May I congratulate Mr and Mrs Biersack for their marriage. They’re both so perfect and such inspiring people and I wish them both the best. Andy, Juliet, I’m so happy for you both

how to know you are a failure:

this morning i went to a thrift shop with my friend. not just like a typical “thrift shop.” everything was basically free! but thats besides the point. i thought i could pick up some nice records for like a penny! i was looking through the racks. who do i see? Juliet simms. THIS my friend, is how you know youre a failure. once your records are on the sale rack of a goddamn THRIFT SHOP! take THAT juliet! okay, okay, im sorry, but REALLY?! PSHH.

this photo literally had me rocking on the floor violently sobbing for over twenty minutes. I’ve never seen an image so romantically powerful–plus it’s my otp, so, I just kinda broke….

Credit given to photographer listed: Libby_danger on Instagram