So, tonight Camella and I realised we’ve never gone out with just the two of us. What bad friends we are! So, we’re getting drunk playing Mario Kart and Go Fish and going to our very first Viper Wednesday! Going to Viper on a Wednesday was on my going away bucket list and coming home reverse bucket list. So incredibly glad our favourite club is just a five minute walk down the road, maybe we’ll go to the beach afterwards. You can tell I’m getting drunk because I’m rambling shit but not so drunk I’m typing like this dskjf8s701 XBHYTETUQO3K;LewasmZxmnhgyfuei]8op\9p5wi39827Q 7atyhjgkyoi9ers8udshkjdlfshdkjg

Which happens. There’s evidence. 


So excited to finish work tomorrow, come home, finish packing, jump in my car and head to Rainbow for Camcam’s birthday weekend extravaganza! Lots of swimming, beach games, drinking and having super duper fun with some fantastic people. So excited I can hardly sleep. I haven’t been camping since Splendour last year. It’ll be nice to have a weekend away where I don’t have to worry about money, bills or people. Keeeeeen as mustard! 

And I definitely cannot wait for Mel’s real birthday so I can finally get the huge weight of her present off my back.