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On Princess Carolyn’s bookshelf:

A Tale of Two Kittens

Me Meow Pretty One Day

Romeow and Juliet

Purrity - Johnathan Franzen

Purrmese Days

Consider The Lobster - David Foster Wallace

The Big Book of Pajamas

The Color Purrple



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i dont agree with sally but

i do understand where she’s coming from. Shakespeare is a very controversial writer and his topics are often misinterpreted.

but i do believe that saying his play is glamorizing suicide is a bit of a reach to be honest

i feel like saying the romeo and juliet glamorizes suicide is like saying john green romanticizes cancer with the fault in our stars

its all on how its interpreted

Was watching ‘The Politician’s Wife’ starring Juliet Stevenson, and I’m impressed by the writing. (And Juliet Stevenson makes me cry.)

There are some parallels to 'The Good Wife’ and more recently, 'Doctor Foster’. The whole theme of a woman scorned is both humiliating and empowering.

It’s unfortunate that I call it 'empowering’, there is no other phrase. More than often, these women are asleep or blind to their husband’s indiscretion. Their wake up call comes in the form of discovering the betrayal, and that’s that. She faces public shame and humiliation, and accusations about her inability to please her husband. These things she must fight and win. For herself.

That is empowering. Despite the hurt and extremes, some women go to return the pain. (Mucky world we live in.)

the rest of season three...

3x17 “Sixteen” airing: 3/7/16 

  • Brandon/Cortney vs. Callie/AJ tension
  • Brallie makes a pact to not bring their significant others to family events (this clearly fails)
  • Jesus and Callie bonding moment (via BTS picture from Bradley)
  • Mariana and Jesus clash over their birthday party plans
  • Possible Jonnor Reunion 
  • Jude has a ticket to see Connor, apologizes for having to miss the twins birthday but it looks like Jude IS at the twins birthday party in BTS pictures.
  • Aftermath of Sally’s confession is likely dealt with as Monte makes an appearance. 

    - episode appearances by: Connor, Monte, Gabe, Cortney (via IMDB)

3x18 “Rehearsal” airing: 3/14/16 

  • Awkward interaction between Callie and Cortney (via script snippet)
  • Painting sets for R&J (via script snippet)
  • Brandon plays referee between Mat and Mariana
  • Brallie talks in B’s room (via BTS pic from Norman Buckley)
  • Callie testifies on Daphne’s behalf to help her get her daughter back
  • Callie and Daphne are at a playground in a BTS picture
  • Zoe tells Nick about Mariana cheating on Mat with Wyatt
  • Thus Mariana is worried about Nick breaking up with her.
  • Jesus and Mariana want to help their birth father
  • Mariana gets arrested / or has a scene involving the police (Cierra posted a behind the scenes picture of her in handcuffs… possible reasoning: Gabe is arrested for being around minors).

    - episode appearances by: Zoey, Gabe, an officer, a lawyer, someone named Karen, Cortney, Daphne (IMDB)

 3x19 “The Show” airing: 3/21/16 

  • Stef receives a domestic abuse call which leads to a tragic discovery (popular theories: Jack in his abusive home or Cortney from her ex-boyfriend)
  • Brandon and Mat put on R&J (finally!!!)
  • 12 Original Songs will be featured
  • Corbin Bleu guest stars
  • Lou is back!
  • Brallie duet (popular theory: Brandon and Callie step in as Romeo and Juliet)
  • The musical sparks heightened emotions for the Adams Foster Fam causing them to reflect on recent events (popular theory: Brallie related flashbacks)
  • Mariana confronts her feelings for Mat

    - episode appearances by: Lou, “Officer Meritt" 

3x20 "Kingdom Come” airing: 3/28/16 

  • fun fact: kingdom come basically means the end of the world
  • The family deals with a “tragic loss” (popular theory: relates to the domestic abuse call in the previous episode)
  • Brandon tells the moms that Cortney has a kid 
  • Fost and Found App Launch Party -> Justina encourages to throw despite Callie’s hesitations
  • Jules tweeted about an “important smooch” taking place. 
  • All of the Adams Foster fam filmed at a beach (The mommas, Callie, Brandon, Mariana, Jude, Jesus).
  • The final shot of 3B, taking place at the app launch party, is Mariana’s shocked face while talking to Brandon (popular theory: Brandon is revealing something about him and Callie)

    - episode appearances by: Taylor, Monte, Jack, Zoey, Eddie (Cortney’s baby daddy), someone named Mr. Stratos

*** pending more information as the press release for 3x20 has yet to be published ***

Miscellaneous Plot Points: 

  • Justina and her shady intentions (popular theory: she works for a privatized company which places kids in foster homes)
  • Jack’s reappearance
  • Rumor: The Quinns return (possibly for Callie’s launch party?)