july august 1982

Queen -  Madison Square Garden, July 1st 1982.   

In August 1990 Kash and I saw a mark on Freddie’s foot. It was Kaposi’s sarcoma. [α мαℓιgиαит тυмσυя σf тнє ¢σииє¢тινє тιѕѕυє σfтєи αѕѕσ¢ιαтє∂ ωιтн αι∂ѕ]. “Kash asked what it was, whether it was getting better. Freddie said: ‘You have to understand that what I have is terminal. I’m going to die.’ That was it. He didn’t say it was Aids. It didn’t register immediately. We were driving home and I put a cassette on, and of all the things it was FREDDIE singing WHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER? That suddenly brought home the significance of what he had said.”