july 1991

When two police officers entered Jeffrey Dahmer’s apartment on July 22, 1991, they immediately noticed a rank odor hanging in the air. They were there to investigate a strange story told to them by a handcuffed man who had desperately flagged them down outside; a “freak with a knife” had invited him to his place to watch a movie, and instead had put cuffs on him and threatened to eat his heart. He had barely managed to escape.

The officers poked around apartment 213, looking for the handcuff key. In a bedroom an officer found the key, and on impulse decided to open a dresser drawer. What he saw inside compelled him to shout to his partner “Cuff him! Cuff him!”. A struggle ensued, and Jeffrey Dahmer howled like an animal as he was wrestled to the ground and restrained. He made eye contact with one officer, and said something the man never forgot: “For what I did, I should be dead”