july botm

So as part of my 1k celebrations I decided to do a blog of the month! Honestly I’m in awe that I’m already at 1k and I’m so thankful to all my followers, you’re all amazing 💖


  • Harry Potter: 2 winners (#fortesques hp botm)
  • Multifandom: 2 winners (#fortesques mf botm)
  • Best creations: 1 winner (#fortesques creations botm*)
  • Upcoming blogger (less than 500 followers*): 1 winner (#fortesques uc botm)


  • mbf me
  • reblog this post, likes are only bookmarks
  • tag the post with the categories you are entering in the format listed above so that I can find this post on your blog; if I cannot find the post I will not consider your blog
  • you can enter multiple categories but you must decide whether you want to enter your blog as entirely Harry Potter or multifandom, the minimum for Harry Potter blogs is 60% HP
  • *if you apply for upcoming blogger please also put your follower count in the tags, if you do not I will not consider you for this category, for best creations please include your creations tag

What you will win:

  • a follow from yours truly, if I’m not already
  • a spot on my updates tab for the entirety of July
  • 2 edit / playlist / oneshot requests
  • 2 promos anytime throughout July
  • my eternal love and friendship


I haven’t done any BOTM’s in a while, but now it’s time again! If you want to be promoted to almost 80k dashboards, now is your chance!

- Must follow ME
- Must reblog this post

- A friend
- 2 screenies per week (queued)
- Up to 3 other promos per week (on demand)
- A link in one of my tabs

I will choose my favorite blogs to compete in a poll.
Good luck everyone!

                                             July Blog Of The Month

~ Please do not delete the text, self-promote or comment on this post. Doing so will automatically disqualify you.~ 

Isn’t it crazy that as time goes by, it’s almost July!!  However there is still time to hold a Blog Of The Month for the month of July, so let’s do it.


  • Follow me (florilegee)
  • reblog this post before July 1st 
  • reblog as many times as you want (likes don’t count as entries)
  • I will be pick one blogs of the month
  • Do not self promote or delete the text!


  • a spot on my blog until the end of the month
  • promos whenever you want for the month
  • a follow back (+)
  • featured on my cute BOTM section in my tab
  • a new friend (yeyyy)


  • banner made by me (@florilegee)
  • 1 promo upon requestif you have any questions, don’t be afraid to send me an ask or message! 

Happy reblogging & thank you for joining, xx


Last month I did my first time ever BOTM and I wanna repeat that this month! 


  • You must have less than 3k, I’m doing this to help others get recognition and get to know more people, so I’ll focus on new blogs and people just starting here. (Please let me know if you are just reblogging for your followers)
  • Reblog this, likes won’t count but can be used to bookmark.
  • Must be following me (I’ll check because this is to thank my beautiful followers.)
  • Check out my junes BOTM, she’s lovely 
  • Must be health/recovery/study etc. Basically nothing that promotes unhealthy or destructive behaviors.
  • Have an open ask box! (no fan mail) if I can’t let you know you are my botm then I’ll have to choose someone else!

This are not necessarily to-do things, but might help as well:

  • Go talk to me here
  • Have an about me page, or a selfie page, or basically anything that helps me getting to know you! I’m really looking into a more personal blog. 
  • Be nice to people!
  • Follow me on INSTAGRAM (@sabinamadrazo)

What will you get:

  • An eternal friend in me (yeah, eternal, I’m inmortal okay?), because if something I’ve learned about botms is that you get a relationship with someone where you stay in touch and get to really care about the other person.
  • A link on my bio.
  • A permanent place on my “favorite blogs” page.
  • Weekly promos, among with being automatically promoted in every other promo I run.
  • Basically everyday messages about how pretty you are or asking how is your day.
  • Unconditionally support, not just for june but for ever like, whatever thing you need or you are going through you better know I’ll be there and I’ll worry for your ass.

> This will run until June 29 and I’ll announce the winner July 1st. (Please if you participate in this check your ask box between 29 and 1st cause I wanna do an introduction post so I’ll tell you I chose your blog and ask you about yourself so I can make the intro post!) 

> I will be checking every blog that reblogs this personally, no random selection. (Also I’ll follow my favorites and might do an outside promo for cute blogs I found along my search!) 

> Good luck lovelies! I’m excited.

summer is finally here! literally dying in this heat lmao welcome to my july blog of the month!



  • +follow if not already
  • promos upon request in july
  • spot in my updates tab in july
  • fab imaginary friendship bracelet
  • custom graphic or icon upon request
  • and you can ask me for anything tbh

*deleting the caption or self promoting means you’ll be eliminated, sorry* 

Hello my friends! It has been a long damn time since I’ve done a botm, so it’s with great pride that I present to you my July BOTM! 

rules are fairly simple: 

reblog this post (you can like it, but it’ll only count as a book mark. soz)

follow me

perks are incredible (duh): 

a follow back from me! 

a new friend! 

a spot on my blog for the entire month of July! 

reblogs,q’s, votes etc 

promos of your choice twice a week 

exposure to over 38k active dashes! 

other general info: 

I’ll be choosing when I’m happy with the notes (and before the end of June).

The banner was made by me, but the picture is from tumblr 

For higher chances, follow my insta (linked on my blog), and reblog this post multiple times. 

Happy blogging xxx

This is our second blog of the month created by me and Lina. There will be more in the future, so don’t be sad if you didn’t get chosen this time.

– Please don’t delete this text or self-promo as that will disqualify you –


» Must be following me @ophcelia & Lina @rosiahx

» Reblog to be considered (likes will not be counted, only as bookmarks)


» Similar blog style

» Talk to us

» Reblog THIS, THIS, THIS post


» Two new friends

» A spot on both of our blogs (here and here)

» Queues from both of us

» A follow from both of us, If not already


» We will choose the winner 28th July

» Banner was made by @rosiahx

Good luck and happy reblogging! xx

**don’t delete text please**

i actually almost forgot to do this oops. 


  • mbf kittence and my july botm sadlyh
  • reblog this post; likes don’t count
  • non triggering blogs only
  • must reach 25+ notes

to increase your chances (optional)

winner gets

  • link on my blog for all of august
  • follow back (if not already)
  • to qualify for being my next botm they mbf you
  • link on my past botm page
  • link on my favourites page
  • fansign
  • promos a lot
  • my friendship 5ever (if you want)

i think that’s it! c: happy reblogging!

Dharken, Cuddleinq and Rheminiscent’s July BOTM!

So we have decided to host a July BOTM, where we will chose 3 blogs to feature on all three of our blogs for the whole month of July!


  • MUST be following dharken, cuddleinq and rheminiscent
  • Must REBLOG this post (likes will only be counted as a bookmark)
  • DO NOT delete the text or self promote- you will be instantly disqualified.


  • A follow from all 3 of us (if not already)
  • A spot on all 3 of our blogs for the whole month of June
  • Promos up to 3 times a week ON ALL 3 of our accounts (so essentially 9 a week upon request)
  • Lots of queues from us
  • We will help you gain followers (eg: promo games to help you gain + P4P)
  • New best friends to help with anything you need! (advice, html, etc)


  • Banner made by @rehticent
  • If you have any other questions, message any of us
  • We will be choosing around the end of June!

Good luck everyone! - Elis, Zoe & Charlie xxx

So, I haven’t had the time to do one of these in a very long time but July is the month so here you go :3


  • Mbf me
  • Must reblog this post (likes don’t count sorry)
  • Must be a black and white vintage blog (light, dark or mixed is cool)
  • MUST NOT BE TRIGGERING IN ANY WAY (I’m so sick of people not respecting my wishes so if you reblog this even though you are triggering, I will be reporting you)

Please don’t break any of these okay because I’ll get really upset

What you’ll get:

  • Regular promos to 23k + (fansigns, screenies, solos etc)
  • A friend
  • Help with html and coding and stuff

You have until the 30th when I will be choosing finalists and putting them into a random generator!

I love you guys, stay beautiful! c:


↪️ rules

┗ Mbf this twink!jensen!girl

r e b l o g this, likes only to bookmark cause the dont count

┗ Ends June 30

┗ Winners announced on the first few days of july

┗ Must reach 50 notes

┗ 1 Winner, 2-3 Runner-ups

 ↪️ what im looking for

┗ Awesome urls 

┗ Amazing posts

┗  Beautiful, clean and organized themes

┗  Nice bloggers (i will stalk your tag)

Tagging System are a Plus ;)

↪️ winners receive

┗  + follow , if not already

┗  Solo promo when announced

┗  Unlitmited promos through the month whenever you want

┗ Spot in my updates tab through the moth

┗ Help with ANYTHING

┗ My undying love and friendship (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

↪️ runner ups will reveive

┗ + follow, if not already

┗ Promo when announced

┗ 2 Promos through the month

┗ Help with ANYTHING

┗ My undying love and friendship (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Thats all!! if u have any questions just ask :D

surprise surprise im late, but honestly for me this is early!! so here again is my blog of the month and im really ~jazzed~ about it 

rules --> 
  • mbf me
  • check out my july botm!!!
  • reblog this, likes only count as bookmarks
  • ends july 31!
  • 1 winner, 2-3 runners-up / maybe some honorable mentions alright bc im terrible @ decisions
what i’m looking for -->
  • multifandom/fandom/aesthetic
  • basically clean theme, organized blog, 
  • good tagging system, the works
  • active and friendly bloggers!
  • great posts :’)
  • +f from me
  • spot in my updates tab / my links page for a month
  • winner: unlimited promos upon request for the entire month, a mood board!! omg!!, a playlist upon request!, idk my first born child?? sorry i dont have much to give but i can give all my love :’)
  • runner-up(s): 3 promos throughout the month upon request,a playlist upon request + love n affection forever!!

Hello my cuties<3 Since Nikki’s BOTW went so well she’s going to do her first BOTM for July! :D (Also finals are here so Nikki had to post this a week early)  It’s going to be a bit different from the BOTW bit but this one is a bit better c: Nikki will run to run these every month c: 


♥Mbf: Me (Not side blog this time sorry)

♥ Check out my BOTW winners [x] [x] [x] [x] 

♥ Reblogs only, Likes are for reference only

♥ Kawaii, anime/manga, fashion, nature, food and K-pop/J-pop, color code blogs have a higher change


♥ My BOTW Winners for both weeks you guys can still join

Choosing will begin on June 27, the winners announced June 30th at 10pm [Eastern Time]

How I will pick the winners [2 or 3 winners]:

♥ Theme

♥ Music 

♥ Posts

♥ How Nice you are too your followers

♥ Number of followers do not count

♥ Sidebar 


♥ A link on Nikki’s blog for a whole month

♥ A cute drawing like this

♥ Make a network together<3 or Co-admin with Nikki ^.^

♥ Nikki’s friendship if you want :3

♥ Html help/blog advice 

Thank you for joining Nikki’s first BOTM

Yay it’s June!! One more month left of school woohoo(*^ワ^*)And that also means it’s time for my July BOTM~!

🌹 rules: 🌹

  • must be following this stressball
  • reblog this post (likes don’t count) until June 30th
  • 1 winner, 3-4 runners-up (depends on notes)
  • maybe check out my graphics

🌺 prizes: 🌺

  • +follow if not already
  • spot in my updates tabs for the month
  • spot in my botm hall of fame 
  • unlimited promos for the month (upon request)
  • graphic/icon upon request (winner only)
  • my eternal love, friendship & support! (❁´◡`❁)

Hi! Welcome to Arianne’s July blog of the month :)


  you must be following me (i’ll check)

  reblog to enter, likes will be ignored

  only fandom blogs

  you can enter until june 29th 

  i’ll announce the winner on july 1st!

  i will also choose runner ups; the more notes, the more runner ups

  no polls because i don’t like them haha


  you’ll receive a follow back (if not already following)

  promos whenever you want really!

  a link on my blog for the entire month

  eternal glory

  my undying love and friendship :D