

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You must learn to let go of me
as I have learned to let go
of those who were not meant for me.
—  Frankie Ryott, deardeceiver. ~including you~