I can’t believe that Andy has to deal with this. This is so fucked up.
Andy and Juliet are just HUMAN BEINGS everyone. Just like you are. Just like I am.
Can you imagine being followed around your home like this? Can you imagine not being able to feel safe at your home -the place that you should feel the safest?

They’re moving. No one should EVER have to move because of disrespectful “fans”.

I’m not saying this just for Andy’s situation. Hear me out now:
PLEASE, if you call yourself a fan, respect the privacy of the person you’re a fan of.
▪️It’s not okay to stalk their houses and follow them around constantly.
▪️It’s not okay to invade their privacy.

It makes me so sad that people still have to address this.

Don’t be a fake fan. Encourage the person that you’re a fan of to do their job. Don’t discourage them. And most importantly LET THEM LIVE. BE RESPECTFUL.