juliet simms lyrics

We strip each others beauty 
and we push it to the end
. We face each other smiling 
and leave it all unsaid. You can take your love away, but don’t you ever leave me alone
. Burn the ghosts we’ve carried home. Come on, touch me, show me you’re imperfect too. 
These broken lights they shine on us tonight.
—  Automatic Loveletter - August 28th 3:30 AM

I had the best dream last night, I emailed Juliet Simms and asked her to do a UK tour and she asked me if I wanted to be her opening act, so of course I said yes.

Next thing I know, I met Andy Biersack and did 4 gigs in the UK, 6 in Australia and 3 in America.

I also met Ashton Irwin, Alex Gaskarth, Kellin Quinn and Vic Fuentes somehow…

Best Dream EVER!