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Adrian was fast asleep on the air mattress on the empty living room floor when he felt his wife Juliette trying to wake him up in her usual ways. “Can you fuck off?” he mumbled while still half-asleep and wishing she would leave him alone. He was already tired enough from having moved most of their stuff into the back of the trailer and then hauling the rest of it away to whoever they sold it too. The couple had decided to leave their home and the place they knew to get far away from everything and to start a new life together. They had sold a lot of their stuff they couldn’t take with them and the rest of it was in the back of the trailer ready to drive across the country to their new home - which they hadn’t even figured out yet. Their plan was to stay in a hotel room for a few nights before they could find a nice apartment and move into it. “Mrs. Capaldi-Wicks, I’m trying to sleep. Give me like another hour or two and then we can leave.”