julius von brunk


Classic Space/Futuron Magnifigure by Julius von Brunk


“Robo Fett” - original creation and photography by Julius von Brunk

Exactly four years ago around this time, I dazzled the geek community when I first introduced my unique and original LEGO/Transformers/Nintendo mashups. And once again, I bring to you a new addition to my collection: Robo Fett, who transforms fluidly from a Nintendo 64 game cartridge of Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, to robotic Boba Fett, and back! Thanks to the advent of Mixels ball and socket joints, I can make my LEGOformers much more articulated and compact.

-Baron von Brunk


Self-portrait taken in Kissena Park in Queens. Getting this shot was surprisingly difficult: the only angle I could possibly shoot where my face was properly lit by the sun was in a position where people kept walking around in the background. I tried to shoot at different spots, but without proper sunlight, I’d often use a fill flash, which illuminated the shot better but also had harsh glare. This photo was eventually edited in Lightroom, to fix the shadows, highlights, contrast, and saturation.

-Baron von Brunk