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anonymous asked:

I meet this girl fell hard for her. I thought that she was straight but she came out to me as bi since people thought we were dating and I came out to her right after. She has a boyfriend but there's times when I think she's about to make a move. I haven't told her how I feel though. She's called me her best friend and we've been through a lot together. She asked me to move in with her this July since I've been looking for a place. Idk if it would be good to be living with her with my feelings

I think you should move in with her regardless of your feelings as this is an opportunity by itself and think of all the fun you’ll have! As she has a boyfriend you have to be careful in this situation. Has she ever been with a girl? Because she is probably just curious as she feels attraction to girls but can’t do anything as she has a bf. Although when you move in it might be harder to contain your feelings for her as you will be around her all the time, it’s up to you decide if/when you tell her your feelings. She is your best friend so she shouldn’t take it badly, but keep in mind you and her have limitations because she has a bf.


#TCCsummer JULY 2016

HI GUYS, So a lot reblogged my post asking if some would want activities for the summer on the TCC, so I figured I’ll try to do it.

The game will start on July 1rst 2016

The first 10 days are going to be questions to answer about the TC.

Day 1 : (July 1rst) Favorite moment with your TC?

Day 2 : (July 2th ) How old is your TC?

Day 3 : Do you actually think there is a chance with your TC?

Day 4 : Something that your TC does that always get you right in the feels.

Day 5 : What does your TC teaches and do you like it?

Day 6 : What kind of relationship do you have with him?

Day 7 : Did you confess, or are you planning to confess?

Day 8 : What’s the stupidest thing that you ever did about the crush?

Day 9 : Do you have good grades in his class?

Day 10 : Is your URL related with something about the TC?  

The 5 next are going to be questions to answer about yourself! The TCC cares about everyone!

Day 11 : (July 11th) What is your passion/hobbies?

Day 12 : What do you want to do later? What are you studying for?

Day 13 : A class that you actually hates because of the grades you get in it?

Day 14 : Have you ever kiss someone and how old were you?

Day 15 : Do you have any fandoms? OTP? Tell them all!

July 16th to July 20th is going to be a contest.

July 16th, you tag a collage or a photoshop, pic collage, whatever picture you want that you took or made ABOUT ANYTHING with the #imokaycontest hashtag.

July 18th, I’ll pick 10 persons or 5 persons, depending if this game is popular, with the best pictures and repost them with the hashtag #imokaywinners and you guys will get to vote and the one with the most notes on July 20th  is going to win something of his choice. (I’m not rich so I won’t send anything by post or something, every gift will be made online)


July 21th to July 31th is going to be questions about TC or anything (again) :’)

Day 21 : (July 21th)Your favorite blogs on Tumblr?

Day 22 : How many followers do you have?

Day 23 : Would you want your TC to find your blog?

Day 24 : How did you found out about the TCC?

Day 25 : Do you have internet friends? If you do, tag them!

Day 26 : Most of us have nicknames for our TCs, why is yours the nickname it is? (example, mine is K. Why K?)

Day 27 : When is your birthday and when is your TC’s birthday?

Day 28 : Do you picture you and your TC get married?

Day 29 : Do you have another crush, other that the TC?

Day 30 : What are your favorites apps, excluding Tumblr?

Day 31 : If #tccsummer is back for august, will I participate?

I hope some of you will do it!

Everytime you answer a question, don’t forget to tag #TCCsummer so we can all go see it!

Example :

July 1rst : Favorite moment with your TC? I liked the moment he touched my arm.

#TCCsummer @tc-imokay (not obligated to tag me, but I’d like it!)


- B


Some Motorcity stuff, mainly for a story @splickedylit and I have been working on.  See: new arrival Blue (Red’s new inverse sidekick, I know it sounds sheezy but it makes sense in the story) interacting with Julie and Chuck, and our OC Alex Harley.  He’s a Kane Co. cadet who’d rather be in the R&D Department and ends up getting in way over his head.  Also, he has a crush on Julie.  That never goes anywhere.  Especially after her dad finds out.

but also just some random mikes because who doesn’t love mike


I WAS TAGGED BY hawkeyewrites & bellisariowrites, both of whom are fantastic

NAME: reagan
NICKNAME: that is my nickname
STAR SIGN: virgo
HEIGHT: 5′8″

FAVE COLOR: purple or teal
TIME RN: 7:27pm
AVERAGE HOURS I SLEEP: fall asleep around 12/12:15am, wake up at 7:16am

LAST THING I GOOGLED: my uncle’s realty business
WORD THAT COMES TO MIND: roadtrip, leslie knope, I hate ben wyatt, jeans
NUMBER OF BLANKETS I SLEEP UNDER: one blanket, one comforter

FAVE FICTIONAL CHARACTER(S): severus snape, ginny weasley, hermione granger, april ludgate, elle woods, LADY SYBIL CRAWLEY, matthew crawley, lady kenna, piper halliwell, leo wyatt, caroline forbes.
FAVE FAMOUS PERSON: alan rickman, jk rowling, andy murray, julie andrews
CELEBRITY CRUSH: caitlin stasey, demi lovato, alan rickman, sendhil ramamurthy, stana katic, william moseley
FAVE BOOK(S): harry potter.

FAVE BANDS/SINGERS: florence + the machine, ellie goulding, demi lovato, taylor swift (1989 only), eric church

LAST MOVIE I SAW: i forget, it’s been so long.
DREAM TRIP: back to london
DREAM JOB: “school counselor” at a summer camp. like the job of a school counselor but at my summer camp
WHAT I’M WEARING NOW: blue monkey pajama pants and an old camp shirt

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