julius and malcolm


Poor Julius, when will he ever learn? Because for the FIFTH(!!!) year in a row I must correct him:  

Darling Julius, I’m very sorry to have to tell you this, but Malcolm WAS right the first time. It really IS the Twelfth of June.

Happy Happy Twelfth of June, everyone!

Let us all celebrate in the traditional manner by saying the date asfastaspossible while simultaneously *clearing our throats* in fully approved Malcolm style!

And let us also reflect that through a bizarre confluence of fate (and with a tiny change of pronoun) the actual subject they’re discussing could not be more  topically relevant.  

Malcolm: “Alright guys, I’ll be picking codenames now. I’m ‘Fuck One’.”

Malcolm: “Julius, you’re ‘been there done that’.”

Malcolm: “Jamie, you’re ‘currently doing that’.” *High fives*

Malcolm: “Ollie, you’re ‘It happened once in a dream’.”

Malcolm: “Nicola, you’re ‘If I had to pick a woman’.”

Malcolm: “Glenn…you’re ‘Fuck Two’.”

Glenn: “Oh thank god.”


It’s funny because it’s true.

(But, you know what, I’m not going to give in to despair. Because 1) there are WAY more of us than there are of them and 2) seriously, fuck that guy.)

It’s nice to have this role [the Master in Big Finish productions], because it is really iconic. I sat down with Peter Capaldi two weeks ago for lunch, and I was telling him how much I enjoy it, and how it reminds me slightly of our ‘Thick of It’ relationship, in which I dominate him in some ways, even though he’s a really powerful figure in that series.
—  Alex Macqueen talking about playing the Master for Big Finish

This Week in TTOI History ( 10th Anniversary edition ):

Malcolm is AWAY FOR A WALK!

And not just ANY walk, but a walk that takes him directly into the arms company of his favorite baldy nemesis, The Chief of the Nodes

Mr Julius Nicholson, Esq. where their briskly moving slightly drizzly outdoor discussion of what actually a surprising date even means

results in Malcolm setting off a chain of events that (among other things) almost ends with Malcolm being sacked that very same evening because of Julius, except he’s also saved by Julius from being sacked

which does to my mind at least rather suggest a certain ambivalent ambiguity on Julius’s part in re: Malcolm, (not that this is a new thing for me in any way).

Oh, one of the other things Malcolm sets off? Nothing major, just Malcolm mostly by accident, but kind of on purpose, but mostly by accident causing the PM to resign with no warning whatsoever the very next day which instantly throws his own political party into even more complete chaos than it’s usually in.

So all in all I’d say a pretty busy Wednesday, even by Malcolm’s standards.


From the 307 dvd commentary on the scene where Malcolm gets sacked and then what happens after:

Armando: And I think this scene we recorded, we just did two takes of it, but we let it go.  We primed the rest of the building as it were.  We had all ready with people doing their stuff.  And I just said to Peter, do the scene and then just wander around and we’ll follow you and we’ll see what happens. And after the first take of it, I knew he goes into his office at Number 10, so the second take, I asked people to be, you know, gathering around Sam, and her in tears. Knowing that Peter would go into the room, but not telling Peter that that’s what he’d see.
Tony Roche: That moment’s really nice when he goes into the room and she’s in there.  Because it’s again, it’s what you said earlier, just little things that are just imprinted over the series.  You get that he, that he actually–
Simon Blackwell: Sam’s the only person he has kind of a normal relationship with.
Tony Roche: Exactly, yeah.
Jesse Armstrong: Quite a few people said they suddenly found themselves feeling sorry for Malcolm at that point, I think, didn’t they.

What I love about this is that Armando didn’t have to script Malcolm having a heart, he just had to set up the scene because he knew Peter would do the rest.  

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Today in TTOI History: A Three for One Special

Rise of the Nutters Day 5

AND Spinners and Losers Day 1

 AND Opposition Extra Day 1

Because they all take place on the SAME day and sometimes happen at the SAME time. 

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Today in TTOI History: 18 December 2009

Horrible Steve Fleming Gets His Terrible Revenge

and poor Malcolm has a very VERY bad day.

(Poor Malcolm)

I wrote a very long metariffic commemorative post last year that I think still stands up, so I will just say once again that it would be absolutely unbearable watching Malcolm lose except that:

  • Everything is fixed in 308 Yay!
  • Malcolm is so incredibly sweet with Sam
  • Julius and Malcolm’s grabby doorway fight is the best thing EVER
  • Malcolm goes down swinging (even if he does fall to pieces as soon as he gets home and changes his clothes)

Looking at the list now, I see I really should have put The Return of Julius as its own item right at the top and given it a double Yay! – both for the happy (and completely unexpected) return of his big baldy head here and in anticipation of the role he plays in fixing things in 308. 

And since, like I said,  I don’t think I can add much to what I wrote last year, I will conclude these three days of Today in TTOI History by revisiting this bit of Malcolm praise from an unexpected quarter:

and adding this not-altogether-unexpected bit of Uh-oh-Malcolm’s-become-the-story from an entirely expected quarter:

(By which I mean The Sun in terms of it being a sex obsessed sensationalist tabloid, but really in terms of Terri and Ollie obviously being the biggest office gossips of all time.)