As you may know, I am:

A. a big fan of Neil Gaiman;
B. a procrastinating idiot.

So, when I discovered that such thing as Neil’s Calendar of Tales project exists, I was excited and thrilled beyond words. But. I already mentioned that I am an idiot, so I just messed up the deadline aaand therefore fucked up everything. This is what I managed to create in two days and Jesus, it is actually not that bad. I don’t even know if my submission came through (it was already past the deadline when I hit the button), but I will totally finish this one, because I surprisingly liked these fishy fellas.

I usually work in b/w at first and then add the colour; as you can see, this stupid ‘colour’ was added in the last minute (literally), so it’s not as fabulous as it needed to be to represent the story (it is July tale, by the way - read it, please).

Not hoping to be chosen as the best contestant, obviously, but whatever.

All right, I’ve gone and gotten involved in yet another contest-type thing… Which I do NOT have time for, but but but… It’s Neil Gaiman’s Great Big Group Project! So I wanted to play, too (though I’ve basically only had last weekend and this weekend to do anything, haha…)

It’s the Calendar of Tales project. Neil gave twelve prompts, and people wrote tweets inspired by the prompts, and then Neil wrote stories inspired by twelve of the tweets, and now people are making pictures inspired by the twelve stories… It’s fun! Explained in Neil’s journal here, and there’s a link to the stories (which you should read, they’re short and fun and strange and sometimes silly.)

This is my illustration for the July tale. A tale of a lonely wilderness of books and bears and Aurora Borealis… (There are snatches of Homer in the northern lights, barely visible… I figured the celestial stories in this world should be something truly ancient.)

Trying to finish a couple more illustrations for this… I wish we had more time though. I want to do all twelve stories!

Alright, this is my submission for Neil Gaiman’s Calendar of Tales. Specifically, the July Tale. I read the bit about bears made from the pages of fierce poems, and instantly knew which story I wanted to try to illustrate. It was fun and challenging, and I hope a few people take a look at it. There are amazing pieces posted for all of the stories, and it’s incredibly neat to see how many different interpretations there are.

It’s watercolour and India ink. My original idea would have had the poems much more intact, and because of that, I had picked some of my favourites that just happened to be public domain. We don’t want any copyright issues, now do we? Not that all the poems are identifiable by the fragments I fit into this piece. In any case, I used:

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock - T.S. Eliot

Goblin Market - Christina Rossetti

Buffalo Bill’s - e.e. cummings

Harp Song of the Dane Women - Rudyard Kipling


I’m ecstatic to announce that my film entry for Neil Gaiman’s A Calendar of Tales was selected as one of eight to be displayed on the calendar site which launched today! 

The small window I had to make this in was a very tiring and stressful week, but I am so happy that I made it. 

You can see the full website here!