Someone please talk to me about the Romeo X Juliet anime

This. Fucking. Anime. With its clever as shit Shakespeare references, and puppy dog Romeo, and sexy anime boy Tybalt, and DRAGON STEEDS. 

And Juliet. Juliet Princess Capulet of my heart.

Dressing up and being a damn superhero

Raising a rebellion to help the common people.

Being a god damn warrior princess in incredibly practical and historically accurate-ish armor. (Historically accurate-ish non-objectifying armor. In an anime that has magic trees and dragon horses. These are my priorities.) 

Like…Romeo and Juliet is only a so-so play for me, honestly. Because Romeo and Juliet hardly know each other, and they aren’t well developed outside of their instant rush romance, and they have no real responsibilities so like- just run the fuck away with each other. Don’t try and play dead, this is a bad plan.

And this anime. THIS ANIME just takes all those complaints and sets them on fire and is like “Epic romance and political intrigue and weird magic Miyazaki trees and a rebellion FOR THE PEOPLE with Juliet Princess of MY HEART at the helm and just for fun, how many Shakespeare references can you find?” 


Thank you.

anonymous asked:

I like to think Rosaline and Juliet would be lesbians or just really close platonic girlfriends like they get together every Saturday to drink Starbucks and roll their eyes at the fuckboys always starting street fights. PS they met at bible study

this is one of the greatest asks/headcanons i’ve ever received tbh