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So for the calendar series thing: Josh Dun, Fourth of July, smut. If you don't do it that's okay but thank you so much for writing! It's fantastic!

It’s The Fireworks: Josh Dun

Word Count: 1,700+

I twirled around, watching the fringe of my cover up move with me. The white woven piece accompanied my American flag-themed bikini well; I looked like I hopped right out of a Fourth of July catalog. But there was no shame in getting a second opinion.

“Josh? Can you come here please?” I called out to my boyfriend.

He was supposed to be downstairs spooning my potato salad into a travel-friendly container; however, the Fourth was one of Josh’s favorite holidays and he’d been distracted all day. I understood, though, the Fourth of July was one of my favorites too. The fireworks, the food, it all reminded me of my childhood.

I heard heavy footsteps come up the stairs and down the hall before I saw a red-head peek around the corner.

“Are you decent?” He asked, covering his eyes.

Along with the Fourth of July making Josh giddy, it also made him excited in other ways. He had jokingly said it was the fireworks; I thought it was all the girls in bikinis, but with Josh, who knew? Regardless, I had made it clear that there was to be no funny business before Tyler’s party. For three years straight we had been late to that Fourth of July party because Josh couldn’t contain himself, and this year I was determined to be on time.  

“Decent? Always. Desirable? Definitely.” Okay, I guess it wasn’t all Josh’s fault.

Josh uncovered his eyes and walked into the room, “I thought you said no funny business?”

“People say things Josh…” I trailed a finger up his bicep muscle, “You should wear these more often.” I said fingering the cut-off band shirt he was wearing; perfect for the heat, and giving me view of his prominent arm muscles.

He smiled, making his eyes crinkle at the edges, “Is this all you wanted me for?”

I shook my head and stepped back, “How do I look?” I did a small twirl.

Josh’s smiled grew, “You look very… patriotic.”

I rolled my eyes and smiled, “We’re gonna be late if we don’t leave, like, right now. I’ll drive and you can keep my potato salad safe.”

Josh’s smile fell, “Uh, potato salad?”

I smirked at him knowingly, “Okay, you’ll drive and I’ll take care of my poor, abandoned potato salad.”

Josh giggled, “I’m sorry, I can always make it up to you…”

I grabbed the car keys and put them into Josh’s hand, “Car. Now.”

I jogged into the kitchen and opted for the quick “aluminum foil-over-the-top-of-the-bowl” method instead of putting into a Tupperware container. Smoothing out the foil, I grabbed the cold bowl and quickly walked outside.

Josh was sitting in the driver’s seat with his famed ray bans on adjusting the mirrors. I slid into the passenger seat and buckled up. Moving my aviators from the top of my head to in front of my eyes, I looked around at the passing trees.

Josh briefly looked down at the bowl situated securely in between my thighs and smiled, “What?” I asked him, a smile forming on my face as well.

“I’d just never thought I’d be jealous of a bowl of potato salad.” He said a chuckle escaping his mouth.

I blushed, “I never thought I’d want to replace a bowl of potato salad with my boyfriend, either.”

Josh laughed and focused his eyes back on the road. But the way he gripped the steering wheel a little tighter, or the way his Adam’s apple bobbed up and down didn’t go lost on me.

Tyler’s Fourth of July parties were always fun. Tyler and Jenna would invite Brendon and Sarah, all of the sound guys, the stage crew, even some of their friends from school showed up. We’d eat, swim, and jack around on the beach until it got dark. Then came my favorite part; we would all sit around a bonfire and watch fireworks.

I was perched on a log, licking a Popsicle and looking up at sky, anxiously awaiting the fireworks. I had done a good of ignoring the longing in between my legs, but it had become increasingly harder as Josh seemed to be set on teasing me to the brink of madness. It started off with simple butt touches and maybe a finger inching its way up my thigh, but when he figured out that wouldn’t work, he switched tactics. He would jump into the rising tide, coming back up with his white band tee soaked all the way through and flex his arms effortlessly as he ran his fingers through his hair. Now, however, I could feel his brown eyes on the side of my face.

I curled one side of my mouth up into a smile and turned to him, “What?”

He shook his curly hair and smirked, making me squeeze my legs together, “Nothing. Just admiring the view.”

Rolling my eyes in mock annoyance, I turned my eyes back to the sky. Not a minute later, I felt Josh’s eyes back on me. I didn’t blame him, I was just as worked up as he was (if not more) I was just better at hiding it. However, there wasn’t much we could do about it until we got home.

I turned back to him, leaning in to his ear, “If you have something to say, spit it out already,” I whispered over the conversations going on around us.

He turned his head towards me, “I wish we were alone so I could watch my babygirl lick me like she’s licking that Popsicle.”

I blushed and quickly turned away, “Josh! Not now!” I whispered.

“Why? I know you’re just as horny as I am. In fact… I bet if I checked, you’d be soaking wet, wouldn’t you?” I shivered at his words, watching the goosebumps appear on my thighs.

I nodded reluctantly, “But we have to wait until-”

“Why?” Josh leaned into the crook of my neck, “Come on baby I bet we could find somewhere private.”

He pressed a soft kiss to my neck, almost making me moan, “Josh, what if they heard? I’d never be able to face them again.”

“The fireworks would take care of the noise. I know you want to, don’t you baby girl?” Josh said, slowing tracing a finger up my spine, making me shiver once again.

I nodded quickly this time, “Yeah- I really do. But…”

Josh groaned, “(Y/N), baby, you’re killing me,” he whined.

I laughed at his cute pout and rolled my eyes, “Okay, okay, I’ll go first and then you follow in a couple seconds.”

Getting up from my log, I dismissed any curiosity as to where I was going by saying that I needed to go find a bathroom. Not many people ask questions after that.

I tossed my popsicle in our make-shift trash can and walked away from the group. It grew darker as I wandered farther from the fire, but the warm sand and breeze put me at ease. I heard Josh walking behind me and I turned around to face him. Placing my hands on his chest, I felt it rise and fall with his mellow breaths.

“Alone at last,” I smiled up at him.

Josh simply nodded in reply, snaking his hand behind my neck and bringing me up into a kiss. I moved one of my hands to his cheek, deepening the heated kiss. His chapped lips parted, allowing my tongue entrance into his mouth. I felt Josh’s hands trail down my back, landing on my ass. Grinding my hips into his, I felt the beginning of a hard-on; my assumption was confirmed as I heard a muffled groan.

I pulled away, lying down on the sand, but not before taking two handfuls of Josh’s shirt, bringing him with me. He laughed and lied back on the sand, my legs promptly straddling his lap. His shirt and my cover up where the first things to go, as I found myself eagerly awaiting putting my lips all over his toned chest.

I moved my out of the way as I trailed my soft lips down his chest. Taking it a step further, I ground my hips into his, creating friction where I needed it most.

“Oh Jesus baby,” Josh breathed out.

He flipped us over, hovering above me with an arm on either side of my head for support. Josh connected our lips again, and sneakily moved a hand behind my back and untying my bikini top in one swift motion. I gasped as I felt the breeze on my newly exposed chest. Forever a multi-tasker, Josh took a nipple into his mouth, while sliding his hand into my bikini bottom and toying with my clitoris. I moaned at the feeling as my hands found themselves pulling on Josh’s soft hair.

I bucked my hips up into his hand, “You ready?” he asked, looking up at me.

Nodding quickly, I involuntarily bucked my hips again, “After all your teasing? Of course I’m ready.”  

“My teasing? And what do you call prancing around in this bikini huh?” Josh said, landing a playful smack on the side of my ass.

The movement made me moan which caused Josh to smirk; proud of the effect he had on me.

Finally he pulled my bottoms down my legs, following with his own swim trunks. I wrapped my legs around his waist. Josh pumped himself a couple times before lining himself up with my entrance. He looked up at me for consent and I nodded briskly, eager to find relief. Josh pushed into me slowly at first and slowly picked up his pace, anchoring himself with the sand above my head.

I curled my toes and arched my back off of the sand as he brushed my g-spot, “Oh god, Josh right there,” I moaned.

Josh pounded that spot repeatedly, bringing me close to the edge. I reached down and began tracing small, quick circles on my cilt. Josh screwed his eyes shut, letting his hair fall over them as he kept his fast pace.

“Josh I’m- ohmygodJosh!” I screamed his name as I came hard, my whole body shaking as Josh continued to ride out my orgasm.

Josh abruptly pulled out and cummed on my stomach. I’d have to wash that off before we went back to the group, but all I could focus on was Josh. He sighed contently and lied down beside me, breathing heavily. I couldn’t see much of his face, as it was really dark now. I opened my mouth to say something, but, as if on cue, the fireworks show started.

I let out a breathy laugh, “Best Fourth of July sex ever.”

Josh nodded, “I’m telling you, it’s the fireworks.”      


 This was so much fun to write!!!!! Keep sending in requests for the Calendar Series, and at the end I’ll make a list of them all in *drum roll* chronological order!!! What could possibly be more exciting than arranging 365 days of top in order????? The answer is nothing. Nothing at all. (except for beach sex with Josh, obvs)

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Playing the piano in fashion. Free People July 2011 Catalogue. Photograph by Alexandra Valenti.

“When we were in Austin in April shooting our July Catalog, we were fortunate to be there during the month when an exhibit by artist Luke Jerram was installed throughout the city. The live art installation is called ‘Play Me, I’m Yours,’ and consists of several pianos that are placed throughout a given city, in public locations, for people to draw on, paint on, and most importantly, play music on.”