I Appreciate That, Jules

julietreflects replied to your post: I’ve Had Several Occasions…

I have told some people I know about you, my kids for one. Not because it is a salacious story, but because I am incredibly inspired by you, and proud to be associated with you.

I guess I’m not worked up about people who tell others about me just in the normal course of Tumblr talk, or whatever. What I hate is when people are “told/warned” shortly before I meet them, which I *don’t* think is necessary. If my story can be used to inspire someone then that’s wonderful. I just don’t want it shared as a “You’re never going to believe this…!” kind of thing.

Tumblr Crushes:

Sunday time is crush time! And the heart this week goes to the woman with the most beautiful heart (and smile.) 

Also, Christine and Lauren: if you feel something strange don’t worry about it. It’s probably just darksidelawyer. 

kissuponhershoulder-deactivated  asked:

You are quiet and unassuming. You are incredibly loyal. Your new puppy is cute! Your hamsters are cute too. You always do an amazing job with your manicures.

Thanks!  ^.^  They’re guinea pigs, though. (Don’t worry, everyone gets them mixed up.)

The secret to my manicures is that I have my nails done every two weeks.  It’s a little expensive, but I try not to ask for much else.