*cries a million tears more* Thank you so much ;A; I haven’t heard these kinds of things in so long, I’d forgotten how happy they make me. And makes me want to draw SO MUCH MORE!! TAT <3333333333 I WON’T GIVE UPPP

juloxe said: Nice shoesss omg

yova said: aw dang kim those are some nice shoes!!

omg thANK

I REALLY LOVE THESE SHOES MAN. LIKE IT REALLY INTRIGUED ME WHEN I FIRST SAW IT (what’s kind of ironic was that I’m usually not into clothes that have glitter)

AND I GOT IT!! FOR SUCH A GOOD DEAL TOO!! It used to be $7O but since it was on sale and my mom had a coupon, it was ended up being only 3O v u v

juloxe said: So wait, who’s tagged in it? Because it looks fun! Also you shouldn’t worry about it, you’re most active on this art blog so I think it’s appropriate to post here! I do the same thing with my main and this blog haha. Also love the lip color (yours?)

Oh! I guess I should have written it at the bottom of the post as well, I tagged all FRUS shippers LOL

And thank you haha I sometimes feel like personal posts don’t belong anywhere!!! And yes those lips are mine hhahahahha ////

Haha thanks again c: I like your drawings ♡ Keep up with the good job ^^

Ps.  I accidentally erased the ask… So here is a screen shot. Sorry I’m very clumsy

OMMGggg, you definitely have toooo!!!! XD ITS SO GOOD!!! …So much Loki being sassy screen-time ;A; I loved it so much. Can’t wait to watch it everyday when it comes out on bluray, HAHA!! oTL -nerding out too much on Loki-