julio arias


♡♥ Graham && Julio ♡♥

  • Exodus August-Jones | 17 | New Venture | Trouble Maker | Single | Taken

Exodus is always about starting something; He loves drama and enjoys seeing other people suffer. Growing up in New Venture, he feels like everyone and every girl should bow down to him and treat him like the king he thinks he is. He could care less of what you have to say. His original last name was ‘August’, but being that he disowned half of his family he changed it to 'Jones’. But underneath all of this, he can be really sweet and caring. But you have to be someone special to that. “I feel like everyone should respect me, if i’m wrong or not, i’m the king and kings ger respect”.

  • Do you like Metraplex City.?

“I could give a fuck less”.

  • Encounters with any characters:

Step-brother of Genesis.

Happy Birthday Julio!!!

Happy Birthday Lovebug!! :)

It’s late but…. Your ambition has caused an ignition in my heart. Your eyes, your smile, your style, your personality, your voice. Everything about you just seems so right, so perfect. I hope all your dreams become a reality. I hope you find the love of your life. Someone who’ll treat you like a king. I love you Julio. Happy Birthday!! This isn’t a poem but I just want to let you know what you mean to me