july 13 1999

July 13 1999

(Warning: mentions of self harm)

Severus had been alive for nearly two years hiding out in Korean. He adapted to their ways, it wasn’t that hard since he grew up with some of them, but I digress. He was now somewhat happy, as happy as you can get with him. He was in a loving polyamorous relationship with his two boyfriends, Chung-Hee and Dae-Jung who made sure he was happy and made sure to remind him that he mattered because let’s be honest we all know Severus needs it, he ran a small potions shop in Seoul, and there were no Voldemorts to spy on. He was living his definition of happy. He rarely visited anywhere in Cokesworth after his “death”, or anywhere else for that matter, but this was a special occasion. He fought with his anxiety and eventually decided, after two days, that he would go to Cokesworth. Dae-Jung and Chung-Hee fought with Severus about emotional support and his mental wellbeing, telling him “We don’t want you falling back into your habits of cutting.“ They motioned towards his arms,the emotion in their voice alone expressed their concern. After hours of arguments, they had come to the agreement that Dae-Jung and Chung-Hee with stay two days out of the four days he was visiting Cokesworth and Severus would spend the rest of the days. Of course he would have to floo call them constantly and telling them that he was okay and not in any danger, but that’s just the way some relationships are. That night they set out, they had to go to the Korean Ministry to go to the International Floo. Severus looked in awe at the different floo’s ranging from Zimbabwe to America, he had only been to the Ministry two times once for identification the second time for his physical wounds and mental scars but he had never been to the international floo’s. Chung-Hee and Dae-Jung had been there plenty of times Chung-Hee was the Korean equivalent to a Auror and Dae-Jung was the ministry healer. They walked to the stand in front of floo’s, Dae-Jung then asks “역이 어디 있니.” The front desk person looks at a paper on his desk, most likely a map of some sort of the floo’s, after he finds the right one and says “아래로 좌회전.” They follow his directions and found them selves in front of a floo with table in the right with what looks like floo powder with a sign titled “돌보다.” They each took some floo powder and one by one they went off leaving behind harmless emerald flames, but not before saying “런던.” Severus was the last to travel by a reluctant Chung-Hee and Dae-Jung, Severus honestly didn’t know what he expected, maybe an angery mob ready to prosecute him, or maybe Harry Potter himself. Whatever he expected didn’t happen as when he got there nobody acknowledged him or even took a second glance at him, in fact Dae and Chung got more attention then him by guys and girls alike. Severus did what any normal person in a relationship would do, he threatened them with his wand and stated “Back off 가정 복음 관서.” He expected it of course I mean who could resist Dae-Jung’s dark chocolate colored eyes and the fact that he radiates happiness or Chung-Hee’s with his pearly white smile and pitch black hair. While in Severus’ opinion he was not in the least bit attractive, he did change over the course of the years. He now had his hair to his mid back, he had most of his scars cleared not the ones the ones that Dae usually liked to mindlessly caress at times, and while his frown lines were still there you could tell that he faced troubles but now lived a happy life. While he was still his sarcastic and snarky self he now had Chung-Hee and Dae-Jung to balance him out with their usually optimistic personalities and their surprising sarcastic comments at times. Anyway they walked through Diagon ally with Chung-Hee and Dae-Jung fan girls and fan boys coming out of nowhere. Jung could tell that Severus was getting tired with constantly having to defend his relationship with the fan girls so they decided to stop at the nearest shop, which was Honeydukes. Severus was the first to walk in only to be met with a familiar body mass.

“Hey wat-” he stopped mid sentence only to be met with familiar green eyes. “Professor” stated Harry “I saw you get killed by Nagini!” Severus cursed to himself “아, 씨발.” Harry stared in shock “When did you learn Korean.” Severus stood up and stated “It may have escaped your notice but I am Korean.” Pt.1

역이 어디 있니=Where is the station

아래로 좌회전=Down then take a left

돌보다=Take care


가정 복음 관서= Homewrecker

아, 씨발= Ah shit or Ah fuck

If I am wrong with any translations then please correct me. This is all from Google translate

Today in Hip-Hop history. Gang Starr’s  compilation album “Full Clip: A Decade of Gang Starr” was released under Virgin Records on July 13, 1999. Today marks its 15th Anniversary.