juliette x rayna

I’m so disappointed Nashville has been cancelled. The storytelling in the second half of this season has been extremely frustrating but there are too many loose ends that just needed another season (even a short one) to tie it all up.

I want to see Rayna and Deacon back in good terms, I want Maddie to get the stick out of her ass and come home begging Rayna, Deacon and especially Daphne for forgiveness. I want their family back together.

And Avery and Juliette. I want them to find their way back to each other and have the happy little family that they were so close to having. They missed out on their happy family because of the events that transpired because of Juliette’s postpartum depression, and its so unfair we probably won’t get to see their happy ending.

I want Scarlett and Gunnar to sort their shit out once and for all. Start communicating and finally become a real committed mature couple. If you think about it, we never saw them in a stable relationship. The only time they were together was when Gunnar was messed up over his brother. We never got to see them as a fully functioning happy couple and that makes me sad.

And I want more of Luke and Will, this unlikely duo. Luke has been a rock this season. Will has needed someone to fight for him and to give him to courage to start fighting for himself and I think a little more time and Will would’ve been going with Luke to all those TV interviews and really coming into his own.

But we won’t get to see all this happen and its actually made me really sad.