jullia gillard

Taking a break from spamming you all with fangirling to talk about a serious topic. 

The Liberal Party, the current opposition party in Australia, hosted a fundraiser in which menu items were named after politicians in the Labor party (the one currently in government). 

When it got to our Prime Minister, Jullia Gillard, she was described as having ‘small breasts, huge thighs & a big red box’. Disgraceful in of itself, but it’s worth noting also that the men who were on the 'menu’ were not described in such vulgar terms. 

Yes. This is the way the party likely to get into power this coming election feels is appropriate to talk about the most powerful woman in Australia, the leader of our country. 

When they were called out on it, Gillard was accused of 'playing the gender card’. 

But this is 2013. There’s no such thing as misogyny, right?