Lesson Learned

I wanted to share this to all of you. Even if we are dead tired of work, pissed of something, we need to show a new face to another person. If someone asked you nicely, don’t give them that dragon like force of reply. Hahaha. I mean seriously, they are out of whatever we were mad about.

I experienced this at work. It was totally crazy that day. I was so preoccupied with a lot of things that I turned out to be super impatient. And whoever goes inside my territory, I give them that wrinkled forehead look implying “what do you want??”. I can really feel that they feel fear. I didn’t mean it, I know. I am sorry. But, there are just really days like that. So as much as I could, I try to give them back the kindness they deserve. I think that little may it seem to me to do a favor or to be mindful with their needs, it means something to them. Something to the extent they will not forget your kindness to them or the thought that you gave attention to their concern.

Like for instance today, I wasn’t busy at all, however, I was fixing some of my stuff and must-to-do list before I go on vacation. I was like in a rush to do everything as early as possible. Then there were my patients, well this time, I reminded myself to be kind and to act benevolently. So when I faced them, I acknowledged their presence and started entertaining their needs. I know it’s not that easy, but I am trying. Really I am trying (believe me, alright?) and I hope I could make this a habit. \m/

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Write it Out

Have you felt like you’re burned out? Stressed? I honestly feel that way today. I don’t know if I lack sleep or maybe there are a bunch of things on my mind that I am so concerned of. At times like this and especially on things I have no control, I usually just offer them to God.

When praying I notice that I often ask for something, not merely for material things though, and I tend to forget to thank Him for the little good things that happened. I remember the homily last Saturday, the priest asked the people if they have experienced miracles or if they even believe on miracles. It brought me to think on the things that happened to me. I actually thought some were miracles, and others, hmmmm, maybe luck? I’m not sure, or maybe there were just really meant to happen. I think some of those events weren’t pleasant, some really put me at my lowest point, made me feel angry about myself, and the rest of it made my day. I may think that the majority of it are on the bad side, but, I have read somewhere that you should slowly accept them and try to see the positive side. No matter how small the percentage of the positivism, try to make the most out of it and just believe that it happened for a reason and it will pass. It will certainly just pass. 

I remember those times that I prayed that I won’t be able to see tomorrow. I was even talking to Him, saying if I am still alive tomorrow, then my mission on Earth isn’t fulfilled yet. I wasn’t able to contain my emotions and exclaimed, what are these things for if I can’t even live and follow my dreams?? Obviously, I got no answer. Tears dried up and I fell asleep, breathe the next day. I thought that maybe I need to find that mission myself. I am kind of clueless until now, I admit. 

I am not really a reader of novels or what, but it so happened that when I read on some books, newspapers, or even interviews, somehow I get to know the answers. There I realized that all I need is just live my life each day. Others might already hit the finish line of goals, and I’m still speeding it up in a worm-like manner, I need not be worried big time. I know I can still get there. I just have to believe it. Whew! Enough of this sad tone, I need to get my things ready for my Saigon trip tomorrow. Sorry for this one. I just need to write it out. Time to exhale! \m/

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First Night! Tummy is roaring. :)

Finally we got to their flat at Paya Lebar. We felt hungry so we decided to eat somewhere. Kit (Maio’s sis) said that we could try the nearest hawker, just at the corner of the street. Well fyi for hawker, that’s what they call with their eateries.

I picked canton sausages. These sausages are usually a little salty and I like it. Their’s are just fine, but quite oily. We often have this for breakfast when I was younger and still up to now. :-) Maio had those clams, I forgot the name. But she said it wasn’t good. lol.  And please just ignore the picture on the table. :-)

The happy Kit and the uneasy Maio. Is it because of the food? Hahah. Btw, check what’s behind them, that’s the actual set-up of the place. There were a lot of choices actually. Even if it’s a hawker, the prices seem to be a little expensive. Well, I am in Singapore… 


Now we are heading home. I badly need to rest my feet! This is their place. The surroundings are clean and safe. I guess every corner or gate has a cctv. So you shouldn’t be planning any foolish things. You’ll surely get on cam. Haha!

Rock out!

Baby Sitters on Our Last Meet Up!

Today’s our last meet up with Maio.  She’ll be back soon in her second home at Jeddah and probably we’ll be seeing her again late next year, hopefully. Mai decided to meet two of her good friends as well. We had lunch at a crab house. I’m not fond of crabs so I was the one who demanded to order chicken. Haha! I know some people die for crabs but I am a total exception. I like the smell but I am too lazy to break the shell. It feels like my time will be all utilized for breaking the shells and focusing on where the meat are hiding. 

Good thing we got some baked clams. I think you can’t see it anymore since it already melted in my mouth at this time. The yang chow rice was good, too.

After the great and funny conversations with friends, Crimple can’t wait to get out of the restaurant and play or maybe look for a new toy. So there he goes! He’s at his dream land. Since he’s my godson, I told him to look for a toy. It’s like my Christmas present for him.

Crimp can’t decide over Transformers toy or these other robot toys and some doctor gadgets.

Kids can simply change their decision at once!

Crimp is trying to explain what exact Transformers toy he wants. HAhaha.

I am trying to help him find a good one. Can you see how this young boy is drooling over these toys??

Finally! He was able to pick the best one and he even swear it out to Tita Maio! Cute one!

Snack time! McDonald’s again. This time, we were trying to teach Crimp how to take care of himself when his ice cream is messing out.

It’s actually nice to be with young kids. Ironic may it sound since I am short tempered with toddlers.  I know it’s a bit annoying sometimes since you have to figure out what they want. However, it also feels rewarding when you see them happy! :) Unparalleled moments that could bring nothing but real joy. And with Maio, oh well I know we weren’t able to talk seriously since we are preoccupied with the kid. The best thing I guess is to leave looooong messages on facebook. Hahha. 


For Departure

I was able to get enough rest and a little excited to go home. I suddenly missed my room, the smell of my pillows and sheets. Haha. Does it sound gross? I know you have your own comfort zone smells too. :P

We are supposed to watch a 3d movie downtown and go to see the Merlion. However we all woke up late. We got tired from last night’s late night photo walk. We just opted to see the Merlion. They insisted that I have to see it before I leave because I was worried that I might ran out of time since I’ll be flying home by 4pm. Anyway, we rushed a little and we were able to arrive there.

At the bay walk, we saw some balloons and you could write your wishes here for 2012. They will let these white balloons flow in the water after.

I’ve read that a lot of them just placed greetings. So I did, but later on we realized that wishes are expected to be written. Lol. Not paying attention!

Here’s my wish. I can’t say that I am the materialistic type of person. I usually wish for something that is general and like a long term one. Maybe you’d ask why I wished for happiness. Oh well, I have been empty for months. I get depressed at times. Maybe I just know how to face each day or handle myself so others don’t notice it. Wealth? Hmmmm, I think I need more for my next trip! haha. :)

Here are some participants of the fun run. At first I thought it was just like a walkathon of some sort. What do you think? I think it’s a fun run but they eventually got super tired so all of them are simply walking.

Now we are on our way to…

It doesn’t show here on the photo but it’s really hot. humid, and windy that day. I felt like my arms are melting. We were sweating like we’ve joined the marathon. I pulled Mai’s scarf here, can’t take the heat.

A far view of Marina Bay Sands. A breathtaking architecture.

Here he is, doing some mouth wash! JK!

I was indirectly telling Mai to please hurry. I am burning!!!!

For me this is the most creative elephant during the parade. It a durian-elephant.  Durian is abundant here in our place. Others seem to hate the smell and taste of it, but I just love it! And speaking, I can’t remember the last time I had some of it. Hmmmm…..

We headed to The Fullerton Hotel. This is the most luxurious hotel in Singapore. I don’t know but from the outside, am I at the President’s office? Heheheh.

This is one of their creatively made Christmas tree. It’s full of huggable teddy bears!

I see their carp fishes very healthy!

When I saw these cute blonde boys playing with them…

I also called Crimple to join. The fishes were too friendly actually. They really come up to the surface and try to feel your fingers.

Kit bought some Wall’s ice cream. I got excited to taste some again.

I picked a rippled flavor ice cream. I was surprise since it looked like a bar of soap with thin wafers on the side. 

First bite….Yum!

I say: I want more!

And I really bought again before leaving the place. Hahhaha. I had blueberry! Cham just realized that I am an ice cream lover.

We headed back to the flat to get my things and went straight to the airport. Whew! I wasn’t late. I was just on time. Thank you!

Rock out!

That big decisions need time and space. To make a big decision, give yourself time and space away from the mundane so that the sacred can emerge. -FB

It might sound weird in a way, but I actually think that FB is telling me right quotes lately. And these quotes even relate with what I feel or what’s happening around me. Just earlier this day, I had a comforting and touching conversation with my doctor. I was really moved with what she said.It was all about life, goals, and my dreams. I was able to learn and ponder lots of motivating acts from her. I must say it was such a great time to see her. 


Kate Moss

She’s one of my favorite supermodels. I saw this photo in one of the blogs here on tumblr. I can’t help myself but grab a photo of it on my account as well. haha What’s more interesting is the print on her shirt. It’s the country that I will be visiting next week. I hope it is going to be a fun trip! \m/

Day 3: Universal Studios

A heavy rain greeted us that morning. I was a little uncertain if I could be able to follow my itinerary. A lot of friends told me that I need to go to Universal Studios because I’ll surely enjoy there. I’m glad that Cham came with us and stood like our tour guide. 

Finally. We arrived safely. And I was able to take my Docs out.

Mai and Cham are trying to set their cameras.

Take a look at the Universal Globe.

If you could notice people can’t get nearer the globe since it was raining. I was like standing in the end most part of the roof.

Let the adventure begin!

I don’t know this porcelain-skinned character. But I’ll call her Ms. Tranny. She was actually so nice. I could say that she’s definitely not a hard-to-get to have a photo with her. 

Betty Boop wants me to chase her! I was following her like thrice. And I want to pull her wiggy. Haha! JK! My pink soles say “ Move over red heels!” Haha.

Still raining. :(

I know it’s totally out but Empire Hotel reminded me of Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl. 

This one’s part of the Sci-fi City area.The accelerator tea cups ride. I didn’t enjoy it that much. I was expecting that I will be blown away or be pulled off from my seat. But oh my it was totally less than I expected.

This was the time that the show was about to start. They say ten minutes, but it seems like half an hour of waiting. Grrr.

We were off to lunch but while we were heading to the exit, Marilyn Monroe posed along the movie film window. We  just took this shot on the side. Too hungry to wait at the queue.

I was surprised to see Frankenstein when we got back. He didn’t utter much words and just tried to grab me closer and this made me say “Uh-oh!!”. 

Po Panda is off duty at this moment and tries to hurry for break time! He needed to see his kung fu masters.

Lights Camera Action hosted by Steven Spielberg. We were shown how the set was during a hurricane that is about to hit NYC.

It really felt like burning since I was at the front row. See that small t.v.? That’s where the reporter narrating everything.

A big ship that was heading to our way!

Suddenly another one just got in the scene. Aaaah! 

The windows now are totally damaged that we could see what’s happening outside. Strong winds and big waves! I was entertained and I must say it was a great experience, like we were just part of the set.

Sole to sole with Charlie Chaplin. This comic actor tried to use his slapstick to tell directions and follow his visual comic act.

The brick red colored building reminds me much of Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment in NYC.

At last! They are now performing. They were actually Filipinos and were so good at their craft.

I think this was at the back part. I was trying to open the door. Haha.

Here’s another one.

I am really not good at those serious shots. Hahha. I’m out of here!

Now it’s time to experience Ancient Egypt. I wanted to take the  Battlestar Galactica Ride first but Cham got so nervous and he wanted to take this ride first as a warm up. I enjoyed the ride at the Revenge of the Mummy. It was unpredictable and since it was 3d, it feels like they are so near to get me! I like how completely dark it was inside. It’s a must try!!!

The ride was going backwards, to the side, and everywhere. Plus there were some splashing of water. When we got out, Mai’s eyeliner was heading to the East!

We moved to the Transformers Ride. We were lucky to be there for the real opening date. They started planning and designing this attraction since 2007.

People were so excited to be part of the premier riders!

We have to wear our 3D glasses. I would recommend this ride to all Transformers fanatics. You’ll probably be swearing that it’s one of the best rides. :) I enjoyed it! Too techy!

Weeeee! Off to Battlestar Galactica! I was looking forward to get dizzy and drown in fear. Hahhaha! Crazy.

Are you ready Cham?

We first tried the Human (Red Track) then without hesitance went to the Cylon (Blue Track). We were screaming our hearts out! To be honest this was my first time to ride a roller coaster and it felt ecstatic!

On our way to Far Far Away.

We are on a queue for the Shrek 4D Adventure. This was the longest queue of the day. I already got bored at this time. When we got inside, my only problem was the introduction was too long. We were standing and the narration seems to be indefinite. During the adventure, I enjoyed the part where the donkey kept on sneezing and water was also coming out to splash on our faces and spiders were like underneath our chairs. Lol. Try on the non-stationary seat to feel the action! Kids enjoyed it so much.

Cham in his very alert manner saw Shrek and Princess Fiona and tried to bluff the crew that he is with someone who is already ahead of the line. When he saw me, Cham was waving and I was able to get in! 

This was a funny ride. There were water all over and we were too afraid to get wet! We were deceived by the waterfalls. We thought we’ll pass all through it. Fortunately, it stopped.

This creature bites..really…

Madagascar characters entertaining the people.

A tight hug from Alex. :-)

Now the singing waitresses are heating up the stage.

I’m trying on this big hat at the corner of Hollywood.

The princess seems to be in a hurry. She has to move fast or she’ll turn into a pumpkin. Hhahaha!

I salute? Or am I looking for something?? :P

Waiting for Kit. I need to take a seat. It’s been the whole day of walking and chasing.

For our last stop, we went straight to the Skyline Luge at Sentosa. Actually it wasn’t permitted to take photos along the road. Shhhh!

You could appreciate the city more and see the other show on the side, I think it was Songs of the Sea. I’m not sure though. But it looks enchanting as well.

I hope you enjoyed my Universal Studios adventure. I don’t want to spoil some of the rides so I didn’t post more photos. I want you to get thrilled and experience it when you get here. :-)

Rock out!

You keep wanting to know how things will play out, keep asking to see the future. God doesn’t give anyone the power to know the future, because life becomes maddeningly boring when you know everything upfront. So, instead of struggling, enjoy the uncertainty - to be alive means to not know.

I am actually now a believer of every life’s possibilities. Let’s embrace the unknown!


Michael Kors NY Fashion Week Fall 2011

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They say low neck lines are another emphasis on sexy. Males aren’t excused for the latest styling guide. Plus, the color of this suit is undeniably rich.

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Free-flowing seduction.

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Rich girl in Paris.

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“It” girl in the streets of Manhattan.

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Over the top. Villains with a good heart.

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This collection simply tells us that no matter what season it is, what’s important is to look chic. It doesn’t scream attention that much, but it implies sophistication on its simplest way.

Rock out! \m/

Time with the Chefs! :)

Our meet up was supposedly last December, however, everyone seems to be very preoccupied with parties during the holidays so we opted to have it after. As a matter of fact, some were even having pain on their knees and joints, too much pork and fatty load, I guess. Hmmmm, probably they just don’t want to admit their aging. Lol! Peace guys!

Our date fell on a Friday, a Friday the 13th to be specific! So during the start of my day, I kept on thinking about it. I was too focused that there would be unpleasant situations that I’ll encounter. I think I had some. First, it was a very rainy afternoon and it was hard to take a cab or even any other transportation. Second, I almost didn’t make it to my doctor’s appointment. I arrived there so late to the point her secretary is about to get her bag and leave. HahA! Third, my friends (chefs) were not even replying if our meet up will push through so I was doubting already. I was so hungry that time and I needed to spend a bill to have some pennies if I’ll take on a jeepney ride after.

Anyway, this is too much intro going on. Hahaha! I talk a lot, I know. Finally D and I first met then had dinner. Sorry, I wasn’t able to take some photos of the sumptuous food we had. I was so hungry(it was already around 8pm!) and ready to grab my plate and start on with the food race! 

Here’s Oni and Dianne (D). During our culinary classes, we were often pairing up to perform the activities. We simply have that connection that no matter how difficult our task, we can still finish it on time and we are enjoying it together. LAUGHTER seems to be our medicine ALL THE TIME! 

The lovely ladies with Jerry and Vren. :)

I guess the least difference you could notice is D flipped her hair on the other side. See it? Hehehe.

The place is nice but it was quite warm for me. You can see me sweating and my hair is wet and messy. Hahah. 

Atleast, I have fixed it now on  some point. Oni here still looks young and doesn’t seem to be a mother already. See what breast feeding can actually do??

The married guys and the hmmmmm…forget it! Hahah! It’s the big S. :p

It was a great night full of conversations with them. We had good serious talks along and we could not really avoid to boisterously laugh at the wacky and candidly stupid times we had at the kitchen! It could have been louder if we were complete. Hahaha!  M.I.A: Mikel, Gilbert, Paul, Sugary Sugar