finding the way; julie & keelie

Keelie had never expected that she would manage to get an offer for someplace to stay, but the one that she had received from Julie had been so nice that she couldn’t pass it up. Her attempt to find Gunner prior to calling out for help had been miserable at best, so it was nice to know that she was going to meet up with someone who knew how to find her cousin and was offering her a place to stay. She made her way through the town quickly, practically sprinting on her way to the college campus, the backpack of things she had with her trying to fall off her shoulders in the process. When she got to the college campus, she looked around the place for the apartment building, asking a few people for directions before she made her way into the building and waited for Julie to show up so she could thank her again for being so nice as to help her out in a moment of true desperation.