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I bet you Simon is that person who does stupid things in class but really he’s only trying to get Baz to notice him like why won’t he take his eyes off of his book? maybe if I fall off my chair? yeah doesn’t hurt to try… oh but it will ugh the things I do for this boy 

Shipping in the Renaissance

Do you guys think, that maybe during the Elizabethan Age, there existed girls were freaking out and having a bunch of feels because of Shakespeares plays like fangirls today because of books and series? Like imagine a young lady in the 16th century in the global theatre crying: „NOT MY OTP! NOT MY BABIES! DAMN YOU WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE!“ while watching Romeo and Juliet die? Do you think things like that happened? Did people at that time ship people like we do today? Did they write fanfictions? Did they draw fanart about their OTP? We will never know…

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Draco always said that his farther would hear about this Because it was the scariest he could think about!


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If Bethyl sunk two years ago, TPTB would not having it sailing throughout the narrative, via parallels, reminders, and Daryl’s character arc. Nor would the ship be promoted over a year after the fact. Daryl loves Beth romantically, and that is canon. Not official, but canon in terms of storytelling. A person has to be blind or in denial to not see it. And he will always love her. Norman all but said so, and that’s enough why C@ryl and the other Daryl ships aren’t going to happen. I’m done debating Bethyl to people who want to deny reality. If they can’t see it now, they never will. I’m not TD because I want to Bethyl; I would choose Beth over Bethyl any day. But in terms of writing, Bethyl is still being written as a romance, and Beth is needed for that equation, so logically she’s coming back.

The hate blogs laugh when I say that Bethyl is the Great Romance ™ of the show, but it is. The greatest love stories usually involve painful separation, often an apparent death, and no pairing has been separated this long, this romantically troped, nor been called an actual “damn romance novel.”

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And there was a reason for that. As there’s always a reason. Bethyl and TD on, love.


From behind her Rowan heard footsteps coming down the stairs and not much later she heard Juliet’s voice fill the room.

Juliet: “Oh, popcorn! It smells so nice. Is there still some left?”
Rowan: “Juli!”

Tyler and Neil burst out laughing and even Rowan and June couldn’t help but laugh at Juliet’s enthusiasm. Juliet grabbed a bowl from the cupboards and put a heaping pile in it before sitting down at the table with the others.”

Tyler: “Hm, take as much as you want. There’s plenty left.”
Juliet: “Damn, Tyler.. I didn’t think you could be so nice.”
Tyler: “Perhaps you should give me a chance, yeah?”
Juliet: “Eh, I’ll think about it Darke. Not today thought.. Oh damn.. Blugh.. These are too freaking stale.”


If Disney Princes Starred In Leonardo DiCaprio Movies

1.  Prince Philip and Aurora in The Man in The Iron Mask

2.  Prince Eric and Ariel in The Beach.

3.  Milo Thatch in The Basketball Diaries.

4.  And John Smith and Pocahontas in Titanic.

5. Hercules, Megara, and the Muses in Catch Me if You Can.

6. Aladdin and Jasmine in The Great Gatsby.

7.  Kristoff and Anna in Gangs of New York.

8.  Li Shang and Mulan in Romeo + Juliet.

9.  Tarzan (and an angry bear) in The Revenant.

10.  Naveen and Tiana in The Wolf of Wall Street.

Betty White!Crowley


I ADORE Betty White. You have no idea. I can’t think of a year of my life where she wasn’t on my TV and one television show or another. So the thought of her doing a stint as Crowley amused me to no end back in May when @thayerkerbasy and a couple other folks brought it up. then to see it pop up tonight in my quick prompts I just had to do this one!

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Here’s a quick sketch of Betty White! Crowley with Juliet.

Damn it all now I want to do a proper illustration of this. Color and all.

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listen I love r&j so much they’re so cute. what do you think their dynamic would be if they didn’t have to worry about their parents finding out? who takes all the blankets at night? who makes breakfast in bed? who is the early riser? can either one of them sing or play an instrument? who is clumsier and who puts a bandaid on the other when they fall and scrape their knee? are they super pda? basically I just love them and I want them to be happy okay bye I love ur blog

THANK YOU! They had enough hate in their lives, they deserve that we give them some love!

But since the feud determines their lives to the point that they even commit suicide because of it, it is hard to actually know what Romeo and Juliet’s personalities would be if they lived in a loving, open-minded society. For instance, perhaps Romeo wouldn’t be so in love with love if his life weren’t so marked by hate, and certainly they wouldn’t have the need to kill themselves in order to “shake the yoke of inauspicious stars / From this world-wearied flesh.” Everything they do and say is conditioned by the violence and the hatred of their world, so if we isolate them from the feud, we are really not talking about Romeo and Juliet anymore… but as I love these star-crossed kids so much, I actually have a lot of headcanons about them being completely, perpetually happy. Because they deserve it and because they make me cry.

I tend to think that their dynamics wouldn’t really change. Both of them are so lively, so energetic, so desperate to feel the most extreme passions. That’s why they end up dead; they are too restless to succumb to the kind of life their society expects them to have. This impetuosity comes from their need to feel, to taste life in all its forms, and I think that’s exactly what they would do if they lived in a free world—live, because they are tremendously in love with life itself. They are too ecstatic and euphoric and impatient and tireless to ever fall into monotony. They would live each day in a different way and they would always look for ways to reinvent themselves, to expand themselves through new horizons. (See how they talk about lights forcing their way through windows and caves that they will tear by screaming.) They would always be full of ideas, always planning to do new things, always sharing their emotions. Moreover, I’m sure they would really stand up for each other, as they do in the play. They would always be there to remind each other how bright and valuable they are.

Romeo is a dreamer, a soft, childish boy who cries too much—his ideal world would be one in which he could just be himself, a world in which he wouldn’t be mocked at for showing his emotions. (Think about Mercutio’s reaction when Romeo publicly stated he literally loved Tybalt.) I think Romeo is really done with toxic masculinity, and what he needs is to live in a world where his idealism is not rejected. Juliet, on the other hand, is more of a realist. She’s always thinking and analyzing the situation. So they are quite different, but what’s so great about them is that they know how to accept each other. In the original text, they always inquire about each other’s opinions, aware that they do not always have to see things the same way. I don’t think that would change if they lived in a better world, and I actually think they fit really well: Romeo’s idealism may add some madness to Juliet’s down-to-earth reasoning, and Juliet’s realism may prevent Romeo’s dreams from governing all his life.

Now let me answer all your questions one by one because they are super fun!

  • Who takes all the blankets at night? Romeo takes all the blankets and he doesn’t stop moving and mumbling because he has such vivid dreams and he probably takes up most of the bed and Juliet always has to sleep on the edge.
  • Who makes breakfast in bed? Ever since Romeo bought heart-shaped molds off the Internet he makes cupcakes for Juliet to have in bed when she wakes up. (Because Romeo 100% loves hearts. Juliet’s nickname on his WhatsApp account is ❤❤❤ MY JULIET ❤❤❤ and if you ever ask him to draw something random he’d just draw a heart.) Juliet doesn’t really care much but since she knows Romeo loves making breakfast in bed for her she once did the same for him and he cried because #feels.
  • Who is the early riser? Looking at how Juliet just wanted to stay in bed in Act 3 scene 5 I’ll say Romeo wakes up earlier. (I mean, according to the play Romeo loves to wake up really early just to go write bad poetry under a damn sycamore.) Juliet loves to sleep and she always tries to talk Romeo into staying in bed and cuddle with her all morning.
  • Can either one of them sing or play an instrument? He’s not a good singer but Romeo always sings in the shower. He sings the most ridiculous songs and Juliet sometimes has to urge him to get out of the bathroom because he’s been locked in there singing out loud for decades. Also they sing together in the car and they really get into it. (And it’s always Juliet who drives because Romeo is too dramatic to even try to park his car.)
  • Who is clumsier and who puts a bandaid on the other when they fall and scrape their knee? Romeo is super clumsy and Juliet is his perfect prince coming to rescue him in a shining armor. (I mean, remember when Romeo dreamed that Juliet brought him back to life with a kiss as if he were a Disney princess? Yeah.) Of course Romeo is overdramatic and if he injured his knee he’d be like “that’s it I’m going to die this is the end I LOVE YOU JULIET” and Juliet would just be like “SHUT THE FUCK UP IT’S JUST A DAMN SCRATCH” but then she would pity him because he would keep complaining and she’d just fill him with kisses and give him a lot of affection.
  • Are they super pda? THEY ARE SUPER PDA LIKE, they are always kissing and ignoring everyone else and calling each other by the most ridiculous names and Mercutio doesn’t stop mocking them but they don’t even listen because they are too busy whispering ridiculous things in each other’s ear. They are that kind of couple that makes you uncomfortable BECAUSE THE INTIMACY but they can’t help it because they make each other so happy.

RUS: Зузу и Джульет дружили в детстве, так как были в одном классе, но позже Джульет переехала, и их общение угасло.
Джульет: Чёрт, я слышала, что произошло с твоей семьёй…
Зузу: Пожалуйста, давай не будем об этом.

ENG: Zuzu and Juliet were friends in childhood, as they were in the same class, but later Juliet moved, and their communication was extinguished. 
Juliet: Damn, I heard what happened to your family …
Zuzu: Please, let’s not talk about this.