julius han

Romeo and Juliet on the Balcony. 1886 .
Oil on Canvas.
271.5 x 160 cm.
Signed Julius Kronberg and datered 1886.

Art by Julius Kronberg.(1850-1921).


August 12th 30 BC: Cleopatra dies

On this day in 30 BC the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra VII, committed suicide. She came from a family of Greek origin who ruled Egypt after the death of Alexander the Great. Upon the death of her father Ptolemy XII in 51 BC Cleopatra became co-ruler with her brother Ptolemy XIII (and later her other brother Ptolemy XIV). She famously became lovers with Roman leader Julius Caesar, with whose help she was restored to rule after her brother had tried to oust her; she eventually became the sole pharaoh of Egypt. Cleopatra travelled to Rome with Caesar, but returned to her native Egypt upon his assassination. After Caesar’s death, she began a relationship with Mark Anthony as they worked together against Caesar’s successor Octavian. However their attempt was in vain, and at the sea Battle of Actium on the Greek coast in 31 BC they suffered a resounding defeat by Octavian’s forces. The two fled back to Egypt, where Anthony committed suicide after his troops deserted him. Cleopatra followed soon after, supposedly killing herself by means of an asp bite on August 12th 30 BC. With the fall of these two powerful figures, Octavian was able to consolidate his rule and become the first Roman emperor as ‘Augustus’. Caesarion, Cleopatra and Caesar’s son, who had been ruling as co-ruler with his mother, was killed by Augustus’s forces and thus Egypt soon became a province of the Roman Empire. Cleopatra remains a famous figure for her political astuteness and remarkable leadership of Egypt and has been popular in art and literature, including William Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra.

I miss you (Missing You)

Yeeep :D Newest Koreanovela Addiction :“”“> I really don’t understand why I love this show so much but maybe because of Yeo Jin-Goo (Young Han Jin Woo)’s charm. Tapos medyo hawig pa siya ni Julian Trono ♥ And maybe this week, they will gonna grow up na, so medyo nakakalungkot. Di ko na gaanong makikita si Jin Goo :/ At di ko na rin masisilayan ang kagandahan ni Kim So-Hyun (Young Lee Soo Hyun). She’s super duper pretty. Yung chickbones niya :”“> Yung smile niya. Tapos yung style pa ng buhok niya dito GRABE :”“> Simple lang pero grabe yung pagdadala niya. Sobrang ganda niyang magsmile, napapasmile rin ako minsan :”“> HAHAHAHHA =)))) 

 Eto yung dun sa bahay nila Detective Kim, yung nakita sila ni Eun Joo. Tapos sabi pa muntik pa silang magkiss. Geeez. :”“”>

Bus scene :“”“> Eto yung hinatid ni Jin Woo si Soo Hyun. Then Jin Woo keeps on telling Soo Hyun to just give him the present. Then accidentally, Soo Hyun and Jin Woo’s lips met :”“”“”“”> KWAAAAAAAAAA ♥ 

Kidnap scene. Eto yung sinabi ni Jin Woo na uuwi na daw sila ni Soo Hyun. Then nung kukunin nung kidnaper si Soo Hyun, Jin Woo held Soo Hyun’s hand tight. Jin Woo filled the spaces between Soo Hyun’s fingers. At sa sobrang kahahalan ng kaluluwa nung kidnapper, napagbitaw niya ang kamay ng dalawa :(((( 

Jin Woo gave Soo Hyun a clothes’ pin kase daw friends na sila. Then Jin Woo also told Soo Hyun that he will never avoid her again. Tapos naiiyak na ren si Soo Hyun kaya hinarangan kunwari ni Jin Woo yung hangin :“”“> ♥