juliette balcony


We have the same photographic eyes

Juliet’s balcony - Filmby Stefania Papagni on Flickr.

Il balcone di Giulietta - Film by Alessandra Papagni on Flickr.

Stunning Houston c1930s Georgian-style manse currently for sale in Houston. The home was crafted by architect John F. Staub for oil executive George S. Heyer.The dormers, the pilasters, the black shutters, the juliette balconies, the everything - agh!


LiuTana Week (August 17-23):

  1. Day 1: Use the element which brings life
  2. Day 2: Mere Monk and Royal Princess
  3. Day 3: Romeo and Juliette AU - Balcony Scene
  4. Day 4: A Whole New Outworld (Disney AU)
  5. Day 5: Sparring Match
  6. Day 6: Teamwork
  7. Day 7: Under Different Circumstances

Rules are simple:

  • Any form of art is welcome, would it be music, edit, gif, art or a video, fanfiction, anything you are able to create based on the day’s prompt is acceptable for LiuTana Week.
  • Your post have to be tagged with #LiuTana Week and #LiuTana Week Day 1 (2, 3… 7) so that it can be found and reblogged in this LiuTana centric blog.

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