juliet lafleur


lafleur week | day 2 | favorite quote/exchange

3.23 through the looking glass part i

and so it begins. sawyer finally meets someone who can outwit and outsass him and shut him up and doesn’t cater to his bullshit. she knows all about his deep dark past and still treats him as her equal. you can see how they just start likING EACH OTHER PRETTY FAST and it kills me. oh and that runway thing? ouch.


lafleur week | day 4 | lafleur anything

alright, two weeks

i don’t even know how to start. lost was a master class in many things: storytelling, character development, and telling great love stories. lafleur was the epitome of all those things. she stayed because he asked and two weeks turned into three years and their love transcended time and space and death. i really don’t know what to say about this, tbh. lafleur kind of speaks for itself.