Frank Sinatra photographed by Maurice Terrell for ‘Look’ Magazine on the set of Guys and Dolls, July 1955

Debbie Merrick bought a trio of antique dolls from a second hand shop in July 2017. All the dolls seemed fine except for one. The doll has reportedly scratched Debbie’s husband Cameron. After putting the doll in a spare room, Cameron woke up to scratches on his leg, and Debbie had nightmares about the doll crawling toward her. The Merricks also believed that the doll would cause the smoke alarms to go off in the middle of the night. Debbie has also heard the floorboards creaking in the night, when thinking her daughter was the one, she was surprised to find her daughter sleeping. Supposedly a friend told the family that something was in the doll, and the family put her in a box in the shed. The odd thing is that the doll moved position inside the box, and removed its necklace. The family’s story was featured on a morning talk show called This Morning. During the show when Debbie explained that she had bought the doll for 5 pounds, the doll started to rock in a chair. Since then Debbie has sold the doll to a paranormal researcher.

Here is the video of the doll rocking https://youtu.be/f8nN-KG0UtM

NEW MOVIE ANNOUNCED!: Ivy & Julie 1976: A Happy Balance

Based in 1976 San Francisco, Ivy Ling is a 10-year-old Chinese-American girl who struggles with finding a balance between her two cultural identities: Chinese and American. With the Chinese Cultural Revolution and the Vietnam War so recent, embracing her heritage doesn’t feel appealing to young Ivy. All she wishes is to be like her all-American best friend, Julie Albright. But, when Ivy’s All-City Gymnastics Tournament and her family’s big Chinese New Year dinner land on the same day, she must decide between the two.

With Nina Lu as Ivy Ling, and Hannah Nordberg as Julie Albright!

The 1968 Wellesley Christmas card with Hillary Rodham. | Wellesley College Archives

Alumns found in their mailboxes a Christmas card from the college. It showed Adams, the president, standing in the doorway of her house, with two members of student government on the steps below her. Up front was Rodham, plaid skirt, notebook in her arms, smile on her face.

Julie got to buy her Halloween costume today! She picked out the cool black cat bag to put it in, and black cat buckets for her candy 🎃


OOAK Monster High Clawdeen #OOAK # Monster High #JuliSidorova #Clawdeen by Juli Sidorova
Via Flickr:
by Juli Sidorova ☜♡☞

Uh-oh! Julie tripped while playing, but thankfully Elizabeth was there.  Liz ran and got her an ice pack, and Julie’s already feeling a bit better.