Julie Parks, director of public relations at American Girl, told The Huffington Post the company regularly receives feedback from parents and kids asking for characters with “more experiences, more diversity, more interests.”

The company decided 2017 would be the perfect opportunity to introduce its first 18-inch boy doll with a fun storyline and dynamic personality. Parks told HuffPost she thinks parents, boys and girls will all be glad to add Logan to playtime.

“Adding a boy to our lineup has been a number one request for a very, very, very long time,” she said.

Aside from Tenney and Logan, 2017’s collection includes American Girl’s “Girl of the Year” doll, Gabriela McBride, who was released Jan. 1. Gabriela powerfully communicates through spoken word poetry, which has helped manage her stutter. In April, the company will release a doll version of Z Yang, a Korean-American character known on American Girl’s YouTube channel, and in the fall, a historical Hawaiian character named Nanea will be released, whose story is set during World War II. Fans who might have grown out of American Girl will also appreciate the company’s reintroduction this year of Felicity from the Revolutionary War period.Parks said 2017 is a busy time for the company. But this year seemed like the perfect time to answer so many requests from both parents and kids. “For a long time, we’ve been hearing, ‘We want more,’” she said.


NEW MOVIE ANNOUNCED!: Ivy & Julie 1976: A Happy Balance

Based in 1976 San Francisco, Ivy Ling is a 10-year-old Chinese-American girl who struggles with finding a balance between her two cultural identities: Chinese and American. With the Chinese Cultural Revolution and the Vietnam War so recent, embracing her heritage doesn’t feel appealing to young Ivy. All she wishes is to be like her all-American best friend, Julie Albright. But, when Ivy’s All-City Gymnastics Tournament and her family’s big Chinese New Year dinner land on the same day, she must decide between the two.

With Nina Lu as Ivy Ling, and Hannah Nordberg as Julie Albright!


American Girl Designer Room: Julie’s Groovy Bathroom

Frank Sinatra photographed by Maurice Terrell for ‘Look’ Magazine on the set of Guys and Dolls, July 1955

Stop the Bots From Killing Broadway (NYT):

So how is it that you can’t get through to Ticketmaster on the phone or online, and yet resale sites like StubHub or Vivid Seats instantly have tickets available at sky-high prices? Are they luckier than you or your neighbor? Can they dial faster? Is StubHub the lucky Sky Masterson to your hapless Nathan Detroit?


The investigation confirmed that tens of thousands of tickets to New York events are acquired each year using such software. Brokers who buy tickets using bots substantially mark up the prices — sometimes by more than 1,000 percent — yielding enormous profits.

Incredibly, ticket bots are already illegal under New York law and their use is subject to civil penalties (the attorney general recently announced that large fines were leveled against six brokers). But the markup on resale tickets is so lucrative, earning brokers millions of dollars per year, that they happily risk prosecution and treat civil penalties as the cost of business.

To use another metaphor from “Guys and Dolls”: Big Julie is using loaded dice, and you and I do not have a chance. Tickets are taken out of circulation, punishing people who can’t afford to pay more than face value. The extra money doesn’t provide a better concert or show experience for you, the fan. Instead, it goes straight to the broker’s bottom line.

The problem will persist until we strengthen the existing law and make this recurrent illegal behavior a felony. In late April, Mr. Schneiderman proposed a bill to address rampant illegal use of bots.

In response, the full State Senate unanimously passed a bill making it illegal for ticket brokers to knowingly resell or offer to resell tickets purchased using bots and requiring ticket resale platforms like StubHub to post the price they paid for tickets on their platform so that consumers can easily see the markup price. Most important, since brokers don’t seem dissuaded by fines, the bill creates criminal penalties, including imprisonment, for repeat offenders.

The New York Assembly is discussing these measures for a similar bill sponsored by Marcos Crespo, a Democratic assemblyman from the Bronx. The Assembly should pass the bill and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo can sign it into law.

I want the thousands of tickets for shows, concerts and sporting events that are now purchased by bots and resold at higher prices to go into the general market so that you have a chance to get them. I want theatergoers to be able to purchase tickets at face value at our box office and our website, rather than on a resale platform. And if you do go to a resale platform for tickets, I want the markup you must pay to be clearly displayed.

Most of all, I want you to be there when the curtain goes up. You shouldn’t have to fight robots just to see something you love.

SyFy’s July 4th Twilight Zone Marathon
It’s that time of year - this July 4th SyFy will be submitting a massive TwiZone marathon for your approval.  Below, check out the schedule, along with links to corresponding episodes of our podcast.  If you’re not familiar with us, btw, we’re the Twilight Pwn, The Internet’s Third Most Popular Twilight Zone PodcastTM.  Check us out for in-depth trivia, bad Serling impressions, and occasionally funny riffage.  Happy marathoning!


Saturday, July 4th
8:00am Little Girl Lost
8:30am The After Hours
9:00am The Little People
9:30am Mr. Dingle The Strong
10:00am A Kind Of Stopwatch
10:30am A Hundred Yards Over The Rim
11:00am Long Distance Call
11:30am A Game Of Pool
12:00am A Most Unusual Camera
12:30am Stopover In A Quiet Town
1:00pm Number 12 Looks Just Like You
1:30pm A Penny For Your Thoughts
2:00pm I Sing The Body Electric
2:30pm Five Characters In Search Of An Exit
3:00pm Nick Of Time
3:30pm Kick The Can
4:00pm Where Is Everybody
4:30pm It’s A Good Life
5:00pm The Hitchhiker
5:30pm Third From The Sun
6:00pm The Bewitchin’ Pool
6:30pm The Masks
7:00pm Eye Of The Beholder
7:30pm ***No Episode Listed***
8:00pm The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street
8:30pm A Stop At Willoughby
9:00pm Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up
9:30pm To Serve Man
10:00pm Nightmare At 20,000 Feet
10:30pm Time Enough At Last
11:00pm Living Doll
11:30pm The Odyssey Of Flight 33

Sunday, July 5th
12:00pm The Midnight Sun (clever touch guys)
12:30pm The Howling Man
1:00am The Invaders
1:30am The Dummy
2:00am Dead Man’s Shoes
2:30am Night Of The Meek
3:00am Night Call