juliet lewis


Elizabeth Mitchell: This is our post-fight Twix. Ok, our daily Twix, who am I kidding?
Rebecca Mader: We made up!
Elizabeth Mitchell: We made up! Look, there’s just a few bumps and bruises, but… we’re good friends now.
Rebecca Mader: I forgave her.
Elizabeth Mitchell: Mmhmm!
Rebecca Mader: Only because she’s pretty. If she was ugly I wouldn’t have done.

Everyone on Lost worrying about their love lives
  • Jack: Kate ilu
  • Kate: Jack I am not leaving you!
  • Sawyer: You got my back, Blondie?
  • Juliet: Of course
  • Desmond: PENNY
  • Sun: JIN
  • Jin: SUN
  • Rose: I'll just be over there with my hubby
  • Bernard: I love my wife
  • Daniel: Charlotte you're so pretty plz love me
  • Charlotte: Oh Dan *rolls eyes lovingly*
  • Charlie: Claire Claire Claire ilu and the baby
  • Claire: Charlie you're so adorable
  • Sayid: I miss Shannon
  • Hurley: Yo Libby wassup?
  • Libby: You're so cute
  • Miles: *laughs*