five years of selfies from 2009-2014, aka ages 17-22! these were honestly some of the most important years of my life. i met my best friends and my amazing boyfriend, experienced five different jobs, started cosplaying, graduated high school, got my first new apartment, and registered for my first year of university. i’m so glad to be where i am now!


i was wearing a shirt that partially revealed my tattoo today and a lot of coworkers i’ve known for like a year didn’t even know i had it which kind of took me by surprise!

SO IT OCCURRED TO ME that i’ve never shared these photos on my tumblr before! here it is after being freshly inked last year. it’s a swallow because my middle name translates from chinese into ‘beautiful swallow’. it’s appropriate because i’ve always really loved birds and i adore the symbolization behind these ones in particular. ♥

(design & tattooing by steve at metamorphosis in winnipeg, who was wonderful throughout the whole process. highly recommended if you’re in mb!)