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Thoughts on the newest chapter of SNK?

I had a lot of thoughts and I feel like I lost them all. But here have a smattering of Thoughts about it!

  • #1 thought: Falco is such a good and pure bean. I’ve adopted him; he is my son now. I just really, really hope that Isayama gives us a reason for him wanting to outshine Gabi so badly to protect her. I feel we’re really missing something important there.

But for the rest of the chapter in order…

  • Annie’s disguise was um…interesting but all I have to say about it is that it just makes me feel more and more certain that she’s dead. Something Zeke said in a semi-recent chapter about how he felt that Paradis had at least two powers if not more on their side made me suspicious that the “female titan” was under Paradis’s control, but this makes me feel much more sure that Annie is dead, and that these flashbacks are all we’re going to get of her (i.e., he’s trying too hard).
  • I also find it hard to believe that Annie managed to spot Kenny? Seems a bit forced, but…eh.
  • Flocke cameo had me dyin’.

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I know that there are people out there that like me just because of my belly button.  I’ll tell you right now, if I cut off my hair and put in brown contact lenses, my career would end before it starts.  If I’m not pretty I’m not going to make it. That’s the sad truth“ — Fiona Apple (Spin Magazine July 97)


[4/100 days of productivity] 15 july 2016 // t-97 days to o levels

really productive day today + gossip session with my friend haha

i walked home from school today i feel so accomplished ???

also look at the sky it’s so pretty (ft. really shitty camera quality)