juliet was thirteen

My favourite thing is when people read classic romances for the first time and realise how different they are to the way popular culture represents them. Mr. Darcy isn’t some handsome, perfect hunk. He’s a socially awkward loser who writes embarrassingly long, eloquent letters to the girl he likes because he can’t speak two words to her face without colossally fucking up. Mr. Rochester is a creepy bigamous liar who keeps women in his attic. Heathcliff’s a terrifying fucking psychopath who abuses kids. JULIET WAS THIRTEEN.

Zoë’s film recs

I decided that I would make a film recs list because I watch a lot of movies and thought that it would be nice to share them. Some are a bit obscure, whereas others are well-known. There are 70+ films, categorized by genre and alphabetically. Enjoy!






when in verona [1.0] [minhyuk]

day 3 of mel’s aroha sweet sixteen! enjoy part one of some minhyuk hs au!

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word count: 1994

warnings: none

“I said I love you.”

“Play auditions are next Thursday!” Your friend Woosoo squealed, pointing to the flyer pinned up in the hallways at your school.

“Okay?” You said, not particularly interested in participating.

“You said you would do it with me this year!”

“When did I say that?”

“April 27th, at 2:48 am.”

“Oh jeez, Woosoo.”

And so you ended up in the drama room the next week, nervously flipping through the script again. You only had to do one scene, but you didn’t want to. You didn’t want to be in drama club. And yet, Woosoo had managed to convince you anyway. And you especially didn’t want to do Romeo and Juliet, one of the dumbest and most overused plays in existence. In your opinion, at least.

“Next up, Y/L/N Y/N and Park Minhyuk.” The drama teacher read your names off the list, and you took a deep breath before walking up to the stage.

The boy you had been paired up with was someone you had seen in a couple of your classes, but you didn’t know him very well. He was well built, with messy brown hair that he brushed out of his eyes as he looked up from his feet to you. Your breath hitched in your throat for a moment as his eyes connected with yours, and you were thankful that he had the first line in this scene, you would’ve barely been able to stutter out a single word.

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The argument over whether Romeo and Juliet were really star-crossed lovers, or whether they were just dumb teenagers smitten with lust is an old one, and I don’t think it will ever be resolved because of how easy it is to argue for both sides. After all, Juliet was just thirteen, and Romeo perhaps sixteen when they met. They only knew each other for three days and had barely spoken before they were racing to get married. Yet much of the language they share is achingly romantic, and they undeniably nurse a deep, uncontrollable passion for each other, naive though it may be.

As I was puzzling over it, I began to think that maybe that’s the whole point. Maybe it’s purposefully left ambiguous, because the entire tragedy stems from us not knowing if it’s true love.

Maybe their relationship would have endured. Maybe Romeo and Juliet would have grown old together, raised a family and been deliriously happy for the rest of their days. Or maybe, as they grew older, they would have come to resent one another. Maybe they would have regretted their hasty marriage and fallen out of love, as teenagers often do. Maybe Romeo’s love for Juliet would have faded as surely as his love for Rosaline did.

We don’t know. We don’t know how their relationship would have progressed because the fighting between their families pushed these kids to make increasingly desperate and stupid decisions. We’ve all experienced those first pangs of love as teenagers, so strong that we were convinced we’d die for the other person, and thanks to the idiotic feud between their parents, these kids were placed into a position where they were forced to follow through on the mad passions of youth.

So were they star-crossed lovers? Were these kids really in love? Would they have lived happily ever after if they had met in another time, under kinder skies?

We don’t know. Therein lies the tragedy. We just don’t know. And thanks to the feud between their families, we will never know.

i just finished reading r+j (again)

and some things that stand out when you finally understand the play:

  • holy crap the puns
  • and the sex jokes
  • like sampson and gregory hot damn boys cool it we ain’t even seen any major characters yet don’t be such fuckboys
  • juliet is 13.  juliet is only thirteen. paris you perve.
  • romeo you’re no better
  • nurse and mercutio are tied for the “will you please shut up already” award
  • mercutio you just called romeo “fishified” like ily just for that
  • the best part of romeo’s character is he doesn’t start fights but damn does he finish them
  • yeah juliet you go girl keep up that sass with your mum
  • tbh everyone in this play is so overdramatic it’s like a soap opera
  • victorian soaps
  • this play starts out hilarious and ends up emo as all heck
  • shakespeare: i write sins not tragedies
Induratize [Part One // Kai]

{{ verb // to make one’s heart hardened or resistant to someone’s pleas or advances or to the idea of love }}

Part 1 ✕ Part 2 ✕ Part 3 ✕ Part 4 ✕ Part 5

He’s far from being Romeo.

Fluff. Highschool!AU. 1,275 words.


You suppose everyone in this class has gone insane by now. Because, for once, you are nearly driven to madness by the monotonous tone of your English teacher, Mr. Lee. To put it shortly, he is an unmarried, stout, balding man in his fifties who enjoys secretly watching reruns of “My Girl” from his desk and wearing suspenders as well as horn-rimmed glasses.

But, here you are; once again, he is explaining the oh-so-tragic story of Romeo and Juliet–how they would rather die than live without each other: the act of true love. Well, you don’t know what’s going through his decrepit mind, but you thought that story was a bit sketchy, even though you live for romance novels.

As he drones on and on about Romeo and Juliet and their undying love (no pun intended), you mentally make a list of how stupid that story is.

1. Juliet was thirteen, and Romeo was sixteen. And, they even had sex at that age. Gross.

2. Romeo basically went up to a complete stranger and made out with her.

3. He also married a girl he met less than three days ago.

4. Romeo was some sort of stalker; he hid under her balcony and watched her.

5. He gets over girls really quickly, too. He was all upset over Rosaline until he sees some hot thirteen-year-old.

6. But, they were both wearing masks since it was a masquerade party, so how did he know she was attractive anyway?

7. Romeo and Juliet were too impulsive, which ended with them both committing suicide.

8. The whole story took place in less than one week. Like damn, what’s the rush?

Basically, if Romeo could have just held it in his pants, six people would still be living.

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speaking of romeo and juliet u know what i’d like to do

i’d like to make a seemingly cliche romance movie and the trailers are all really romancy and unassuming and the narrator is like “So timeless and beautiful it rivals Romeo and Juliet~” and the preview scenes are all smushy and goopy with cliche romantic lines but the actual movie is like “MAANNN ROSALINE FRIENDZONED ME BRO” “Dude she said hello to you like twice maybe you’re not even in the same classes” “THIS IS BULLSHIT I’M GONNA GO DOXX HER ON REDDI– hey who’s that cute girl” “Ro that’s the middle school” “hey man if there’s grass on the feild play ball” and super gross shit like that yeah that’d totally be Romeo

and Juliet is just so thirteen it’s unbelievable like “omg guys Romeo from the high school totally looked at me today” “which one?” “Romeo M i think idk he had a sick rattail” “isn’t he like 17 years old” “yeah isn’t that hot it’s like forbidden” “Jules we’re in 8th grade” “shUT UP WE’RE IN LOVE YOU JEALOUS COW” and basically everyone in the story except for them has basic common sense and shit but these two are fuckin morons goin around being all dramatic over their teenage hormones

August Just One Word Book Photo Challenge/ Day 1: Heartbreaking

I tend to cry during just about every book I read. Happy moments, Sad moments, It doesn’t really matter. If the scene is emotional and written well, it will probably break my heart into a thousand tiny pieces. 

I’ve been thinking about ‘Juliet was just thirteen, why would she get married?’ But everyone around her wanted her to get married. Just not to Romeo.

In Shakespeare’s Verona, ‘younger than she are happy mothers made’. Lady Capulet got married and had a baby when she was around Juliet’s age. She tells Juliet that Paris is wooing her and encourages her to love him. The Nurse thinks it’s a great idea. Capulet initially wants to wait a few years, but then turns around and decides Juliet should marry Paris immediately. (ETA: And then he makes fun of the idea that she’s too young:

And then to have a wretched puling fool,
A whining mammet, in her fortune’s tender,
To answer “I’ll not wed; I cannot love,
I am too young; I pray you, pardon me.”)

Marriage at thirteen is clearly a perfectly normal thing in Juliet’s world, and society and family are telling Juliet ‘it’s time for you to be thinking about love and marriage.’

The Capulets are priming Juliet to fall in love the very day of the ball. But you can’t direct adolescent emotions that closely, and she falls for the wrong guy. But she knows that Paris wants her. And knowing her father, she’s probably well aware that if it’s up to him, Paris is the man she’s going to marry. Whether she likes it or not.

Juliet is the one who suggests marriage to Romeo. By marrying him she takes control of her own destiny. She can’t marry another man if she already has a husband. So her husband is going to be her choice, someone she actually loves.

I do think it was an impetuous decision. But given the world that Shakespeare has set up, it’s a very understandable one.

Honeymoon Holidays - Chapter 25: Coda

Klaine, 725 words, A03
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Kurt and Blaine’s first winter holidays together as a married couple fall so quickly after their wedding that sometimes they almost seem like a continuation of their honeymoon.  But not always.

A story in the “Season 7” series that looks at events in the early married life of Kurt and Blaine, written in connection with the Klaine Advent challenge.  The name of each chapter is the prompt.

Note:  This last chapter is just a bit of fun, not really a part of the main story.  Hope you enjoy – and happy new year!

Sometime in the future…

“And then it ends with a poem, summing it all up.”  He clears his throat and reads.

“In the quiet warmth of their bedroom, only half awake,
They whisper of things they will do and paths they will take.
And one says to the other, as he turns off the light,
‘Merry Christmas, my husband.  I love you.  Good night.’”

Artie sets down his papers, squares his shoulders and looks around the room.  He’s barely had time to take a breath before the comments start flying from the suited people at the conference table.

“Wait a minute, I’m confused,” a tall man says, standing up to make his point.  “Are we supposed to believe this really happened?”

“It’s fiction, you idiot,” his neighbor says, taking off her glasses and wiping them with her scarf.  “although still pretty unbelievable.”

“Did they break up twice, or three times?”  The curly haired woman is counting on her well-manicured fingers.  “In high school, in college… twice?”

A dark skinned woman with a fabulous hat speaks up next.  “I like the premise, but a lot of it seems too far-fetched.  What’s the chance they’d really stay together after all that?”

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