july 4th edition


“I see sparks fly,
whenever you smile.
” [x]

The reason you become so close to people in the industry is that they understand what it is that you are experiencing. We all teach and learn from one another. If you have a question about privacy, for example, everyone is super helpful about it.“
-Gigi Hadid talking about her friendship with Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift


Fourth Of July // Fall Out Boy


History Aesthetics → The Birth of The United States of America (July 4, 1776) and The War For Independence (1775 -1783)

↳ L E T  F R E E D O M   R I N G!  

The 56 men who signed their names to Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence that warm summers day back in August of 1776, quietly acknowledged that they were also signing their own death warrants. The moment their pen touched parchment, they were traitors to the crown and would be hanged if the British ever got ahold of them. John Hancock notoriously signed his name as large as he possibly could due to George III’s reported near-sightedness and declared, “There! John Bull can read my name without spectacles and may now double his reward of £500 for my head. That is my defiance.” All of the men had targets placed on their heads from the get-go and had to be ready to flee their homes at any moment. Of the 56 signers , 9 died from both wounds and considerable hardships during the War, 5 were captured, imprisoned and likely beaten by the British, 17 lost everything they owned and several lost their wives and children as result of their role in gaining America’s Independence. John Hart’s may be the most heartbreaking story of all. After signing the Declaration, he fled from his New Jersey home only to return a few days later to visit his dying wife. While there Hessians broke into his home and attempted to kill him but he fled into the woods. When he returned, his wife had been buried and his children were missing. He died in 1779 without ever knowing what had truly happened to his family. Others like the Declaration’s author, Thomas Jefferson who was only 33 at the time would forever be linked in infamy to the document and would go onto to become one of the new nations finest and most powerful political figures in history. Despite it all, none of the signers ever regretted their decision despite the repercussions it garnered them, for they believed that given time our country could be one of the most powerful and greatest nations in the world and were determined to see it through even if that meant death.