Future Jogan Fic: Picture Perfect (All 3 Parts) (3rd in Series)

Hey so this is the entire of my Jogan Future Fic, it starts with Part 1 (which I have already posted) but if you scroll down you will find Part 2 + 3.

There is a link on my profile to all of the Future Fics in my series.

Thankyou to peeweequidditchplayer who is my amazing editor (and best friend) who takes her job way too seriously and I love her for it.

If you have questions about any of my fics just drop me a line in my ask im more than happy to reply. Thanks for reading! :)

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Jogan Future Fic: Part 1 (Third in Series)

Some of you may remember I wrote 2 Dwight future fics and then said I was going to be writing a short series. Well ive been working on the Jogan one, and have decided it will be three mini stories in a short story. You with me? No? Oh well.

Anyways, I finished the first section and wanted to know your thoughts, I will publish the entire thing hopefully tomorrow when it is finished.

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When They Find Out.

Jogan fluff because we’ve had enough angst.^^ And I’m sorry if they’re out of character. 


The cameras flashed in quick succession as soon as the actor stepped out of the recording studio.

“Julian! Are the rumors true?!”

“So you’re really not straight?!”

“Are you really dating the son of Senator Wright?!”

“Julian! JULIAN! Look here!”

“They say he’s a classmate of yours in Dalton! Any comments?!”

Even as his bodyguards surrounded him, Julian still felt the push of the numerous reporters trying to get near him.

He ignored the questions fired to him and just smiled the smile he reserved for such occasions.

Thankfully, he was able to get into the waiting car soon enough. Sliding his sunglasses off, he breathed a sigh of relief and ignored the questioning gaze and exasperated sigh of his manager as he grabbed his phone, dialing a number he had memorized by heart.

There was no answer.

He got to Dalton a little after lunch. As usual, he ignored the first years who were gaping at him and nodded to some Stuarts in greeting.

As soon as he got to Stuart, he made a beeline to the farthest room on the second floor and entered without knocking.

Logan was talking to someone on the phone and even with his back turned to the door, Julian could see the tension in the taller boy’s shoulders.

He closed the door noiselessly and hung back, deciding to make his presence known as soon as Logan finished talking with whoever was on the phone.

The blonde was so quiet for a few moments that Julian flinched when Logan suddenly shouted.

“I DON’T FUCKING CARE ABOUT YOUR CAMPAIGN!” The prefect started pacing. “You call me in the middle of the day just to accuse me of FLAUNTING my relationship to the public?! You have no right to lecture me—!”

Logan clenched his fists and Julian knew it was his father on the line. “Fuck you!—I’ll speak to you the way I want—Don’t you DARE SPEAK ABOUT JULIAN THAT WAY—I DON’T CARE IF YOU LOSE!”

Julian sighed and approached his boyfriend. So far, Logan had yet to notice him but the actor hated seeing Logan so angry. Especially after the blonde hadn’t had any breakdown’s ever since they had gotten together half a year before.

He wrapped his arms around Logan’s waist and leaned his head on top of the blonde’s shoulder. For a moment, Logan tensed before he relaxed and squeezed Julian’s hand.

He continued to speak angrily into the phone. “I’m done with this! I’m going to hang up now.”

From the phone, Julian heard a faint, “Don’t you dare hang up on me, young man!”

“Shut up,” Logan replied, his hand tightening on Julian’s. “Call me again when you’ve decided that it’s not wrong for me to want the world to know about the person I love. Until then, I’m not going to pick up any of your calls. Say hello to Michelle for me.”

He ended the call and all but threw the phone against the wall. Breathing heavily, he turned so that he could pull Julian into a proper hug.

“I’m sorry…”

The blonde sighed. “What for?”

“I should have been more cautious.”

“It’s not your fault. It’s not as if I’m the most discreet person there is, after all.”

Julian nodded against Logan’s shoulder, taking comfort from his loved one’s words as well as his presence.

They stayed that way for some time until Logan’s breathing had evened out and Julian had completely relaxed.

Smiling against the actor’s hair, Logan remarked, “Besides, it’s time that they know you’re not as available as you appear.”

Julian grinned and pulled the blonde closer. “The same goes to you, Logan Wright. Now that half the world knows, you really can’t get rid of me no matter what.”

I'm gonna regret this in the morning...

Totally wrote a Juligan one-shot in about an hour and a half. Haven’t heavily proofread or edited it, but I gotta go to bed and so I’m going to leave it as it is. :) Enjoy anyway! Or…y'know, don’t. Meanwhile, I’ll be dreaming of that sweet Klaine kiss all night long.

Let’s Play Pretend: Julian needs someone to run lines with. Logan just needs someone.