Crown the Empire

it truly AMAZES me how many tumblr posts are being uploaded about Crown the Empire. you guys are awesome fans, and it impresses me how much you guys actually care about the boys, and how much you adore them.

here’s a shout out to all the Crown the Empire fans :)

you’re all spectacular, and they love each and every one of you, just like i do :)


perks of dating a band member:

  • you get to hear the boys practice
  • you get to hear the songs before anyone else
  • you get to see the music videos before anyone else
  • you get to meet other band members in other bands
  • you can get backstage at shows
  • you can get into shows for free
  • free band merch
  • girls want your guy, but can’t have them
  • knowing that he chose you instead of being a slutty band member
  • your boy plays/writes songs just for you
  • people recognize you as “***’s girlfriend”

conflicts of dating a band member:

  • you can’t see him while on tour
  • groupies throw themselves on your boy
  • people will recognize you as “***’s girlfriend”

anonymous asked:

Did Andrew hook you and Austin up??? Can you tell us about the first time he kissed you or your first impression of him?

HAHAHA sure ill tell yall. but you should come off anon after this :)

no he didnt hook us up.

In highschool, I was in this art class with my good friends. so was Austin. but for second semester, we were both moved into the same art class. I only knew one person, named Matt, so I sat by him. Austin sat with these other girls that he only sort of knew. I was the kind of girl who always wore band shirts, (so was he). so one day, I was wearing a really old Attack Attack shirt, and as we were leaving class, he comes to me and says, “nice shirt”. My heart dropped. i had never seen someone so gorgeous in my life. the next time we had class, i noticed that he looked very bored next to those other girls, so i told Matt to call him over since he knew him. of coarse, Austin comes and sits by us, (across from me, matt being at the end of the table). we all started talking and became sort of friends. after that day, I always tried to look a little cuter for Austin, but he doesn’t know that (; after a while, he showed me his band, which at the time only had the drake cover out and “breaking point” hahah, and asked me to go to his show, and told me that my boyfriend of the time should go too. i agreed and gave him my number.

later that week, i was sick and stayed home from school, he noticed and asked if i wanted to chill. i was too happy. He came over that night and met my mom. he also saw my baby grand piano, and HAD to play it. my heart sunk. (i play piano as well, so it was a great connection) my mom is in LOVE with piano too, so whenever someone plays it, she goes crazy. the moment she saw Austin playing, she pulled me aside and said, “Juliet. Dump your boyfriend. this boy right here is the one.” i took her advice and dumped my boyfriend that night (: but before i did, Austin tried holding my hand while we were watching a movie. i went NUTS. i had to reject since i DID  have a boyfriend, but i was so happy that he tried. that night he slept over. of coarse different beds.

the next morning, he decided to skip school with me and spend the whole day with me (:

THATS how we started talking :):) 

our first kiss wasn’t really all that romantic, but it was at school in the hallway after he walked me to my class :)

The day he asked me out, February 9, 2011, was our first double date with Brandon Hoover and his girlfriend of the time. she’s the sweetest. we just went out to the movies. Austin and I were on our way back to his house, and while we were in the car, someone had called and asked what i was doing, so of coarse, i said, “with my manfriendboytypething”. Austin just looked at me, and said, “we say we are each other’s boyfriend and girlfriend, so why not make it official. will you go out with me?” YES. hahah. (i texted my parents telling them right away:b) let me just inform everyone that i am Austin’s actual first official girlfriend. he had dated girls but never had a girlfriend. so be it, that same night, Austin told me that he is falling in love with me, and i confessed right back <3  after that night, we were inseparable.


its all healed :)

reason i got it:

every day, you do things. but everything you do, you have two choices. For example: could i drink and drive, or could i get someone to drive me. could i dump my boyfriend because he hurt me very much, or could i learn to get over it. or something simple as, could i eat this piece of cake, or could i not. every choice you make impacts your life more than you think. IMAGINE how life could be with BOTH choices, BEFORE you make the choice. imagine how much better it could be with one. how much smarter, how much easier.

i got it mainly for two reasons, which are the first two reasons stated above. my ex boyfriend Alex died from serious head trauma in a car accident, from SOMEONE ELSE in a completely different car being a drunk driver. R.I.P. my boyfriend made a mistake, and i realized that people make mistakes, we love each other very much, and that one mistake shouldn’t ruin a year and a half relationship.

basically,i have imagine written on my ass because its DEEP OK