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I hope Hanji reappears soon. It's sad to see Levi so alone and desperate.

I am perpetually bitter that hange keeps getting taken out of the big action scenes prematurely. its almost like a thing of convenience like isayama doesn’t have room for or doesn’t know how to incorporate her into the action

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The human body temperatures is, on average, 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit (or 37 degrees Celsius). Many animals have different ranges. Goats, for example, have a normal range about 102 degrees Fahrenheit (40° C) while some lizards are best as low as 75 degrees fahrenheit (24° C). Some lava pokémon, such as Magcargo or today’s Heatran, have a body temperature significantly higher than that.

Heatran, for example, is a fire-steel type. According the the pokédex, it is made of rugged steel, but is partially melted in spots because of its own body heat. Steel is a combination of iron and other metals, usually carbon. By mixing iron with other metals, steel forms a stronger, more resistant, less corrosive material. It depends on the mixture, but steel typically melts around 1370 degrees Celsius (2500° F). However, steel will start to deform or “soften” at 538 degrees Celsius (1,000° F). This means that if Heatran’s steel is deformed because of its heat, its body temperature must be at least 1000°F.

Fresh lava, for comparison, has a temperature between 1,300° F and 2,200° F. So, Heatran’s body temperature is nearly the same as its environment, since it dwells in volcanic caves. Besides needing to survive its environment, why is Heatran so hot?

For humans, it turns out 98.6° F is a perfect balance. It’s hot enough that most fungus can’t live and thrive in our body, but cool enough that it doesn’t take too much energy to upkeep the temperature. Our metabolism, which includes the process of turning food into energy, is more or less efficient depending on an animal’s body temperature. 

Here’s a graph comparing the metabolism of two animals, a mouse and a lizard. Different body temperatures are on the horizontal axis, and energy outputs are on the vertical axis. The mouse, a mammal like us, has a metabolism that works the best at around 38 degrees Celsius. A lizard, on the other hand (a cold-blooded animal), puts out less energy over all, but is efficient at a much wider range of body temperatures. A lizard could be 20° C or 30° C and not suffer much difference in energy output. A mouse on the other hand has a fairly small window.

An animal’s body temperature is all about determining that balance between health and metabolism. The fact that Heatran’s body temperature is so high may tell us a few things. Most bacteria, for example, can’t even survive at temperatures higher than 50° C (122° F). A little higher than that, about 75° C (167° F), is enough to kill most viruses like influenza. Even for the crazy thermophile bacteria that live in hot environments like ocean vents, the “world record” is 113° C (235° F). Heatran’s body temperature is at least 5 times that. Its hot body temperature means that Heatran doesn’t even need an immune system. Its body is way too hot to support most life, including the good bacteria humans have naturally that help us digest food. 

In fact, temperatures as hot as Heatran kill most life of any kind. Heatran must have some weird systems to be most efficient in those temperatures. Not to mention that he is made out of steel.

Heatran’s body temperature is around 1000°F (538° C). Heatran’s metabolism is most efficient at higher temperatures, and it does not need an immune system because the heat kills any fungus, bacteria, or virus that may want to infect Heatran.

Another part of Heatran’s entry tells us that it is capable of climbing on ceilings and walls. Insects, frogs, spiders and geckos are all known to be able to cling to smooth surfaces and walk on walls or upside down like Heatran. The secret is their feet are covered in hundreds of tiny hairs called setae.

These tiny hairs grip to small irregularities on surfaces, such as pores, small holes, or ridges. These hairs are tiny enough that when gripping into regularities like this, their molecules will interact and a small electromagnetic force called the van der Waals force kicks in. Each hair is capable of creating a force of about 6 picoNewtons, and it takes about 20.1 Newtons to keep the gecko from falling off of the wall.

Heatran weighs a bit more than your standard gecko though, at 430.0 kg (948 lbs). The pokédex tells us that Heatran digs into walls with it’s cross-shaped feet. Perhaps its feet have thousands of tiny setae like a gecko’s, or perhaps it uses its heat to its advantage. Heatran is hot enough that it could melt into the walls with its feet, making itself adhesive that way.

April roundup, NWSL back with the good hair.
  1. We got a ton of photos from their photoshoot day.
    1. Horan is repping nr. 20.
    2. HAO is back in nr. 9. Now we just need her to back on the field for the NT.

  2. Horan and Moe provided some solid inspiration to #WerkWerkWerk

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“Catch me if you can” (Damon to Bonnie)

They are so platonic… LOL <3

Damon Salvatore loving the thought of being The Prey of Bonnie Bennett The New Huntress! LMFAO 

They are only friends… all this sexual tension is “for eleonor”… sure, Jan! #bye


That one is a slippery asshole.  :|  She keeps dodging the fire.  xD  SOMEHOW.  She keeps getting set on fire and shiz, but… the fire always goes out before she has a chance to really face the music.

Seriously.  xD

It’s an actual trial by fire, ma’am.  xD

The casual passerby might wonder why I’m setting kids on fire.  xD

The short answer is: because it’s damn fun that’s why.  NO REGERTS.

The long answer is: because I love dropping children on Thornton Wolff, but don’t necessarily want the whole town to be related to him, as was the case many many times, actually.  >_>;  I don’t really do super destructive things anymore in this game without some boundaries… ‘cuz I love many sims in this town now and I’ve gone soft.  But this is a huge super-controlled boundary…. a house lot.  xD

I once joked that storytellers need to stop picking heirs based on genetics or user polls….. drop all those little fuckers into one house with some water ways and set that bitch on fire.  Whoever is NOT an idiot sim and manages to put themselves out gets to make new, slightly-less-ridiculous sims when they get older.  The Sims 3: CAGEMATCH.  Still no regerts.

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Are you as weirded out as me that in the Bonenzo love scene, we don't get to see much skin? It was already disconcerting that Bonnie was wearing a sweater, and we don't see her bra... but we don't see Enzo bare chested either, just the ugly wife beater he was wearing under his top.

OK. Let’s talk about this Bonenzo “sex” scene.

I want to reiterate this point before I delve into this breakdown. I am all for women being assertive in their sexuality, I am all for women owning their desires, their needs, I’m all for women making the first move, I am all for women demanding/owning sex.

That being said, I have issues with the Bonenzo “sex” scene because Bonnie does all the damn work, she makes all the moves and taken within the larger context of not just their dynamic but of her treatment on the show, it subtly reinforces the idea of Bonnie having to earn everything, of Bonnie  singing for her supper instead of just being desirable, being wanted.

But before we breakdown that, we have to talk about her “horny for Enzo” face:

Like Kat, honey, you’re trying so hard.I don’t blame you, tho. I blame the writers because they had this: 


But anyway, let’s start with the kiss:

There’s that hesitation but Bonnie is the one who closes the gap between them and shows the most eagerness.

In 3x01 Caroline kisses Tyler first but after he kissed her in season 2 and the reciprocity of that 3x01 kiss is immediate:

Even with Klaus:

Like OK Caroline kisses him first but after he spent two seasons pursuing her and this is Caroline giving into her desire when his desire has been known from time.

And honestly, Bonenzo, you can’t have the hands on each other’s faces? If you want to say they’re being chaste and taking it slow at first, I mean you can but:

OK and this guitar thing bothers me because Enzo can you not do anything:

Like he low-key rubs her knee? And it’s like, but how is this sexier?

Not to mention Stefan stays throwing shit out of his way to get to Elena:

And it’s not like Elena doesn’t demand Stefan:

Or demand Damon: 

(Like you guys know how much I hate Delena, and I am referencing them to make a point, that’s how bad this is)

But there’s reciprocity there, she isn’t making ALL of the moves. So when Bonnie does this:

External image

It’s like … … …. …. BUT ENZO WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Like Caroline kisses Klaus first so he does this:

Elena slammed Damon against a wall so he:

Stefan had Elena on her back so she:

And then the show has the nerve to make Bonnie take off her own cardigan??? CARDIGAN. Not even like a sweater but a fucking cardigan while Enzo is in a wifebeat?


I will be seriously pissed if the reason that Cami died was because Julie Plec wanted Caroline to go to NOLA. That is ridiculous. Honestly, I gave up on Klaroine years ago because they have both moved on and live different lives. There was potential of Klamille and Klayley and I really liked Steroline even though I have stopped watching tvd. Julie is going to ruin the Originals just like she did with TVD and I really like the originals

But if Leah Pipes lost her job because of some ship then screw Julie Plec because Leah deserves so much better. She didn’t have to be Klaus’s love interest anymore. She became a vampire and she wanted to help people. Why couldn’t they have stuck to that?

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Louis is the north star and harry is lost and can't find his way home. Louis comes to harry in his dreams every night as a light blue spirit. Louis guides him in his dreams home (like a compass). Harry starts falling for this ethereal boy in his dreams, he falls for his playfulness, his kindness, and most importantly how he seems to glow brighter when harry makes him smile. The best is when he laughs, you feel a light twinkling feeling when you hear it. Part one

One night louis doesn’t come to him. Harry is so confused. He looks up and he sees that the only star in the sky is the north star, twinkling in all it’s bright beauty. He feels louis whisper in his light, airy, sweet voice in his ear “when you’re lost, I’ll find the way. I’ll be your light, you’ll never feel like you’re alone. I’ll make this feel like home”. Harry realizes that louis is his home, wherever. Louis whispers in his ear ‘you’re my home too’.

Harry feels a light pressure on his cheek. Louis says ‘a kiss tonight, one that will last. One that stay, one that will remind you that I’m always with you. For home always lasts’. He feels the presence of louis leave his side. He can still hear louis’ sweet twinkly laugh. He looks up and he see the north star shining just as bright as louis does when he laughs. That’s when he realizes his home was always there, he just had to look up.  

I need a 200k fic of this please don’t do this to me.


Your defiance is duly noted.  It will get you nowhere.  xD

C’MON MAN.  You’re the only sim who is capable of being set on fire here.  It’s not like all the dousing spots are taken?

If you live I’m going to make you an awful POS sim.  You have it so easy right now.  No mad dash to fight with siblings for a shower, or out the door even to the pool.  NO.

Look at her go.  Home stretch.


Well that will cost her in the finals, Ann.

Why did you stop.  Well.  I know WHY she stopped.  Her timer ran out, which is why she yawned in the first place.  YOU FAILED.  You kept booing my damn sims and running up and down the stairs like an idiot and let your timer lapse.